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Sébastien Bouchard Montréal, Canada
Zoom? Installed from the Software Manager? I looked into the Software Manager and found it is a Flatpak. This means that this application is installed separately, with its own icons and other components. And there is no icon for Zoom in the standard Mint-Y-icons anyway. But... there is always a workaround for every problem. You could change this default icon to any other icon that fits better. Or create your own. Check this: SIMPLE WORK-AROUND section. That's for LinuxMint Cinnamon. There are possibly some similar methods for the other distributions. If you still can't find your way, i suggest you go to - Jun 08 2021
Hmm... I don't know. This Mint-Yz was kind of a "spinoff". I first tried to get these new colors adopted at the "official" Mint-Y, but things weren't moving fast enough there. But it's a lot of work, this Mint-Yz... I would just like my improvements to be applied to the "universal" Mint-Y, and then forget about this Mint-Yz and move on... :) - Apr 02 2021
Hi Mine. I remember you. You are the one who encouraged me to go all the way with bright colors... Thanks. But i have lots of other things to do now. I am not changing this panel background. Sorry. But you could probably do this by yourself? I am not sure, but i guess some direct CSS edit would be easier than running the entire big "standard" process... There is no room for this discussion here. If you really want to put the time and efforts, please re-post your question there: - Apr 01 2021
"just changing the accent colors so they're more intense." Yes, that is the main purpose, the "z" difference. But i did a bit more than that, as listed above: OTHER DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS... - Apr 01 2021
Done. Sorry for the delay. Check the changelog: it was not so easy! Version 2.5.1 now available. - Jan 24 2021
Yes. I did this upgrade and i saw that too. It is just a little icon in the panel, no big deal, but it is bothering me. I should try to pull updates from the official Mint-Y repository, maybe this would solve this little problem. I will probably check this within 7 days... - Jan 10 2021
Thank you for point that out. I reviewed everything and made a big restart. 3 bugs were found and fixed. See the changelog for details. Please download this latest version to get your original trash icon and many more! - Nov 18 2020
Oops! Sorry about that. I was not displaying the trash can (or recycle bin) on my desktop so i didn’t notice this before you point that out. This requires further investigation. It should be corrected soon. - Nov 17 2020
This GTK theme is now complemented by the long awaited Mint-Yz-icons with the same colors: - Sep 18 2020
Thank you. But wait. Read my last post, just below yours. There is another update to come. Rest assured, these are just subtle changes. To make major changes would be like a betrayal, as I have already received a fair amount of positive feedback. - Sep 16 2020
I apologize. I look crazy. I wasn't quite satisfied with these colors yet. I reworked them again, for the 99th time. Only subtle changes. But I wait before uploading... I see that I don't have the same eyes in the morning vs in the evening... Here, now, I want to be sure of my choices because I have to make the icons with these same colors. Technically, everything is perfect, everything is ready. For the icons as for this gtk theme. It's just the choice of colors that is chaotic, crazy. So please don't download yet, just wait a bit... - Sep 16 2020
Thanks! The icons will be there very soon. They are almost ready. 24h ? 48h?
It's embarrassing to say but... I'll probably make another little color change: Orange, Red and Pink will be a little bit more saturated, bright. Of course, it will be exactly the same colors for these Gtk themes and the icons. Stay tuned! - Sep 14 2020
Fixed. Version 2.0.1 now available. - Sep 06 2020
Togglebutton does not "work" anymore, visually, since there is no difference in color with "Selected" and "Focused" ! This will be fixed today. - Sep 06 2020
Hi, i did a big update. Version 2.0 is now available. BlueDeep got changed, just a bit. When i look at your Indigo blue, the numbers are (HSL) 231,48,48. My new BlueDeep is (HSL) 230,67,50. This means it is pretty much the same blue, except mine is less greyish, having more saturation. So, what do you think of this updated BlueDeep? Better? - Sep 05 2020
If you have lots of willpower and lots of spare time, you could try what follows. (THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL AND AT YOUR OWN RISKS!)

1. Read and do all this:
2. Before running ./, take a look at this file: ~/mint-yz-theme-X.X/src/Mint-Y/gtk-3.0/sass/_colors.scss. You want to change this variable: $bg_color... - Sep 01 2020
I haven't started working on these icons yet. So i am still quite ignorant about how this works... I have read somewhere, sometime this year, probably in one the LinuxMint blogs, that lots of apps don’t have an icon and thus rely on the icon theme. Others have their icons changed depending on the theme.

You don’t like that. Okay. So try this test, one app at a time, because this is just a test:
1. Copy: /usr/share/icons/Mint-Y -> ~/.icons/Mint-Y
(the ~/.icons directory has higher priority and thus replaces the main one...)
2. Open ~/.icons/Mint-Y/apps
3. Search for all the icons for a particular app, example: Ctrl F "Firefox"
4. Delete them all. This is just a test copy anyway.
5. Refresh: In Menu > Preferences > Themes, change icons to Mint-X and then back to Mint-Y-COLOR again.
6. See?

A. After doing several tests, if you are sure about the results, you could replace the original /usr/share/icons/Mint-Y/apps, and delete the ~/.icons/Mint-Y copy.
B. If you want to UNDO it all and REVERT to what it was, just delete this ~/.icons/Mint-Y copy and do a refresh (point 5).
C. If you messed up and don’t know what is going on, delete this ~/.icons/Mint-Y copy, then reinstall mint-y-icons from your Synaptic package manager, and do a refresh (point 5).

...Or just choose another icon theme from your software manager or here on Pling, and then go to Menu > Preferences > Themes > Icons... :) - Sep 01 2020
Thanks! Most of the Mint-Y build was already automated. I just did a bunch of copy-paste and Google searches and small edits to make it 100% complete. And i double-checked and tested every part, of course. And then i added a much needed README and Do-It-Yourself files...
I am thinking about promoting this, but i hesitate. I had a new logo proposal 2 years ago and there were some negative comments... It was received 50% , 50% -... - Aug 26 2020
Updated, enriched, subdivided, formatted, made clear:
Click on your browser [Reload] button to make sure you get the latest. - Aug 25 2020
I will update this
When you add or change a color name in, everything gets updated automatically, including index.theme and directory names. - Aug 25 2020
Hi, i took a quick look into your stuff.

1. Sorry but there is a problem and it won’t work. The index.theme keys must match the directories names. Look at your Mine-Yz-Base-New-Pink directory, for example. The index.theme keys have names with "Mint-Yz-Base-MintFresh". It does not match and this doesn’t work. You must have taken a shortcut somewhere, or maybe i forgot something in my Do-It-Yourself file. I should subdivide Instructions-list-point2 and clarify this step. It seems you changed the hex values but not the names. Or add new names and values.

2. The colors are very nice. But maybe a bit too much, being at 100% or 90% saturation. Take a look at this: But take this with a pinch of salt: there is a difference between a page background and the background color of a focused element. So i am not saying you should turn all these beautiful colors into sad greyish washed out colors. But some other people are saying that, seriously! I suggest you spend a few days testing and maybe changing your colors, and when you feel comfortable with it, please express yourself there: That is the official future Mint-Y. My Mint-Yz is a reaction to this. They want it more greyish, and low contrasted. Please vote against this. You and i, we don’t want pale grays and beiges vaguely tinted with colors. WE WANT LIVING, VIBRANT COLORS! - Aug 25 2020
No, sorry but i don’t want to work much in August and September. I already worked a lot on this and i did not even notice more than half of the summer is already gone. I’ll think about this red later.
But if you really want your very own red color, and have plenty of spare time, then you could do it yourself, here: - Aug 22 2020
Indigo Blue? I should think about this later. It is worth considering, being one of the seven rainbow colors according to Sir Isaac Newton. But i am having trouble finding what this color is exactly. If you think of a very dark blue, then i am afraid of contrast issues in the dark themes. Otherwise it could be something between blue and purple. Also, take note i made 2 small improvements on Purple and PurpleDeep in version 1.6. PurpleDeep is now just a bit more blueish.
But if you really want your very own Indigo color, and have plenty of spare time, then you could do it yourself, here: - Aug 22 2020
Not now. I have plenty of other things on my mind, and I would like to make the most of the summer before it's too late. :) - Aug 09 2020
The dark versions are included! I should make this visible somewhere. Just like the standard Mint-Y, you get 3 variants for each color: Base (light), Darker, and Darkest. - Aug 01 2020

GRUB Themes by SebastJava 9 comments

P.S.: Lorsque vous faites des installations ou ré-installations standards, telles que ce Grub2-theme-mint, je vous conseille d'utiliser le gestionnaire de logiciels qui se trouve juste là, en bas à gauche, dans votre menu, tout simplement. :)

Synaptic, c’est pour quand vous voulez faire plus compliqué, et le apt-get dans le Terminal, c’est pour avoir encore plus de "fun"...
- Mar 31 2020

GRUB Themes by SebastJava 9 comments

Mes excuses. J’aurais dû tester plus tôt avec le Mint 19.3. Maintenant c’est fait. Le Sunshine a bien été copié mais il y a un /etc/default/grub.d/60_mint-theme.cfg qui prend le dessus lors de l’exécution du update-grub.

En clair, ça signifie qu’au final, c’est juste le linuxmint-theme d’origine qui est ré-installé. Bref, c’est comme si rien ne s’était passé. Tout se présente comme avant. C’est juste que vous avez quelques kilo-octets inutiles en plus sur votre disque dur. Mais il n’y a rien de "cassé".

Enfin, ça c’est ce que j’ai pu comprendre suite à des petits tests rapides. Je n’ai pas vu votre message d’erreur lors de mes tentatives d’installation sur ma machine. Alors j’avoue que je ne comprends pas votre message d’erreur. Mais les choses semblent être rentrées dans l’ordre. Encore une fois, mes excuses. Je vais ajouter un message à la présentation de ce thème afin d’éviter que d’autres perdent leur temps comme cela. Quand j’aurai le temps, peut-être que je songerai à mettre tout cela à jour... - Mar 31 2020

GRUB Themes by SebastJava 9 comments

Ce thème date de Mint 18.3. Je ne l’ai jamais testé sur 19.3. Sur quel système êtes-vous? Dans l’immédiat, le plus simple serait de réparer les dégats, revenir au GRUB d’origine. Ouvrez votre Software Manager. Faites une recherche avec "grub theme". Installez Grub2-theme-mint. - Mar 31 2020
Boot screen theme for Linux Mint.

Plymouth Themes by SebastJava 6 comments

Thanks ! ( = Very cool, I put it in my Mint, thanks, it was awesome!) - Jan 07 2019

GTK3/4 Themes by igen04 10 comments

You need to replace **index.theme** with the following to avoid conflict with Mint-Y:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=macOS Green
Comment=A dark flat theme with transparent elements

ButtonLayout=menu:minimize,maximize,close - Oct 20 2018