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sda  Khimki, Russian Federation
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Icon Sub-Sets 9 comments

by sda
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Feb 21 2010
thanks! - Sep 08 2009
last 2 links lead to the "mediafire" and "FileFactory": if one is down - try the other. both works here btw. - Sep 08 2009
o'k, the content is uploaded to the FileFactory with hope to eliminate any similar issues.

thank you for your patience and attention! - Sep 06 2009

all links are fine here. they work even with enabled "AdBlock"+"NoScript". try this:

1) click on "(GANT Afterlife - another link :))" button
2) wait until the "mediafire" site is loaded
3) look at the page and notice "Click here to start download.." text right to the download icon. click on that text.
4) things should work.

please don't hesitate to bother me here or via e-mail.

sda - Sep 04 2009

Icon Sub-Sets 104 comments

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Nov 21 2005
please follow the link below or look for the "eleGANT" icons: - Sep 03 2009

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

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Apr 12 2009
hi, i slightly modified this nice theme to eliminate "white" bg stuff with black text.

now text should be always "white" and bg - dark.

welcome to add it as an option for all :) - Mar 05 2009

Enlightenment Themes 5 comments

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Mar 25 2008
here's a 'similar' work:

the latest is this one:

customization with the latest 'edje_editor' is easy. just look at the 'Colors' - all theme is based on color_classes. - Dec 03 2008
Just take a look at the parts named "top_left_corner"; "top_titlebar"; "top_right_corner"; (lines 267 - 396) and there's some inserts in 'programs' section, which allow parts change it's state. By the way you could install meld:

and use it to see any diffs between files. It's a handy tool. - Mar 26 2008

one friend of mine also wanted to build BeOS-like theme, so I modified slightly default_border.edc:

It's just a rude example (sorry, even without comments), but may be for someone it'll be useful.

I tried to fix/minimize the minimum allowed size for a window with default borders - but failed (no brain - only rail). Major stuff is an image.border: LEFT RIGHT UP DOWN, which prevent wrong scaling and allow safe parts joins. It's clear that there's some work left to gain 100% Be look'n'feel.

sda - Mar 25 2008
Fake Brushed Metal

Enlightenment Themes 6 comments

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Nov 24 2008

thought that you've ported the real "Brushed Metal" from E16, but not even close....

no respect to the E heritage and to the Authors of original theme... - Sep 05 2008
vision (codename inspiration)

GTK2 Themes 218 comments

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May 30 2008
Well, it's too old to run as it should. Yep, it could be downloaded and even used, but.... It needs some care and attention to get back to life.

Anyway, thanks for your attention and brilliant work! - Jun 20 2008
Man! Your balls are fucking awesome ones! Are you sure that I need to press 'bad'? You're the Boss, but you work is damn good!

PLease, beg your pardon for my stupidity, but can you glimpse at:

Is it possible to recreate this one?

Anyway - brilliant work!
- Jun 16 2008
Apple 17

Enlightenment Themes 15 comments

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Apr 02 2008
>> I can tell that you have never tried to make a e17 theme...


and wtf is this all about?

>> the round corners are a TOUGH task (so far).
Getting them in the titlebar is a pretty big hack...and, at the moment... nearly impossible for other parts.

LOL!!! ROFL! wanna bet? - Apr 19 2008
Better than before.

Could you please also consider implementation of a 'round corners' into 'menu' ('windows menu', 'popups', etc.) and adjustment of overlapping blue selection in configuration menu (there're only a couple of pixels actually 'overlapped', but...)?

And why not to use custom fonts?

Anyway your results are quite neat and eye-friendly. Good job! - Apr 02 2008
Ok. Please note that it's only my IMHO. I'm always running current-cvs of E, some things could behave a bit different in your distro.

First of all - it's great that you're not trying to blind-copy Mac OS look, but rather develop something different.

Take a look at the window 'minimize' buttot (default border style) and overall look of window buttons (close, minimize and maximize) for all theme-provided border styles. They're not function neither look properly in E-cvs (examples):

Improve 'rubberhand' selection tool.

As told before - make scrollbars in EFM similar with the one in configuration dialogs. Improve'em:
Increase minimum allowed height and width for dragbars. Consider to fix a 'blindspot' between scrollbars:

Improve the look of a 'winselector' and 'run command' windows/modules.

Pay attention to gadman popup section.

Include customization for a most-used modules, customize standard 'cpufreq' and so on...

Get rid of Vera* fonts. Use DejaVu instead (it's not the point, because a lot of things could be configured via text classes, but when you get faked 'squares' instead of native letters "out from the box"... you know...)

Replace e17_slider_bt* with the ones used in scrollframes and make'em looking similar... Or vice-versa, up to you.

Customize the toolbar.

How about to make a round upper corners in menu (like they're in window borders)?

Don't hesitate to bother me in case of any questions :). All things I wrote above is my IMHO. "Listen to you heart..." ('Roxette') and just consider to make less but outperform in quality.

E - ROCKS, "All others - <consored> shit!..." (Guns'n'Roses) - Mar 29 2008

please beg my pardon for my words, but, despite that at the first glimpse this theme looks a WAY better than ex-Black, but...

There's quite a lot of things, wich might be improved: from the strange behaviour of minimize button on mouse,in -> mouse,over till the scrollframes in EFM and bunch of other minor (and not so minor) things...

If you're interested - I'll list all components, which should be settled.

If not - my congratulations with yet another theme....

My Best Regards,
sda - Mar 27 2008

Enlightenment Themes 5 comments

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Mar 27 2008

Welcome to e17-stuff! It was your TRULY AMAZING theme which gave me a punch to make something foe E-17... And SRV-theme was born on top of "cthulhain"!


My Best Regards,
sda - Mar 27 2008

Enlightenment Themes 22 comments

by sda
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Apr 04 2008

I made custom controls just after module was released in E-cvs. Looks like the behavior of a popup section changed since (imho - may be because author decided to put controls on shelf instead of popup).

I wrote a letter to the author to help me find a proper way of using mpdule module (because I even can't resize it to get access to all controls or just to increase the length of displayed text).

Just didn't notice this due to usage of Emphasis or Gmpc (gtk theme - Aurora) :))).

My Best Regards,
sda - Mar 27 2008
I'd highly appreciate any bug-report or just point me to any part of the theme which require improvements.

Thanks. - Mar 24 2008
Guys! Need your help... Please take a look at the new border 'shaped_v1' and tell me if it's o'k to adjust all others in the way like this one change it's color depending on the state of the window.

Huge THANKS! - Mar 18 2008

Is it better now? :)

(just try to make the same borders and don't forget bout damn shading...) - Jan 18 2008
imo - we don't.

because no one else have such issues and I just recompiled E on OpenBSD - theme runs flawlessly. - Dec 18 2007
This theme is for current Enlightenment-CVS build only. If Vendor of Your distro ships outdated packages - ping Vendor :). For example I'm unable to use most of the themes represented here because I'm using E-cvs :). Please try to install some of the latest themes from

If they'll run fine - tell me your distro name and version of E installed.

Thanks! - Dec 18 2007
could you please explain what do you mean: "doesn't work for E17?" yes, window borders doesn't change color to indicate active/passive state - it's in TODO list and will be implemented sooner or later. but I prefer to make such modification after E17 release, because it's quite "huge" in terms of "coding". all E17 menus are working and moreover, I created custom border to reflect E16 iconbox style. "lower" button now acts as "close" and "kill" button gone to the window border menu. if you mean that buttons in menu are not "highlighted" as it was before - the reason is only because I have only few "highlighted" buttons in E16, but E17 got much more of them. E17 is a bit different from E16, please treat my efforts as "port" but not as 100% copy. If you miss some functions and wish them to be implemented - just mail me or post you request here.


- Dec 17 2007

and i hope that 0.2b improvements added some value to this crappy wicked port of an old simple gray-blue theme :) - Nov 28 2007
SHURE! I did it in theme -> about, sent him e-mail and will be glad to do it soon (when I polish some...) in CAPITAL LETTERS ontop of this thread!

Nathan Baxter - THANKS!!! - Nov 25 2007
SHURE! I did it in theme -> about, sent him e-mail and will be glad to do it soon (when I polish some...) in CAPITAL LETTERS ontop of this thread!

Nathan Baxter - THANKS!!! - Nov 25 2007
Project is proceeded in SourceForge. After registration all updates will be available via mirrors.

(hope that it will work...) - Nov 25 2007
SimpleStone 17

Enlightenment Themes 4 comments

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Mar 20 2008

SUPERIOR job on window borders! HUGE THANKS! - Mar 20 2008
23Oz. 'entrance' theme

E Entrance Themes 4 comments

by sda
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Apr 04 2008
yep, you're right. i'll try to fix this after themepack completion, also hope that all of the stuff will be sooner or later available at: - Feb 17 2008

Enlightenment Themes 17 comments

by Toma-
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Jul 19 2008
just get the E17 cvs and make

rm -rf ~/.e - Jan 18 2008

take a look at default_gadman.edc (popup section) for example in my 23Oz - it's far away from a Rocket Science - there shouldn't be any issue. gadman popup affects all modules popus (afaik as for now) - there'll be no need to customize background image (but size really matters, isn't it ?:)) for each separate module popup. also quite nice gadman popup is arranged in Victor's "darkness" theme.

good luck... - Dec 11 2007

please beg my pardon, but IMHO - some attention at least to gadman popup and efm toolbar is needed...

theme is great - lightweight, fast and distinct! - Dec 11 2007

Enlightenment Themes 14 comments

by sda
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Oct 09 2009
Hosting is changed again (just click Download link and wait a little bit) and some minor improvements took place. Please let me know in case this doesn't help much...

THANKS for the comments you make!

P.S. Please don't hesitate to report any bug here or just e-mail me. - Dec 11 2007
I changed hosting site from rapidshare to Yes, it's a kind of slow, but it works. If someone know a better places - please let me know...

Thanks! - Nov 21 2007

Thanks for comments! Yep, Rapidshare is ... not a place to host the theme - may be I'll find a way out soon...

Please, try the link above (9.64 Mb).

My best regards! - Nov 20 2007
Please visit the Homepage
to see the Changelog and TODO list. Any comments are WELCOME!
- Oct 07 2007
since 0.1.4 new features added (among others):

- animated menu
- animated text in Configuration dialog - Oct 04 2007
0.1.3 - minor visual issues are fixed.

1. Can't determine the proper font color when item highlighted both in menu and in Configuration Panel...

2. Help needed with a quality SRV pics for a good theme animation/iconsets etc... - Oct 02 2007
since version 0.1.2 all border types are supported (at this moment of course) and I fixed their proper positioning. a lot of fixes in font display scheme, new winlist and exebuf. - Oct 02 2007
please use download link from the header of this thread or from the homepage. don't hesitate to adjust according to your needs :)... - Sep 30 2007
i updated the theme ( but still I need to adjust a borders little bit. complementing ETK theme is also available:

my best regards to all SRV fans and E17 development team (guys, USE DEJAVU FONTS PLEASE!!!)... - Sep 28 2007

Enlightenment Themes 3 comments

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Feb 24 2008

seems like you've miss new edc file in default engine (default_toolbar.edc).

and take a look at mail pop-up:

(it cuts the qty of mailboxes up to 2, plus resize and scaling..)

anyway theme is just great!

thanks! - Nov 14 2007