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Audio Apps 324 comments

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Dec 14 2007
Of course, there will be a Plasma applet for KDE 4.

This means you will also be able to put Kirocker Music Display on your desktop!

See my reply to Superstoned just above to learn more. - Aug 31 2007
KDE 4.0.0 has been postponed to December 20th.
So it's no hurge.

And version 4.0.0 will not be very polished for everyday use, I suppose. At least, I think I will not jump in that train quickly.

But I will port Kirocker Music Display a little before KDE 4.0.0. Say at the start of december.

While waiting KDE 4, I want to deliver new features to the biggest number of people, this means releasing KDE 3 versions.

Don't worry: I will continue tu develop it :-) - Aug 31 2007
Ah, ok, I see better.

I'll add an option.

I don't know yet if it will be an hidden option or not.

Having such a big panel is very uncommon.

But people could also want to limitate the width of the applet if they have a tall horizontal panel. So why not... - Aug 31 2007
I will see what I can do.
The cover still has to be visible.

Do you have an horizontal or vertical panel? What size?
It's to try to understand the need for this option. - Aug 30 2007
I finnally was able to reproduce that crash.

It was triggered mainly with using a large playlist, isn't it?

Anyway, *I released version 3.4.1 that fix the bug*!
You can download it right now, and it should crash anymore. - Aug 19 2007
You can download version 3.4.1 with the bug & crash fixes!

It doesn't include the amazing new feature I was talking about on my previous post... You'll have to wait :-P - Aug 19 2007
I had playlists of ~ 200 songs and didn't get any problem.

But today I tryed a playlist with 600 songs and BINGO.

I've got your problem, found it and fixed it!

=> Large playlists no longer make the interface to stop responding, or do mad things. It should be faster... Even if will not be as snappy as small playlists, but this is a problem that must be solved by Amarok 2.

=> There is also a second good news: by testing very large playlists I finally found and solved a crash problem, reported long time ago but that I wasn't able to reproduce.

I think that after those two fixes, Kirocker Music Display should be solid rock!

I'm going to make a new tarball as soon as possible. But I promess nothing, because my code is messed up with a new (A-MA-ZING) feature I've already began to code.

Note: I do not have Beryl, so please test the changes and tell me if the problems are still there. Or please send screenshots or more detailed information or how in what circumstances the cover bug occurs... - Aug 19 2007
Yes, lyrics in full screen display are planned.

Here are all the planned big features:

- Themes (background image, colors)
- Volume slider
- Party Lock
- Lyrics
- Multiple screens support
- Visualisation - Aug 12 2007
Is this crash also hapenning when running the Kirocker Music Display applet in the KDE panel? - Aug 05 2007
Thanks very much for this tip.

I've updated the instructions. - Aug 04 2007
That's done, I added the COPYING.LIB file to the archive.
It's the same URL. - Jul 30 2007
I released version 3.4 with the patch included, and awesome new features, BTW ;-)

I can't reproduce your bug of bad artist/album/title. Anyway, I changed the way how Kirocker Music Display retreive those information. So the bug can has been removed in 3.4.

Please test. - Jul 29 2007
I'm happy to announce you that version 3.4 of Kirocker Music Display is solving that issue: the screensaver will not be re-enabled when you exit the full screen display.

And in addition to such bug fixes, there are awesome new feature ;-) - Jul 29 2007
That's done, at last!
With 3.4, in addition to the awsome new features, the image has been moved to the root folder of the archive. - Jul 29 2007
With 3.4, in addition to the awsome new features, the image has been moved to the folder you were looking at. Everybody was looking there, it's more user-friendly :-) - Jul 29 2007
Well, password screen-locking is a little more complicated than I tought. So this feature is not in 3.4, but I will add it in a very next version.

I wanted to do taskbar alerts for 3.4, but now I can concentrate on the lock thing. - Jul 29 2007
Not, this is not possible, because the audio frequencies information needed for the visualisation is nto exported by Amarok, but I will mail Amarok developers to find a solution for Amarok 2.0. - Jul 29 2007
Amarok does not have any way for plugin developers to simulate a click on ban/love/skip. So I suppose this feature will be for KDE 4.

And now (version 3.4), the cover is working for everybody. There was a little bug in the previous version (version 3.2). - Jul 29 2007
This will be fixed in the next verison, 3.4. - Jun 30 2007
Will move the image in the next version, 3.4.

Thanks for the patch too. - Jun 30 2007
I will do it in the next version, 3.4. - Jun 30 2007
The panel "skin" is included in the Kirocker Music Display archive.

It is an image you must apply over your desktop background image while making the panel fully transparent.

See the section on how to install the translucent panel above in the project description.

The image is made for screens with a resolution of 1280*800. With GIMP basic skills, you should be able to adapt it to any screen.

One day, I will add an automatic script that apply the "skin" on every computers. One day :-)

BTW, thanks for your support. - Jun 19 2007
Thanks for the .xsession-errors.
It will surelly be very helpful in debugging Kirocker Music Display.

I will have a look at that as soon as I have free time. - Jun 19 2007
Oh, I think I found why it's not working.

If the image exists and is well named, then the problem comes from my code.

Please open the file src/informationpoller.cpp and go to the line 270. This line is:

lastFmCover.resize(size, size);

Replace this line with those four ones:

if (size > 0) // The shadow is normally on the bottom and right.
lastFmCover.resize(size, size);
lastFmCover.resize(lastFmCover.width() - 6, lastFmCover.height() - 6);

Please recompile and tell me if it works (it should work!). - Jun 17 2007
It me who haven't been clear.
I understood you that it was not working on radios only.

So, let's try debug it.
The applet is looking for the cover at this place:


Does this image exist for you?
Or is it named differently?
What version of Amarok do you have?

Thanks in advance for your help to debug this. - Jun 17 2007
That's not normal.
It should be Ok with 3.2.

Anyone to confirm/infirm this?

Make sure that after the installation, you restarted Kicker:

Press Alt+F2 and type the command "killall -sTERM kicker ; kicker" - Jun 17 2007
In fact, I would like to add a volume slider to the applet.
It would be hidden unless you move your mouse over the applet.

So you will be able to scroll it to change the volume, and still be able to scroll the cover to seek in the track.

And if the volume is changed by another way (global keyboard shortcut, from Amarok)... the slider would automatically show up temporarily.
This would completely eliminate the need of the Amarok OSD.

As a temporar workarround, you can scroll the Amarok system tray icon. - Jun 17 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes 395 comments

by mart
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Feb 17 2009
Yeah, you've done it!

From the KDE 4 preview screenshot, I've seen you've made it: you included the table header borders with the table borders itself!

It's amazing. There is no other word. I always dreamt about that. And I even mailed you, I think, with a mockup. It's so cleaner!

If Oxygen is not maturing we will at leave have a decent theme.

Any chance you can merge the left border of areas with left scrollbars too?
The same way you merged header borders and table top border.

It will be cleaner too, while still keeping advantage of Fitt's law.
I hate that GNOME-like mode to have scrollbars outside the scrollable area. They seams flotting around nowhere, not related to the area itself.

Keep up the good work. - Aug 30 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 17 comments

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Mar 09 2007
I made it compile and run with libvisual 0.4.

Look at the end of the comments part of this project. - Aug 23 2007
I replyed at the end of the comments part of this project.

I made it compile and run on KUbuntu (tought it doesn't detect any sound for me :-/ ). - Aug 23 2007
The link lead to a 404 error.

Do you have an offline version of it?
Or example sources or... whatever? - Aug 23 2007
I still forgot this:

So now, it works.

But there is another problem: the visualisation cannot detect any sound, so it play in the void! Yes: it's very useless!

I get two different error messages:

libvisual INFO: amarokVis: The rate 44100 Hz is not supported by your hardware.

And the second one, I can't reproduce it anymore. But it said alsa connexion cannot be openned (I'm using KUbuntu, which is using alsa!).

Does somebody have a clue to solve one or both of the errors? - Aug 23 2007
Forgot to say:

The visualisation now works without any random pixels, and no shift.

But it still crash quite randomly when playing too much with the different plugins, even if less often. - Aug 23 2007
Here is a correction to what I said earlier:

src/libvisual.cpp line 94:
Replace "video->pixels"
by "video->buffer->data"
and NOT "video->pixel_rows" - Aug 23 2007
Thanks very much for this applet.

I was not aware that external applications other than Amarok were able to do visualisation of what Amarok is playing.

Visualisation is a highly requested feature for Kirocker Music Display. So I want to make your applet work to be able to use the code for Kirocker Music Display.

I've somewhat succedded.

Here are informations on how to make it compile on KUbuntu:

As root, execute those two commands:

ln -s /usr/include/libvisual-0.4/libvisual /usr/include/libvisual
ln /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Modify those two files:

src/libvisual.cpp line 94: Replace "video->pixels" by "video->pixel_rows"
src/ line 8 : amarokvis_panelapplet_la_LIBADD = $(LIB_KDEUI) -lGL
(add "-lGL" at the end of the line)

Configure the applet with the following line:

LIBVISUAL_CFLAGS=/usr/include/libvisual LIBVISUAL_LIBS="-lpthread -lm -ldl -lvisual" ./configure

Then compile and install it like normally:

sudo make install

I said it "somewhat" work because there are a lot of random pixels and it often crash when resizing the panel or changing visualisation.
If it crashes, press Alt+F2 and type "kicker" followed by a click on "Execute".

I will try to fix the source to make it work seamlessly. - Aug 19 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 42 comments

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Jun 29 2013
Nice idea to have HTML files in the album folder.

And a lot nicer to be able to retreive critics from the Web.

IMHO, you should contact the Amarok developers.

With their version 2.0, they are putting the context view at the center of the application, so such information can be very very handy to fill the area with more useful information, and "redicover our music".

I'm sure they will be interested to integrate this plugin by default, or at least include it in the application, even if it is not enabled by default. - Aug 14 2007

Utilities 16 comments

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May 01 2007
Hum... Ok, your version is faster than the History plugin included in Kopete by default, but why making another project?

Did you tryed to contact Kopete developers so you can become a maintainer of the "official" history plugin, and enhance it?
Or do they refused to have extra features like export to HTML/Text?

It's not a critic, after all we're free software, you develop for fun, nobody has to tell you on what project you should work... But I think helping people using good software by default is a nicer way than hoping a few people download an extension... I'm sure you also want to make the biggest number of people happy with what you develop.

Anyway, I vote for the project. A nice improvement over the History plugin. - Aug 14 2007

Science 6 comments

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Jan 04 2004
Is there any KStars bridge or integration?

I mean, it could benefit both programs to do "advertising" in each other.

So people interested in Astronomy on Linux can have a quick overlook at all impressive free softwares that exist in that domain. What impress me the most with KStar and Celestia is how far they go, where Windows commercial counterparts are expenssive and ininteresting...

I knew KStars for some years, but just discovered Celestia today. And it seams to be of the same polishment, with the same spirit. - Aug 13 2007
Windowslike - random crashes

Utilities 33 comments

Score 63.3%
Dec 29 2004
You made my day :-)

Even if I will not advanturate installe it ;-) - Aug 13 2007

Screensavers 130 comments

Score 62.5%
Apr 29 2006
Impressive, but so smooth at the same time.

I like the animation, where we seam to navigate inside the box...

I would opt for "Random Colors" by default, tought.

I vote for having it included by default in KDE4. - Aug 13 2007

Developers Apps 10 comments

by subik
Score 63.3%
Jun 19 2010
Very well done.

Simple, it just works.

Perfect for my needs. - Aug 13 2007

Video Apps 494 comments

by rvm
Score 80.7%
Apr 16 2014
Another comment to say that my first impression was good.

I tryed it, I adopted it.

I especially like the way we can configure how many seconds we move in the stream using the Left and Right keys. In fact the default 10 seconds are very good. It's what I wanted to configure in Kaffeine, but I couldn't.

Well seen.
Good work. - Aug 13 2007
I have an iPod for a few months and it's so amazing it remembers where I was in a movie when I come back later.

This is a single feature, very very small, that makes the difference.

I always wanted it in Kaffeine, or any other player. It should be available in every players.

So I will test this software. It seams as simple as Kaffeine. If it plays videos, and can play subtitles... there is no any more need! But it remembers where I was.

A killer feature that may make me switch. - Aug 13 2007
Media Tag Tools

Audio Apps 40 comments

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Aug 05 2007
That's exactly what I was looking for.

I will help me be faster than editing tags with Konqueror & Amarok ;)

Keep up the good work. - Aug 13 2007
Emblems Hack

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 28 2007
I dreamt about this feature for so long...

It's especially more straightforward for folder icons. With emblems, you are not limited to icons folder_music, folder_images... You can put a real icon folder and add any icon you want as an emblem.

Thank you very much.

Please contact KDE developers to include it in KDE 4. I think they already talked about that, so they are not reluctant to the idea. I think they will be pleased that feature is already coded and will integrate it quickly. - Aug 11 2007

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 24 comments

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May 03 2007
I like it.

But could you do a blue version, and with Oxygen icons?

Black is a bit depressing :)
And the icons look too old, too GNOME-like.

Making a blue version with Oxygen icons would move that splashscreen to the best splashscreen and make me switch.

Again, good job.
Keep up the good work. - Aug 11 2007
Crystal Project

Full Icon Themes 125 comments

Score 58.4%
Aug 11 2009
As healthy as Crystal.
But as professional as Oxygen.
A very good mixture ;-)

It's definitively going to be my default icon them, instead of Crystal Clear.

Is it possible to have SVG sources?
There are never SVG sources with any Crystal icons.

And by the way, what window & widget theme are you using?
Is it available for KDE 3 to replace my theme?
It's so stuning...
Is it the new reworked version of Oxygen?
If yes, they finally got it right!
If not, then I vote for this theme in DKE 4 instead of Oxygen. - Aug 11 2007

Utilities 32 comments

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May 31 2009
I needed this for a long time.
You made my day. - Aug 11 2007
Amarok Full Screen

Audioplayers 272 comments

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Mar 20 2007
Hello Jan,

I'm the developer of Kirocker Music Display.

We're doing pretty similar applications. I would want to thank you for some of your astucious code to query Amarok, like retreiving the full-size cover art or next songs.

The current Amarok DCop interface is not very easy to use for our applications, and could be way enhanced. Like adding signals on song change, information (title, cover, rating) changed by user...

I started a thread on the Amarok Development Mailing List about changes needed for the new D-Bus interface of Amarok 2.

I invit you to comment on it, if you need more features, or if you would like to add things: - Aug 11 2007
Amarok Screen Saver

Desktop Concepts 26 comments

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Feb 16 2007
I think you may be pleased with Kirocker Music Display:

There is no screensaver yet, it needs a manual start for now, but it's very useful.

Check out both screenshots to get a better idea of features and simplicity is proposes. - Aug 03 2007