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Dec 14 2007
I remembered the Kicker taskbar used a light text color when there is a dark background color and my applet would automatically use it.

Now that I tested it, I was wrong :-)

Where do you configure the text color of the taskbar buttons to automatically use the same?
Well... it uses "text button" color. I cannot do with that.

How do you succeed to have a readable taskbar?

I could also do an average of the background color and compute a black or white color, and add a shadow to be certain it's OK.

If not, then it will be configurable. - Feb 19 2007
Moved to "Multimedia -> Sound". - Feb 10 2007
Here is the end of my previous comment:

Anyway, if I keep the same development pace as now, a smart version of Kirocker Music Display should be available for download in one week from now. - Feb 10 2007
Do not worry, I'm aware of that.

A configuration dialog is going to be added in 2.2.
You will be able to disable progressbar.
Perhapse I will also allow to disable reflexion.

But to reduce the number of useless/confusing options, I should try out every combinations on paper and retain only the most relevant ones, and perhapse come up with automatic behaviour (moving the progressbar and stars on the text if cover is too small and there is place on the text...).

This take time to think about all of this.
Anyway, if I keep the same development pace as now, a smart version of Kirocker Music Display should be available for download - Feb 10 2007
Now fixed: you can download 1.2 :-) - Feb 10 2007
Today I've tested the "resize down if no music is playing" but Kicker is very buggy on that way if you have a transparent panel:
- When resizing down, the freed place is painted with the background image, but shifted several pixels.
- When resizing up, the applet get a corrupted (not beautiful at all) background image. I should use hack to re-ask the panel background image a few milliseconds later...

When using a uniform repeating background image (like the default one) it is quite Ok.

I will have a look to add an option to "resize down the applet", and a way to automatically determin if the option should be activated. - Feb 08 2007
I'm using the Application Launcher applet.

Right click the Kicker panel, and choose "Add an Applet to the Panel...", choose "Application Launcher".
You can drag and drop applications to that applet.

I really like the vertical 96px layout for the main panel, because:

- It let me have lot of space for such quick launchers: 80% of the applications I need can be launched in one click.
- There are a lot of space for the taskbar, and even with a full taskbar, task buttons always have a reasonable width to read the texts. No more obscession to close applications as soon as possible.
- It allows to show the music cover & information to progressively learn the name of what I'm listening to. And to see and change the number of stars of songs (without that, Amarok stars are useless because they become too complicated to use).
- There are a lot of space for system tray icons: no obsession to close applications as soon as they are not useful anymore in the following 10 minutes :-)
- I can display the date alongside the clock!
- My 16/9 screen is now looking like a more comfortable 4/3 one again: when I moved from 1024*768 to 1280*800 I felt the screen was smaller because is was so wide, compared to the height of the screen ;-)

I encourage people to test that vertical layout for the panel. Trying it is adopting it. - Feb 07 2007
I will add options to hide progressbar / cover / stars / etc...

I always use global keyboard shortcuts, so I do not need controls, but people using mouse need them: it's only one click instead of a right click on the Amarok icon and a click on the control.
Controls will be shown right on the cover when mouse is over the cover.

Hum, yes I think the applet can resize itself. I will look at this.

BTW, thanks for the RPM. - Feb 07 2007

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Jan 20 2007
Thanks very much for that wonderful piece of art. I love it.

I want to notice you that I used this image in my Kirocker Music Display applet for kicker. It looks amazing when used as background image for the full screen mode:

BTW: How can you make that in Blender/GIMP? Is there any tutorial? I wish I could draw such things! - Feb 15 2007
BasKet Note Pads

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Oct 01 2010
By "1.0b" do youo mean "1.0 Beta 3" ?

If yes, then please upgrade to "1.0 RC" because that crash should be fixed there.

If it still isn't fixed in 1.0 RC, then can you send me crash information? Can you start "basket" in a Konsole and tell me what it says?

And if you disable the checkbox "show tooltips in baskets" in the Configure window, does it still crash? - Feb 05 2007
No plan for Google Notebook integration. Too much work for quite different applications. BasKet Note Pads can store a whole variety of notes, tag them, arrange them freely... This doesn't quite map with Google Notebook, or any other system.

But there are plans to make a "BasKet Sharing Server" to sync your baskets between several computers and users.

This however ask too much time, too much developers, too much ressources. So do not expect it very soon, unless more developers join the effort. - Jan 31 2007
No, it is not planned to replace Klipper by BasKet Note Pads.

They are very different applications.
Klipper manage the clipboard and let you do powerful actions when copying...
BasKet Note Pads let you take notes, permanently store your important data.

In 0.5.0, I had the vision to use BasKet Note Pads. There was a special basket that acted like klipper.

It was quite difficult to work with. It was not really working like, and as well as Klipper. And it was also technically difficult to maintain and imposed constraints in the code that made the "taking notes" use-case more constrained.

Let's go the UNIX way: one application do one task, and do it well. - Jan 30 2007
In the Basket menu, there is an entry "Password...".
Set up a password there and your basket will be locked.
Later, to lock again a basket, go to Basket -> Lock.

If those options does not appear, you either do not have a recent 0.6 version or your distribution built BasKet Note Pads without GPG support. GPG is a requiered component that securely encrypt things. - Jan 30 2007
I do not see why notes would be lost when upgrading to this version.
There is no reason for that to happen.

Did you used BasKet Note Pads standalone or inside Kontact?

Can you look in ~/.kde/share/apps/basket and tell me what there is in it?
What contains ~/.kde/share/apps/basket/baskets ? Is it empty?
What contains ~/.kde/share/apps/basket/baskets/baskets.xml ? Is it empty or corrupted?
If there is no personnal data, can you send it to me by mail?
Can you run "basket -d" in a konsole and copy/paste to me the content of both the console and the debug window that appears?
My email is on the BasKet Note Pads website.

Are you sure your hard-drive didn't run out of space in the upgrade process? But even with a full hard-drive, BasKet Note Pads should notice that and do not corrupt the data save files. - Jan 30 2007
There is no security gain to allow running the application only for people owning the password.

Because other people could still see the content of ~/.kde/share/apps/basket : data are saved in clear. Everybody can read the text files (the text notes), or simply copy that folder to another computer and run the application without password.

With password-protected baskets, your data are encrypted and people without the password can not read them.

What would be possible is to encrypt a basket AND ITS SUB-BASKETS. So you have to enter the password only once. This will be more in sync with "Export to HTML" now exporting the basket and its sub-baskets, and the "Save as Basket Archive" doing the same.

People already mailed me to encrypt a basket with its sub-baskets. I will try to mail the person who've done the encryption work to ask him to do that. - Dec 27 2006
The Qt/KDE technology does not allow spell-checking of formated texts (with bold, italic, etc).
Hopefully, this will be enabled with KDE 4. - Dec 22 2006
Ok, we will keep that in mind.

Concerning Kontact integration, you should quit BasKet Note Pads before starting Kontact.
Then the BasKet Note Pads main window will be integrated as a tab inside the Kontact main window.

This is due to a limitation of the current Kontact, it should be started DIRECTLY integrated. - Oct 17 2006
Yes, you only have to make sure BasKet Note Pads is not running, copy the folder you mentionned, and restart BasKet Note Pads.

In the following 0.6.1, you will be able to export baskets to files, and a short script will be done to automatically upload them to a common server, so that your other computers are noticed and sync automatically.

On the long-term goal, a complete server will be done, called "BasKet Sharing Server", it will let you share baskets in a more fine-grained way (only sync the changed notes, share baskets between several people, in a user-friendly way). This will replace the current WeBasKet solution. But this is for the looonnnng term :-( - Oct 16 2006
Run "basket --start-hidden".

In a future version, there could be a graphical option to that, since lot of people asked it. - Jul 31 2006
Baskets already can be encrypted with a GPG private/public key, or a simple password.

But it need some libraries like libgpgme.

Run ./configure by hand and at the end, it should warn you if you do not have the needed libraries, and it will tell you where to download them.

If it doesn't complain, it should work.
It's in the "Basket" menu: click "Password..." to set up one.

If ./configure doesn't complain but the feature is not there, then please post a bug report. - Jul 31 2006
Very nice idea.

Here is the mockup I came up by thinking to your date filtering use case:

Between the filter text edit and the tag combobox, I will add a calendar icon that, when clicked, popup that menu:

x No date filtering
[ Last Modified... ]
This week
Last week
Before >
After >
[ Added... ]
This week
Last week
Before >
After >

So user can check one option.
"Before" and "After" popup a calendar to choose a date.

I don't know if it's needed to search in a range. - Jul 08 2006
Please use the following instructions to change the Web browser to use:

As it seams to be a very requested option, I will add it in the Configuration dialog, so people won't need to install KControl (and the whole kdebase package) just to change the browser, like in Amarok 1.4. - Jun 06 2006
You mean the mouse cursor is printed on the screenshot?
That's strange: it's a bug present only on your computer.
I don't have it. And KSnapshot don't have it too on my computer.
In fact, the BasKet Screenshot Feature was copied exactly from KSnapshot.

So, can you start KSnapshot, grab a zone of the screen and tell me if the bug is also present with this software?

Can you send me an image grabbed by BasKet?
So I can look at what the bug is.

Can somebody confirm the bug?

And a little parenthesis:
That's not really the goal of BasKet Note Pads to take screenshots (but it's really handy when taking notes, the main goal).
Could I suggest you to use KSnapshot?
It have more options (take all the screen, or the current window, take a shot after a timer...).
I assigned it to the key [PrintScr] and in KDE 3.5 it have a button "Copy to Clipboard".
Then it will be easier: one key press plus a click on "Copy" and your baskets will not be fulfilled with temporar data :-)
But that's just a suggestion! - Feb 16 2006
Please run the script ./installer INSTEAD of hand-running ./configure;make;make install.

It will detect the problem and bypass it. - Jan 31 2006
Yes, when there are two items in a group and you switch theire place, the group is ungroupped.

This is a bug, of course, not a usability flaw.
I know it, but it need more work to solve than other bugs because of how BasKet works internaly.

It will of course be solved for the final version. And even for the beta version that will be sent to a usability test at, so results don't get ugglied by poor quality.

You say you also find grouping and ungrouping difficult to do.
Is this entirely due to the "change item place and it's ungroupped" scenario, or have you other issues with it?

Please tell it to me, because it's only like that that the usability will be enhanced.
I personnaly find the behaviour good, but it's because I'm a power user and I know how it works at 100%. As there are more and more people complaining about that, it's not the most optimal behaviour and I should determin why. - Jan 27 2006
Well, concerning the insertion-line, look at it carefuly: there is a small black point on the middle of the insertion-line.
If you click on the LEFT of that mark, you will INSERT an item at the insertion line.
If you click on the RIGHT of the mark, you will GROUP a new item with the item below or above, depending on where your mouse is, closer to the item on top of the insertion-line or closer to the item on the bottom. You will know to which item the new one will be grouped by seeing what item gets highlighted when your mouse is on the right part of the line.

To ungroup items, you have to drag-and-drop an item at the bottom of the group (or on top): move it off the group...
Same here: you will see the insertion-line that tells you where it will be dropped.

Yes, I agree this is somewhat bad to have to drag items to ungroup them.
But remember this is an alpha-version.
For the moment there is only one way to do that, but it is a transitionnal situation.
There will soon be menu items to group/ungroup: "Item -> Group" and "Item -> Ungroup" (also available when right-clicking items or a group).
As well as other convenient features.

Note: when inserting at the bottom of a column you can only insert, and when adding below/above a free item you can only gorup.
This is why there is no middle-mark in those cases.

Does my explainations helped you?
Do you find BasKet more usable when knowing that?

I realise this can be troubling.
Anyway, it's one of the things that should be tested when doing the next usability study (somewhen after beta 1 or beta 2)...

What I can do is to add tips in the insertion-line tooltip, like:
Insert an item here.
Click on the right of the middle-mark of this line to group an item instead. - Jan 18 2006
In 0.6.0 Alpha 1, images are already scaled down to not exceed the window width (or the group width, for free-positionned images).
I plan to extend this behaviour to the window height too.

And then, I also want to extend this behaviour to text and rich-text items.
The entire content should be shown when editing (so, when clicking the items!).

I don't know yet how to show that a text has been cutted.
Perhapse a small "..." will be enough. - Jan 01 2006
Yes, that idea can be interesting.

But as the re-branding of "BasKet" to "BasKet Note Pads" means, BasKet is to take notes.

This does not exclude the use case of "putting data in a temporar place for fast retrieval later" but it is not the focus of 0.6.0.
The focus of 0.6.0 is making it easier to handle a lot more data, by groupping baskets/items, by loading much faster even with 100 baskets, by searching in every baskets at a time, by helping categorizing data with tags, by adding data quickly (one click and it's added where you clicked), by letting more condensed layouts (columns, free layout)...
It will be the focus of a next version. With the SuperKaramba and Kicker applets :-)

> so it could be a good way to practice :)


> Any idea on a date of .6-final?

I will release Alpha 1 on December, 28th.
Then will come a beta to make old things work again (export to HTML, keyboard navigation...) and a beta 2 to finish the new features (edition of tags, templates)...
So I can't tell you now if it will take long.
I estimate it will take between 2 and 3 months per beta. - Dec 22 2005
Well, I'm planning to add DCOP calls for 0.6.0.

I will take into account those use cases so you are sure that both SuperKaramba and kicker applets will be possible when BasKet will have DCOP calls.

I also tought to a kicker applet where you could add icons of your preferred baskets and be able to act like if they were BasKet system tray icons, but dedicated to a defined basket.

As I already have a lot of things to do for 0.6.0 I will not be able to make the kicker applet.

But why not in the future, or if someone with the willing to do so mail me: I will be happy to help him/her. - Dec 22 2005
Please open the file src/commoncolorselector.cpp and modify the line 490 to this one:

m_colorArray = (QColor**) new QColor*[columnCount];

And it will work. - Dec 01 2005
No, I'm afraid this will not be possible. I want to keep BasKet simple and every item should contain only one content. An icon and a text are two content type: you should create an image and a text for that.

Please see for what I'm planning for the future of BasKet Note Pads.

* Items could have tags assigned to them. I think it would best fullfill your needs. But to assign an icon to an item, you will need to create a tag with that emblem first. If you intend to assign the same set of icons to your items, that's what you need.

* If you want to assign different icons for every item, then you will be able to group two items: the image and the text (one on top, one on bottom). And with freely positionnable items, you can add some spaces between that groups.

* Another possibility (because I don't know why you are needing that): you can group the text and the icon and then colapse the group: only the first item will still be visible. Other hidden items SHOULD (not coded yet) be shown in the tooltip of that item.
For instance, you group an image and a text below, fold this group: only the image will still be visible and the text will be in the image tooltip. - Sep 27 2005
I'm expecting to offer two ways to do that:

* Using the menus: "Basket -> Export -> Baskets Archive" will create an archive file (like a .zip or a .tar.gz) containing the basket (and possibly sub-baskets). The entry "Basket -> Import -> Baskets Archive" will do the opposite (and also, if you are receiving such archive by email, clicking it will open it directly in BasKet). I think it will be in BasKet Note Pads 0.6.0 Beta 1.

* Integrating WeBasKet with BasKet: you will be able to use BasKet as normally. Every change will be uploaded to a server on internet. A lot of BasKet applications will be able to synchronize data with a same WeBasKet account. And your baskets will also be accessable on the web with WeBasKet. That's for BasKet Note Pads 0.7.0. I already have someone else working on that with me. We're writting down specifications of such system and coding will begin just after. - Sep 27 2005
I'm currently working to finalize 0.5.0 (fixing bugs/crashs/compile errors...) and I will start the next version, that will feature items grouping.

I *think* I will make grouped items foldable.
But I don't think I will allow single items to be rolled up/down.

For what use you would like that?
Perhapse you have very big items?

I also *think* I will allow items to not be bigegr that x pixels (configurable), so big images would be scaled down and texts would only show first lines.
But I don't know yet if it's doable (without have to refactore all my code)! - Mar 07 2005
See my reply here: - Feb 27 2005

Network 199 comments

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Jan 17 2013
Note: if you already had a previous version of KTorrent, then your search engines list may be empty.
Go to Settings -> Configure KTorrent -> Search, and click the button "Add Defaults". You will then have the full list of ~9 engines. - Aug 12 2006

Kopete Styles 27 comments

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Oct 19 2007
Yes, I tryed to play with CSS to be able to keep image ratio.
I somewhat succeeded but the image is not centered anymore.

I should have more tests to be able to release a solution that is good enought... - Jul 21 2006
The reason to show them here is triple:

- When chatting with several prople at once, like in a multi-person MSN chat, to be able to see the avatar;

- Even if they are not really indentifiable at such small size, they are one more help to quickly attach a message to a person. The other ways are the color of the bar and the displayed name. Images are quicker identifiable than text, and it help people with difficulties associating colors with persons;

- For people who disabled the left avatar-bar. - Jun 23 2006

I don't think being able to configure the avatar bar position is so interesting.

I already plan to do a lot of variants.
With every combinations it's arround 50 variants to make :-/
I should try to keep the number of variants below 100 ;-)

Moreover, having the avatar bar on the right make the whole theme to feel un-natural.
Why? Because the scrollbar is always on the right, and when scrolling, only the left part will move (the conversation) while everybody learned for years that a scrollbar always scroll the area just aside it.

Having the avatar bar on the left is much more natural, the scrollbar acts as expected and the avatar bar is more recognized as an independant component of the window; - Jun 15 2006
lol, for the patchwork I added little new divs, and then little new classes, and then more divs and more classes... Finally it's more uggly than I wanted :-) I developped quiclky without trying to clean everything :-)

I'm glad to have encouraged you to continue kONE. It's why I love free software: it's all about a good mix of cooperation and clean competition. - Jun 13 2006

Developers Apps 175 comments

by alwin
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Aug 21 2013

Very good application.
It's my SVN interface for months now.
I tested lot of applications and I ended finding this one entirely fulfilling my requierements.

My system encoding is ISO-8859 (mainly to check if my application is still compatible with other encodings, and because I'm lazy to change, also ;-) ).

kdeSVN (or the backend) displays translated messages. And messages with accentued letters (I'm french) are badly show: those accentued letters are show as two squares.
Please make sure the application work for every encodings, and not only UTF-8.

Keep up the good work :-) - Jul 13 2006
Semi-Translucent Shadowed Kicker Panel

Kicker Panel 7 comments

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May 28 2006
A package ?!

This is only a little script.

Double-click it in Konqueror and it will work.

No need for packages... - Jun 06 2006
At the beginning, it was only a theme for myself, thus the original resolution of 1024x768 :-)
Then, I tought it would be cool to share it, as it's so beautiful :-)
So I made an easy to use script, and then more resolutions, etc...

I will try to add more Kicker sizes, but as it's all static images, I can't adapt to the width of the panel!
Or I should do an advanced script with pseudo-theme support...

There will be such a theme engine for Kicker in KDE 4, so I don't want to work "for nothing" on a thing that will be dropped in one year.

You can still open the SVG file, adapt it to your Kicker size, export it to PNG and run the script. - May 31 2006
In KDE 3, the Kicker use a technique so-called "fake transparency": it takes the desktop background image and apply it to the background of the panel. No less, no more.

You can view that by putting a window UNDER the panel: it will simply not appears throught the panel even if your panel is set to be "semi-transparent". Only the desktop background image appears in the panel background.

My patch modify the desktop background image to include a fake pre-computed translucent panel background. But there too, you can move a window below the panel: you won't see it! It's all fake.

And the fact it's a fake implies that I have to manually create the Kicker background image for every screen resolutions, with every possible Kicker position and size... And you have to put a specific background image for the trick to work. It's pre-computed.

Include more buttons in the panel, make you clock font bigger or smaller, change your Kicker size and position and the magic vanish: you have to change the desktop background image.

What I was talking about is that I hope KDE 4 will allow Kicker to have themes so that the kicker style adapt to its size, position, clock font size, number of icons...

And more importantly, "real-transparency" is now possible with recent versions of XOrg (the software that draws the content of the screen). And with KDE 4 (especialy Qt 4), the Kicker texts and icons could be 100% opaque, while the background will be REALLY semi-transparent. So that you could move a window below the panel and you will see it throught the panel!

That would rock... The technology will be there in KDE 4, we only need Kicker to support sort of themes, with translucent pixmaps. - May 29 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 58 comments

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May 29 2006
How much does this KIconServer speed KIconDialog loading?

And as a complementary solution, we could always have an instance of KIconDialog created in some KDE deamon thread.

Then, when an application want to display that dialog, the API/class send a DBUS message to the deamon that immediatly display the dialog with every icons already loaded.

The dialog would then be instantly displayed, and users would be ultra-happy :-) - Mar 13 2006
I support this statement.

I think this is a bug (a bug by omission :-) ) and it should be solved by selecting the current icon when openning the dialog.

I don't know if KIconDialog allow to pass an icon as parameter, so it will perhapse have to wait for KDE4 to make every applications compatible.

But KIconButton (mostly used instead of KIconDialog directly) can internaly pass the current icon name without the app developers having to change any code. - Mar 01 2006
Very good.

Concerning the kde-look comment concerning the "Browse..." button position, I've got this idea:

That new layout with a listbox instead of a combobox have three advantages:

- The "Browse..." button can be placed right below, and will not be at the
standard "Help..." button anymore.

- Every categories are shown at once, so the user can choose visually and
figure out quickly there exist an "(All Categories)" pseudo-categories.

- It's one click less to choose a category, keeping user concentred in the
task of choosing an icon. - Feb 22 2006

System Software 120 comments

by karye
Score 58.0%
Sep 06 2007
Very good!

The usability work is impressive.

From the screenshots and the article on, it's so easy I would dream to install Gentoo only to have the chance to use this packages interface!

Are there plans to make this interface for other packaging systems?

It would help the Linux world if all distributions would have a same and such easy but still powerful interface... - Feb 10 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes 395 comments

by mart
Score 50.0%
Feb 17 2009
What a VERY great widget style!

I immediatly switched to it: it's so beautiful... And it's also animated. "La cerise sur le gateau", in french in the text. It is the animation I dreamed about for a long time since I first seen them in Opera.

I would be glade if it would be made default in KDE 3.5 (or at least chipped with)...
Unfortunaly it's in feature freeze, but you can try...

That's really professionnal, eye candy and not disturbing at once.

Well, everything is not pink: I have to admit I don't like the window decoration buttons.
They are too blur and not so "professionnal". And I prefer the plastik symbols...

Just a suggestion: the window decoration have some good ideas/originalities (bottom border is bigger, the titlebar is original...) but please make it use the "Glass buttons" look to be coherent with the widget decoration and to be more beautiful. I would then adopt it.
So I will keep my SuSe2 window decoration (more in adequation with the widget style).

Well, that's not criticisms: I like your job and if you don't like my suggestions, well, don't do them :-)

There is just a little glitche: Konqueror refuse to adopt the new style and keep Plastik. But that's not a polymer bug: it was the same with Lipstik.

Keep up the good work! - Oct 13 2005
KDE Improvement 3.4 (Your opinion plz)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 36 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 02 2005
I too agree tips/popups should be made themable.

Is anyone knowing if Qt4 with its new QStyle engine would allow such things?

In fact I even don't know how to make styles and IF we can add a new "object category" (as buttons get a style, menus get a style... can KDE say "themes can have a 'tip' category and I will use it for passive popups, tooltips and 'icon zooming'").

Because currently we have a lot of tips/messages styles :
- The current tooltip... old flat yellow rectangle
- The KPassivePopup... Just like tooltips but with bigger border
- amaroK great rounded (and transparent) rectangles
- eventwatcher/oldAkregator : a rounded yellow baloon. Was great too but we can imagine lot of enhancements

And what we could imagine:
- MSN Messenger like
- ZoneAlarm like
- New colorful/3D likes
- Simple/clean but a little of 3D "Plastik" like, or even crystal or aqua........

Is there plans to make the *now very spread* tips/popups messages themable?
KDE 4?

As we can configure our widget style, window decoration, icons, color... we SHOULD be able to configure those piece of data because nowaday we see them a lot!

PS. :) Concerning this KDE Apps entry I find it great. Perhapse a little too round (corners could be less rounded).
But I have to admit this look more appealing than the current solution - Mar 04 2005
Not a sidebar

Desktop Concepts 15 comments

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Feb 24 2005
OK, so Superstoned mailed me for the suggestion.
Here is my response I sent:
(sorry, that's quite long)

> Maybe you can considder this (for >0.6.x)?

In "this" you means "a kicker applet instead of a sidebar plugin"?
I don't know if a kicker applet is better than a sidebar plugin...
Because kicker is often small and it is more the goal of the sidebar.

Anyway, as soon as BasKet will be a KPart, make a kicker applet in addition to a sidebar plugin would not need a lot more work.
So, I think I will do BOTH.

The only problem is, I *already* tryed to embed BasKet into sidebar.
And that's a mess.
APIs are bad and very limited.
Because the sidebar was primarily designed for Konqueror.
It doesn't scall at all on the desktop, nor it scall to embed applications into it. Even in Konqueror the sidebar is limited (it can contain a WEB page, or a program content, but cannot be modified dynamically (think to Win xp Explorer sidebar).

I'm hoping KDE 4 will come with better sidebar.
Perhapse I will find time to study it and tell about this to kde-core-devel...

Finally, I have a lot of ideas to implement in BasKet. And I'm getting more and more slow at program it (I have other projects in parallel).
So don't expect the 0.6.0 very soon. In fact it can take one or two years :-(

What can be done TODAY:

- There is a Ctrl+Shift+W KDE global shortcut to show/hide BasKet window.
When dragging, press this shortcut, drop your object into a basket and re-press the shortcut to hide the window.
This way, you always have BasKet on hand very quickly and without eating screen place.
But yes, it isn't a replacement for the kicker/sidebar plugin: you should be used to keyboard shortcuts.

- Check the "Configure -> Global Shortcuts" window, if not already done.
You will learn you can Ctrl+C a thing and then press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste clipboard to the current basket, Without have to open the basket window. Idem with Ctrl+Shift+S to paste the thing you just selected!

- Finaly, more in the spirit of what you want, I one day tried to embed BasKet in the KDE sidebar.
And it was working.
*Very baddly*, but it's a start!

I've found it on my disk:

It's a reworked version of "Universal Kopete", foundable at:
or here:

And here what's I've said to the person who asked me that:


To work:
- Hack the BasKet code to do not add the basket name to the titlebar
(0.5.0-alpha4 and later).
Why ? Because this hack launch basket and search for the window named
"BasKet" (exactly) and reparent the window to the sidebar (so, there is
a small flick: BasKet window appears shortly and then is reparented).
How to do: edit container.cpp, arround line 1362, remove the
"setCaption( currentBasket()->name() );". Then re-compile and re-install
- You should disable the system tray icon BEFORE launching the program.
In the cunter case, you will have surprises when hidding the main
window: it will be hidden... but the sidebar will never be able to
re-grab it (worst: it is lost in the dark of your system ;-D Not visible
until you di).
- You should have BasKet in ONLY one bar: the universal one (on the
desktop) or ONLY one Konqueror window (because BasKet is a single
instance application: have two instance isn't wanted and would lead to
corrupsted data).
- You know what the funniest?
UniversalSidebar plugins CAN'T get keyboard focus at all.
Choose Edit for an item and but keyboard still associated to the
active window.
The solution is to disable inline editing to edit items in dialogs
(less user friendly...).
- I conseil you to hide the toolbar, menubar and statusbar to more
eastetic, if you still want BasKet in your sideBar at this stage :oD ...


OK, I don't find courage to test if the package I linked on top of this message works (it's late in night and I should go bed :) ).

If you want you can test it and say me what doesn't work: I will look at that tomorrow.

Concerning your post on the BasKet's page of

> (you can't drop on the systray, and not drag either)

You *can* drop things to the systray.
And if the basket is a stack, you can drag the upmost item of the current basket (as you seen it).
Yes it's not a solution. - Feb 27 2005