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Sebastian Kügler Zürich, Switzerland
Kerry Beagle

Utilities by binner 47 comments

You probably need dev packages to compile it, libbeagle sounds like a runtime library. - Mar 23 2006
Wireless Assistant

Network by pnawrocki 287 comments

... this application really needs some more features, IMO:

1) Profiles
2) Systray applet
3) Support for essids not broadcasted
4) better support for manual setting up the IP data, including nameservers
5) Automatic choosing of the network (trying list from top to bottom or something like this)
6) Possibly option to switch on powermanagement of the interface,
7) a dcop interface ("dcop wlassistant connect auto" would definitely rock!)

I recently had a look at Intel's tool for Windows XP, which offers all the functionality I'd like in such a tool for Linux, although the UI definitely should be more sober.

Anyway, nice tool already, please keep working on it! :-) - May 22 2005
Wireless Assistant

Network by pnawrocki 287 comments

iwlist [iface] scanning does not work for all wireless drivers, AFAIK scanning requires monitor mode which at this moment only a few of the wireless drivers do support.

However, link quality is also given by iwconfig [iface], so that might be easier to use, if available. - May 22 2005

System Software by sedwards 16 comments

Hi catmandu, BorqQueen,

First, thank you for taking the time to test guidance.

As to your problems, we'd love to get more detailed feedback on them, that is: At what point did compilation fail? What distro are you using, which versions of software guidance needs do you have installed on your system? What tools did were you going to compile 'by hand'? (For most distros there are packages for SIP, PyQt, PyKDE). libpythonize is needed if you want to run the applications from withing kcontrol, so that might be a candidate. (There's work going on to get that prepackaged also.)

As you might have noticed, we're still working on it, guidance is currently pre-beta, so it's no more than natural that there are issues around. We did this release in order to get aware of these issues still left and be able to fix them.

As to the dependencies you're complaining about: guidance is meant to get included in distros, so the packaging and installation / compilation of the dependencies will be nothing the end user ever will have to care about, compiling system administration tools is clearly developer's work, and you're testing beta software ...

Quite frankly, I'm wondering why it's stupidity to ask you to post feedback with errors to a mailinglist? It gives you the opportunity to get feedback from the people responsible for the errors you're getting. PyKDE is a good place to go with this kind of problems, the list is very responsive and there are people that are familiar with more and less common issues, and not at least we as the developers are around there also. You shouldn't be afraid that you're bothering people who don't want to have anything to do with it, they'll just ignore your posting.

KDE is a community based project, we're doing nothing but offering software, putting our free time in it, and I might add that guidance is working quite good for me. Without testers like you, we'd probably not be able to deliver a quality product.

Again, thanks for your feedback, and a little patience and more productive feedback would certainly be helpful. :-) - Apr 05 2005

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