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Score 77.3%
Oct 01 2010
The only solution is to *remove* the lines "#define HAVE_FAM 1" in kdirwatch.cpp and kdirwatch_p.cpp.
And it should then compile.

In the final 0.5.0 this will be automated and will compile seamlessly... hopefuly.

I'm sorry for the disappointment you have experienced with this bug. - Feb 27 2005
2. Hum, yes, that's a good idea, in fact.
I just have to think how to do without cluttering the interface a lot :)

3. OK. Good idea too. - Jan 28 2005
1. Interesting. I see one way to do that: next version will feature items grouping. And on the paper I thinked to a way to assign a "tag" to each items: "Important"/"Work"/"Personnal"/"Code"... to modify appearance of each items (currently only text items can change there font/color: quite restricted). I could extend such "tag" to make all items in a group checkables, and only them... if the group has tag "Checklist"...
In fact I think it would be closer to MS OneNote working (never tryed this program however).

2. I'm not sure it's really needed.
Can you provide me real "use cases" where it would improve usability?

3. Me too I always set this property to "insert on top".
But in another way, it's more intuitive to add at end, at least when we discover the app.
Should be determined with user tests/statistics.
As a start point:

Quick Survey to all users:
Do you use prefer insert items on top or on bottom?
========================== - Jan 27 2005
Yes, I will certainly include it in KDE 4.1 or later...

Why so late? Because I willn't have ressources (perhapse no ADSL and I have low hard drive space) to install KDE CVS for KDE 4.0.

Since KDE 4.0 will break binary compatibility I would be obliged to install a KDE CVS version in parallal of KDE 3.4 to make sure BasKet compiles and works in this version for the release. - Jan 01 2005
Heu... It's supposed to work!
It change current basket.

My ScrollWheel doesn't work under Linux but last time I tried it was not broken.

It just perhapse scroll in the opposite direction... - Jan 01 2005
OK. I reviewed all the comments posted on this page, and here is a list of done and to be done things:

- The window can dock with autohiding feature
- Added a live filter/search, together with searchable meta-data
- Added scrollbars to the baskets
- Stack feature: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V to paste current item in the current app and then paste items in the order they appear in a basket
- Plain and rich text are editable in its field - without opening an extra window
- When editing text, the items area expand when needed and vice versa
- For local files the full path was automatically displayed: now "/home/user" is cutted down to "~"
- Integrate with Firefox: drops and pastes from Firefox work
- Drop FILES (and not just links to them) to baskets is now possible (you can copy/move/link files) to get rid of desktop clutter
- The system tray icon accept drag and drop of files
- Problem if you use single-click instead of double-click, the focus was changing even while using the context menu

- Append to existing text clips via drag and drop
- The richtext items should linkify URLS (and pass them to KRun of cause)
- Support for lists and a basic set of styles (h1-7, code, pre) in rich text editor
- BasKet in the Universal Sidebar panel
- Other programs could save content into baskets via the standard kde save dialog (kio slave)
- Font size should be changeable.
- Possibility to adjust the size of the fields individually.
- Have columns and rows configurable for a basket
- Rework into the slicker stuff: and sliding card with the basket code in it running as the cut/copy/paste manager.
- The 22 x 22 icon is a bit rough. It's the icon used when the panel size is "normal". I scaled the 128 x 128 icon with gimp and it looks a lot better.
- The time and mtime properties of items should be made available as meta data, possibly with display with each item?
- A way to group more than one item into a new one.
- An option where basket can reside as an icon on your desktop into which you can drag and drop things, and click on the icon to "reveal" the basket contents
- Don't have resize grip in statusbar?
- Use KCursor instead of QCursor to get the nice hand-cursor and support themed cursors?
- Make BasKet a KPart, so that I could embed a basket object in an application, like a clip book in a konqueror sidebar or Kate toolview? Possibly with event access, so that text could be pasted into kate when clicked, for example.
- Add konq "actions" menus (using the konq service scripts)
- It doesn't remember the sticky option on the window - so it occupies all desktops
- Eye candy: configure background/transparency! - Oct 30 2004
> Would be really cool if you could do inline editing.

Heu... You CAN!
Perhapse you still have 0.4.0x version.
The 0.5.0-beta versions can do this (perhapse not very well (editor not resized when text grows, but it works).

> It also doesn't seem to remember the sticky option on the window - so it occupies all desktops?

Please use the KWin "remember" option (or "advanced" in KDE 3.3).
Perhapse it could be good to make it programatically...

> And for the eye candy - configure background/transparency!

Yes... one day :-)
Not a priority: it would be quite difficult and CPU consuming.
But why not... - Oct 18 2004
> Eh, I *dislike* the grip. I think it does not belong in KDE apps, it breaks the style.

Ah :) But I think it's a great enhancement of usability. Especialy with Plastik where window borders are so fine: resizing a window could be a pain for most users (ie. non "power users" that don't know Alt+rightDND and not mouse skilled).
I don't want to remove it (and am quite surprized that not every KDE apps have it).
If you dislike it, please mail style writers to make it more beautiful! (if programatically possible)

Or perhapse a KDE wide setting "Show grip on statusbar" could be added.
I would vote for the bug if you fill it :-D

> Cool, except i think annotation is nice. little used maybe?

Yes, they can.
Please see especialy the "Annotations removal" part.

I don't use annotations and prefer to add a text item below another one.
With the proposed "Group" feature, it will be better than annotations (that can be ONLY text ones).
Look at the top of this page: I've put a warning and all users using annotations are pried to mail me if the replacement ennoy them. Nobody mailed me.

> Cool. If you make it a KPart, I'll do the kate integration for you :)

Ah. That's great to know.

> I can configure each basket to edit on click. My kde setting is singleclick. basKet version is 0.5b1.

Still don't understand well, sorry.
You mean you want single click to copy, and double-click to edit? - Sep 29 2004
Hum... What an exigent user you are :-)

> I'd like the richtext items linkify URLS (and pass them to KRun of cause)

Hum. Just associate a Link item below the rich text item. And voila :-)
OK. I think it is feasable to make links clickables but it can consume CPU (make a 2° QSimpleRichText and each time the mouse move, verify if there is a link below it)...
Ah... Euh for the "automagical linkification", I have no idea yet...

> support for lists and a basic set of styles (h1-7, code, pre) for example.

Wo wo wo! It's a "simple" note taker / thing to put everything in it.
It's not designed to suplant Quanta+ :-)
Moreover, current QTextEdit suck and isn't so flexible. I hope QT4 will solve that.

> items area would expand with the need (that is, take more height when RET is pressed). And vice versa.

Yes I know this tiny unresized editor suck. The "grow on RET" is a great idea, but willn't solve all the issues (when a line become too long, no RET has been typed and then the editor willn't grow).

> how about adding konq "actions" menus (using the konq service scripts)?

Yes I was thinking to it, but I don't see any urgent "use case".
On what it would be useful?
File -> Mirror to basket ; copy to basket ; move to basket ; link in basket.
That's all?

> maybe i can help wit a bit of it

Yes, help is welcome.
Even if I'm not an examplar programer and I recode some codes on each release (non stable "API"), it could be useful. - Sep 29 2004
> Why the Qt statusbar -- in KDE, statusbars does not have the hardcoded resize grip.
> Please use KStatusBar, or use the statusBar() function of KMainWindow.

I don't get you: BasKet already use the grip (it just don't hide when window is maximized: it's a KDElibs problem, if you want to post a wish, you can).
I already use statusBar() of KMainWindow.

> Could the time and mtime properties of items be made available as meta data,
> possibly with display with each item?

It will be done in 0.5.1, with the removal of annotations and then the tooltip will show various useful informations such as the times.

> could this be a KPart, so that I could embed a basket object in an application,
> like a clip book in a konqueror sidebar or Kate toolview?
> Possibly with event access, so that text could be pasted into kate when clicked, for example.

Yes, with 0.6.0 (or before) I will componentize BasKet and make a universal sidebar plugin (on desktop or into konqueror).
I will remember your idea of Kate plugin and "click to paste".

> could double click be made activate the inline editing for text objects?

Another thing that is already here!
I don't understand.
If you configured KDE to use single click, the edition is done on single click. On double click otherwise (you even can configure it for BasKet).

> Use KCursor instead of QCursor to get the nice hand-cursor and support themed cursors.

Oh... What a great class.
OK, I will use it.
However I HAVE themed cursors on my version of BasKet. Don't understand why you haven't them.

I altrough have some problems when drag and dropping: sometimes the old X cusror is shown, sometimes it's the themed one.
I don't know why: if you know, I will fixe that soon.
But the DND cursor managment is done by QT, so I can't do anything.
QT must support the X cursor extension by itself. And perhapse integrate KCursor in QT4. Haven't looked if it is the case. - Sep 29 2004
Oh yes!
I haven't changed the download link to beta1.

It's now OK.
Thank you. - Sep 29 2004
No, it's NOT inspirated by Longhorn basket.

BasKet was here before that strange win feature was published.
It was to have a Linux/KDE equivalent to DropDrawers. Since some months I now notice that it also can be an equivalent to MS Office OneNote. But it wasn't the goal neither. Just a good think.

I've viewed one screenshot of that longohrn basket sidebar, and I'm wondering too what it can do.
It seem to me that it's the new/a replacement for "recycle bin"/"trash can": I *think* (by all I've read) you don't delete files in longhorn but just add a meta-data "to remove" and it goes in that basket, droping files to the basket can be equivalent to drag in to actual trash.
But I'm not sure. - Sep 29 2004
BasKet 0.5.0-beta1 now allow to drop (copy/move/link) files to baskets.

Copy/Paste doesn't work well, but drag and drop (from and to a folder) is OK.

And the systray icon can already be used to drop things! - Sep 28 2004
Just to say the group idea evoqued here will be the central part of BasKet 0.5.1.
It even willn't be a "recycled" sub-basket, but a real grouping.
I realized this concept will replace the annotations (feature I don't use either).

Plans can be found here:
This will make the feature really usable and addictive :-) - Sep 03 2004
I see better what you need.
I wasn't thinked to the Ctrl+G thing. Very good idea (and I would need it sometimes).

In fact, the sub-folder item would ident, to make a hierarchy.
So, you can click the small "indentation area" and it would select the whole group (and copy it). I will add this to the TODO line of sub-folders. I think sub-folder properties could be set too, so you can remove the alternative color and it would look like a unique item.

I think 0.5.1 seem a good version to to that (I need better drag'n'drop for *multiple* items, and that's a work...).

> I'm impressed by the fast reply btw.

Hey! The magic of the checkbox "Notify me via email of responses to this message." ;-)
If not (a new comment or other), it would take me weeks :-/ Or perhapse by hazard I would visit the site for new comments...

Thank you for your suggestion. - Aug 28 2004
> "item-folders"

Yes, I thinked to that (especially for folder mirroring, allowing to mirror sub-folders too).

> a picture with a caption, a link with some notes

Great idea.
Sub-folders could then be used for other things than mirroring.
So, you expect this sub-folder to be "just" a group, without title surounding it. I will take that in account.

But for the moment I don't plan it for 0.5.0 final.
Perhapse soon after if I find it easy to implement.

> a number of files grouped together

In the next alpha (in fact it could become "the two next alpha" if I release an alpha with the solved issues from the usability review I've got) there will be a "Separator" item type (a line, like in the bookmarks).
It's not the solution, but for waiting before a sub-folder architecture.

> Another problem is that if you use single-click instead of double-click the focus changes even while using the context menu

That's a bug (regarding to other apps, it should not select other files).
I will try to solve it. - Aug 27 2004
This problem is about to be solved in the next 0.5.0-alpha5 version, with the introduction of new items types: in the occurence, 'file' item type.
You will be able to link, copy or move the file, like in Konqueror.
And even drop images from Mozilla/Konqueror instead of just dropping the URL of the file.

I agree the "Clean up your desktop" part of BasKet isn't doable totaly yet, but the next version will do that. - Aug 22 2004
Hey :-)

I wasn't alone to use those uggly (and slow) text files.

Once accustomized to BasKet text files seem very odd ;-) - Aug 10 2004
Woops : it's lkcl that posted the answer (I haven't saw it).

So, my previous post is only destined to DocFunRock :-) - Jul 19 2004
lkcl and DockFunRock :

Is the "installed basketui.rc" now solve your problem ?

If you haven't root access, you can install basketui.rc in this folder :
Or whatever it is in you distrib.
I think it will work.

If you have installed BasKet and it continue to do not work, please say it me.
Theorically, 0.5.0-alpha3 has solved lot of bugs in the tabbar... - Jul 19 2004
A person informed me how works the strange drag and drop protocol of Mozilla/Firefox.

I will hack to have drop/paste from Mozilla/Firefox in the next alpha.

To wait, create a text note and then paste the content you've copied from Mozilla : text dropping/pasting works but HTML one is problematic for the moment. - Jul 07 2004
Erf. I've leaved this error.

Please edit the xmlworks.h, line 41, you should have "};".
Just delete the ';' to have the line 41 only "}" !

My compiler do not say me this error.

Sorry for the disturbings. - Jul 06 2004
Hide specific files in Konqueror

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 15 2005
I think it's a good idea too!

Than, I would also be able to hide those hideous ~/evolution/ and ~/tmp/ folders !!!

So, it would be a filter, not regarding only to the filename but also to the entire path (as I wouldn't want ~/Projects/evolution/ for example).

Can you post a wish report on ?
I would vote for it. - Feb 15 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes 56 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 11 2006
Ah. Cute!
I like it.

However, there still a "rectangle background color" bug.

For instance, the Konqueror web page has a white background color but on the borders of the rounded area there still some gray lines.

Is it possible to know the background color of the content area (here, white) and paint the widget with this color, then add the black 1px rounded border AND paint the 4 rounded corners with the parent widget background color (here, gray)?

Even on Plastik we have the same problems: QLineEdit (and others) have the 4 corner pixels gray even if the background color of the parent widget is white (eg. when the LineEdit is embedded in a web page...).

Is it possible to fix that or will it be possible with Qt4 ?? - Feb 13 2005
ShadowFade at logout

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 44 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 18 2005
Wow, that's really impressive.

Can you post a mail to kde-core-devel to include it is KDE 3.4?

Like it was said above, it doesn't introduce any new string and isn't a so big work to include it, but it's pretty and it would be cool if it was included! - Feb 10 2005
KDE CC/IC, Konqueror, KMail (IN CVS)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 128 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 01 2005
I've already said it but...
Wao! I love those piece of art :)

BTW, is the horizontal 1px black line between the head and the content needed?

I like the curved look of the whole but that line make it "less curved".

Keep up the good work. - Jan 13 2005
I LOVE it!

I always thinked KDE still keep very old graphics.

Since Crystal and Plastik, KDE begin do become a very beautiful and appealing desktop (like concurents such as MAC OS X or Win XP), and this KControl theme is very welcome.

Any chance to have it included in KDE 3.4?

For the future, it would be cool also to remove very odd styles (System, CDE, KDE1, KStep, OpenLook...) and provide the best rated styles on kde-look directly in KDE.

(old styles could be packaged in eg. kde-artwork-nostalgics for the 1 or 2 peoples who still want emulate them... :) - Dec 30 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 04 2004
Ho! I love your desktop!

I would want to know, what is the windecoration theme?
And widget theme?
And also wallpaper?
Oh, and, icons too! ?

In fact, I love all your style and would want the exactly same! 8-D - Dec 07 2004
Improving KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 313 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 28 2004
What is the current state of the patches?

What patches have been integrated into KDE HEAD and what haven't been posted (if possible, why)?

Thanks. - Nov 14 2004
I just love the patches.

Hoping they will be included in KDE 3.4!
Perhapse make all those things optional could help.

But I don't know if you tried to discuss KDE maintainers for the inclusion. Have you?

You've done a great job. - Oct 21 2004

Never believed it was possible on KDE and so easily (patches are very small) or anyone would implement the only feature I like in GNOME.

Very cool.
I hope it will be integrated soon in KDE (3.3.2 seems to me that maintainers will not want, but let's hope), at least in KDE 3.4. - Oct 13 2004
Optimise Compression

Dolphin Service Menus 22 comments

by Yama
Score 58.0%
Jan 31 2009
A Finished dialog woun't be good for usbility because:
- You don't know it was started
- You are bored of the message needing a click

I propose you to put a progress dialog like Ark do.
Try it: right click an archive file and choose Actions -> Uncompress here.
A dialog with "animated progresbar" is shown during the uncompresing. And closed after!

Would be very good.

And no: showing the output of the Terminal is not very user friendly in a GUI environment - Nov 04 2004
Taskbar v2 (flat + thumbnails)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 201 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 28 2005
Me, one more time :-/
I just noticed the animation when a task appears.
It's cool, but it's not I meaned by "xp like anim".
I means: the entry take 5 pixels width, and a fraction of second it take 10 pixels, and then 15... until it has grown to its size. When a task disappears, it "ungrow": it lost 5 pixels, and other 5 pixels, until its size is == 0.
That's very smooth and eye candy, by removing the rigidity appearance of the taskbar. - Sep 29 2004
Waa ! Really beautiful.

In less than one week you've realized more than I was expecting.

Still very few bugs, it's amazing...

This last release make me think again it really can go into official KDE (3.4?).
And I think I'm not alone to want it ;-)

Just one left bug: when in "fram arround buttons on mouse hover" it does not add a frame on mouse over (only on click).
But's that's very minor.

Now, there still one applet that I would want to be transparent: KSysGuard.
For those who are interested, I've filled a bug:
There are screenshots of the expected behaviour.

Perhapse you, lucher, are interested in making it possible?
Yes, I'm dreaming, but who know (I wasn't expect the transparent taskbar be possible, even less by subclassing the standard taskbar)!

One more time: keep up the good work.
0.5 is already perfect for me. - Sep 23 2004
1/ 2/ OK.
3/ I mean a frame arround the button (not the entire taskbar) when hovered and clicked.
4/ Would be fun :-)
5/ Bug: When kicker is on top, screenshot is 4 or 5 pixels too bottom (I have the smallest kicker size).
6/ Sorry, you can forget that point, I haven't seen it: it seemed flat but it's plastik. Don't make attention of that.
7/ Great. So, if it's a subclass, it could be a replacement.
8/ That's nothing.
9/ Haven't yet looked at the code. After quick look it's how I was imaginated it : you use QPixmap::grabWindow(). Don't know enough of it to say why it is slowing down. Perhapse XLib syncroneous things?...

One more time : great applet. - Sep 21 2004
I forgotten to attach the screenshot.
It's here: - Sep 19 2004
It's exactly what I was wanting to have with my Tiger like kicker.

Some flickers tough:
1/ When I move my cursor mouse quickly trough all the task entries, the screenshot try to appears, even if during this laps of time my cursor isn't anymore hovering the task.
A possible solution: have ONE pointer to the LAST hovered button and when it's time to draw the animation, use this pointer. Currently it's like every hovered task was registered in a stack and shown one by one when possible. Big flicker.
2/ I enjoy the Amor cat and sometimes it move hover the taskbar. The taskbar then redraw the entries, but "the transparency is added to the previous draw", finishing to have a completly opaque and uggly draw (like I remember with transparent icons in Windows xp). See screenshot for better explanations.
A better solution would be to repaint ALL the button, starting by the background image. Even better: use a double buffering thing and bitblt() only the modified part.
The problem can be repeated in normal conditions, after a mouse hover, a screenshot appearing and/or a tooltip appearition... Don't know which(s)... But it appear as if sometimes it is redrawn correctly, sometimes not.
3/ Sometimes the frame isn't shown, sometimes it is. Don't know why.
And perhapse an option to "Show frame only on mouse hover" (and on click, of course) could be good, to realize the cursor is on the right button.
9/ Another concern I just noticed: KDE freeze when the taskbar is taking screenshot.
ie. I'm scrolling a fullscreen Konqueror window and it freeze for about 1/2 seconds! It also appens when writing: the text area stop displaying what I type for 1/2 second.
Please add an option to disable the screensshot.

Additional wishs:
4/ I would love to have the new/remove task animation like in Windows xp (the task entry grow/reduce in a nice smooth animation when appearing/disappearing)! It seem your infrastructure allow this.
5/ The screeenshot animation "come from the bottom". It was somewhat strange to me and after some minutes I realized my kicker is not common: it is placed on top of the screen. Could you reverse the animation in such cases? And as we go, make it complient with left and right kicker (don't know if the framework allow to know in which position the kicker is. A possible solution is QWidget::mapToGlobal(0,0) and see if it is near from the top or bottom of the screen, and remember which of widthForHeight() or heightForWidth() was last called to determin if it's horizontal or vertical (horizontal by default, as most users don't use vertical).
6/ The frame is a rectangular one. Is it possible to draw a real button frame, according to the current theme/style (plastik...)?
7/ Have you thinked to include it in KDE itself, replacing the main taskbar. An option "transparent" could be added and, if not checked, it would emulate the old behaviour.
If not, provide it in parallele (have the both available, the old as default).
8/ Let's be cray: a sound to play when screenshot appear :-)

One more time: thank you.
Keep up the good work. - Sep 19 2004

System Software 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 23 2004
Marketing, even in free software, isn't a bad thing.

OK, there are screenshots, but description would be good too.

What does it do, and why do it outside of KLaptop (I imagine every notebook do not provide such informations, but a sort of plugins system to KLaptop could be good too). - Sep 23 2004

Utilities 32 comments

Score 50.0%
May 31 2009
I *love* it.

What about integrating it to Konqueror?

Because, from usability point of view, importers are not well usable (lot of work for every files, even if they can be batched).

A native viewer (like the mht thing) is better and mor etransparent to the user (and when you receive .mht by mail you just have to open it). - Sep 21 2004

Developers Apps 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 14 2004
> and a cute kitten! yr digital pet?

;-) Just AMOR running with this lovely and funny cat ! - Aug 22 2004
IDEA: split view toolbar, sync/diff

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 14 2004
Me too use Konqueror as a FTP site manager.
It's very easy to use, it's the same as browsing the filesystem (normal: same app)...
And by creating a profile it's few click available.

Yes, transfert arrows would be good to avoid overwriting confirmation, and Automatic Update thing also (basing on the changes on the disk since last update/transferts... or compared to FTP equivalents for ADSL owners...).

I vote for it, it's cool.
As soon as you will have filled a bug/wish @kde-bugs I will vot for it. - Aug 14 2004
New home to Home

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

by zammi
Score 50.0%
Aug 02 2004
Hum... Seem inspired a lot from Longhorn explorer preview.

Why not: it look nice to the eyes.
But I'm too not sure it would be usable...

Pity: not the titlebar on bottom (or allow to configure it).
After this, it's OK for me: good eye candy. - Aug 02 2004

Developers Apps 29 comments

Score 50.0%
May 14 2005
> But they have a lot of work right now with kde3.3, so they won't use KFD until KDE4.0.

It's comprehensible !

Good news to now have a std FormDesigner :)

Keep up the good work.
@+ - Jul 31 2004
But it would be consistent over all KDE.
And KDE then would have *one* library to make/edit dialogs, as it has one editor: KatePart (which is very well too).

OK a fork is good (especially this one) but a lot aren't very good, for me. - Jul 30 2004

I then wish you a good time with this project.

Since KFormDesigner is a KDE porject I would prefer it over QtDesigner (more beatifull, and KDE integrated).

Have you planned (ie. call the mainteners/programers) to integrate it / make it integratable into Kommander ?
Would be very good... - Jul 30 2004
Butifull work !

But QT4 was means (as one of its goals) to make QTDesigner integratable in KDevelop (for example) and other tools...

Why fork a new one instead of wait for that ?

Because it can use KDE icons and technologies ? Good point, but have you discussed with QT to make it easy to intergrate KDE technology and change icons instead of "re-make the wheel" (better, as I can see) ? - Jul 30 2004

Utilities 139 comments

by oisch
Score 50.0%
Jul 22 2005
I can see one solution :
From the QT doc :

void QWidget::grabMouse ()
Grabs the mouse input.
This widget receives all mouse events until releaseMouse() is called; other widgets get no mouse events at all. Keyboard events are not affected. Use grabKeyboard() if you want to grab that.

Can it be work ?
I think it's the macanism that menus uses when they are poped-up : they grab the mouse.
But I don't know if at releaseMouse() the event is sent to other windows...

Indeed, have you took a look at the new XServer (from that a lot of recent distributions uses ?
I think it have transparencies AND buffer all the windows : it could be interesting to request those buffers, so you haven't to take screenshots each times Komposé is called...
It just can pose problems for those who haven't yet migrated to XServer (as me) but a conditional compilation would be great. - Jul 20 2004
'Q' DVD-Author

Video Apps 81 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 09 2010
Please provide FULL SIZE screenshots.

Indeed, it seem a very great app. - Jul 06 2004
KIO : desktop-wide integration - ideas

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 7 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 06 2004
A standard ?
Perhapse it's what you wanted.

Because I don't envisage a kernel support for that : it's too hi-level.
I think it's a scope for - Jul 06 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 8 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 20 2005
And what about kapp->invoqueBrowser(theURL); (I don't remember well : I think it is in KApplication class) ?
It would automatically adopt default/preferred browser for everyone and don't need an option... - Jul 05 2004