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Stephen Ste Cape Town, South Africa

Science by tfry 39 comments

I have been following this for ages. I used to use SPSS but many of the organisations I have worked in - especially in the non-profit and community based sectors do not have the money for the ridiculous fee.

I look forward to the further development of this. - May 09 2007

Office Apps by scribusdocs 61 comments

Well for those of you lucky enough to afford licenses for Quark and Photoshop I guess it must be difficult to get used to open source tools designed for some serious work.

I have a work around - use abiword to get your text right then paste it into your text box in Scribus. That's what I do. Scribus is a great tool and in combination with other applications very effective.

As for GIMP - I know it has limitations but then you can use Blender, Inkscape and Krita in combination with GIMP to do everything you can imagine. It is not a joke at all it is a brilliant application.

So by using my brain I am able to be very productive with open source software. I have no desire to spend £400 on a license so the I can make a glass orb with reflections in CMYK when I can just combine different tools to achieve this.
- May 09 2007