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Jun 27 2014
Which version of Scribus is installed ? Where did the rpm come from ? - Jun 24 2008
Please visit for info on getting updated packages for Scribus. - May 12 2007
I worked several years with desktop publishing and prepress, using almost all softwares (Quark, Pagemaker, Indesign, etc.) and even the simple one (maybe Pagemaker) had a text undo option.
No, Pagemaker does not have an undo - except for one step - for all functions. Moreover, real layout pros do not edit text in a layout app. They compose in a text editor or word processor then import.
Is sad that version after version of Scribus is released without this very simple feature.

You obviously missed Windows > Action History.
A quick at your comments shows a :troll - Feb 27 2007
We have a complete Suse repo for i586 and x86_64 for Suse 9.3+ and even SLED 10 here:

These rpms are designed to smoothly upgrade any Suse install. - Jan 09 2007
2. Is already in 1.3.4cvs. The transparency effects with both layers and objects are very powerful and allow most every blend style you can think of. - Oct 13 2006

It is dependent on the distro packager to install menu icons. There is a well known method using standards. In the Scribus source tarball there is a scribus.desktop file, which has the menu info and icon info. This was recently updated to adhere to the latest specs.

As for MS Pub compatibility, very unlikely. There is an FAQ on which thoroughly explains why. In particular, MS Pub files are not even compatible between versions.

- Jan 09 2005

Further KDE integration is planned for future releases. You can see the roadmap for Scribus on the home page - May 30 2004
Upgrade your compiler.
have very thorough and complete details on compiling requirements. We strongly recommend GCC 3.2+. - May 18 2004
Scribus already has a PDF importer and a user has created a very basic HTML import script. See in downloads. - Feb 21 2004

Scribus, while strictly not a KDE app, integrates very well within KDE, including inheriting KDE style plug-ins. From a look and feel, it is very seamless. It can also use Kprinter, as well, but has its own specialized printer dialog with CUPS integration.

The decision to keep it as a strictly Qt app has also helped in cross-platform porting, by avoiding unecessary dependencies. It is already available on MacOSX via Fink and a native Windows port is underway - impossible if it had KDE depenencies.

- Feb 21 2004

wanted to try the latest version but i alway get a segmentation fault. the scribus splash shows up and tells me that it is searching for fonts and the it crashes.

This is very likely a corrupt or poorly constructed font. Not in of itself a Scribus fault.

searched around in the internet but have not found a good answer for that.
just found out that this could be caused by freetype2 or the hersheys font.

There are free fonts packages included in some distros that have a few very poorly constructed fonts which are not suitable for DTP.

deleting hersheys don't fixes the problem. installing the latest freetype2 causes just more problems, e.g. with qt hope this problem will be solved soon.

This more than likely is another defective font on your system. There are lots of warnings and info about poorly constructed fonts in the Scribus docs. The Scribus team is looking into ways to blacklist certain fonts, as neither Qt or freetype 2 have any font checking mechanism.

- Feb 21 2004

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Aug 14 2009
Yes, the Scribus link takes you to the Scribus Debian/Ubuntu upstream repositories. These repositories are maintained by the Debian packager and include Lprof, Scribus and Fontmatrix - apps which are often used together. - Feb 19 2008