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Rombout Versluijs

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Apr 03 2016
Isnt that what i got?? - Mar 30 2016
Hi there,

i found you little addon today and im wondering how i should make the time markup. Ive tried this;
[00:00:01] Hmm thats nice
[00:00:02] What a pity
[00:00:10] SO super intellegent

and it does show but when i click jump to, nothing happens and eventually crashes vlc on osx 10.11.4 - Mar 23 2016
Time v3.2

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Sep 01 2018
Hi meriri,

I got it to work in older version on mac now. I also managed to alter the script so it shows also milliseconds. The part which doesnt work is the alignement. I can only change this from within the source code.

PS what info do you need to het it possible working in version 2.2.2?

Id like to give feedback and help you possibly solve this issue - Mar 23 2016
Hi there,
i tried the plugin but it showed one time and then never really appears. I got some erros in the log file about. Ill try to save the ouput somewhere.

Any people got luck with other addon? - Mar 23 2016