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Oct 01 2010
It's simple : because I haven't programed it yet :-)

I don't use the standard KListBox because items are programed with QWidgets and I plan to allow horizontal/columns placment (as you suggested), as grid (will be cool for app launchers baskets) as well as free placed (moved and resized with mouse as in the original DropDrawers).

So I must program all this myself.
I've just posed basis of the new UI.
The live search will also be improved a very lot for 0.5.0final (checked items or not, search in filename, annotations, or not...)

And I plan to include the following settings :
( ) Single click
( ) Double click
(.) Follow KDE settings - Jun 18 2004
No no no :-)
I've forgoten to notice it :

The toolbar at the bottom is for my tests (select one item, two, no... and see if all actions are enabled/disabled when they are/aren't relevant).

The toolbar on the top is the *real* main toolbar.
It contain :
[NewBasket][BasketProperties] | [AddItem] | [Cut][Copy][Paste][Delete] | [Edit][EditMetaData][Open]
I think it's reasonable (10 buttons).
But I also think to add [AddTextItem][AddHTMLItem][AddLinkItem][AddImageItem][AddColorItem] to be able to add very quickly items by one click (or one keyboard shortcut : would love it).
Don't know if I will add it by default. I think not but it would be powerful. - Jun 15 2004

I will do that, if you are a lot to ask it.

But not for 0.5.0, sorry.
I have a lot of work to do between. - Jun 15 2004
With BasKet 0.5.0alpha2 I've implemented some awaited features such as scrollbars (once used to them I ask myself why I haven't done it before ;-) ) and live searchs (also very very usefull !).

I will continue this way in the next alpha : I will try Undo/Redo, do inline edition of texts and PERHAPSE freely positionnable/movable items (such as items in DropDrawers/Publisher/...).

That's a very lot of work !! - Jun 14 2004
Woops !

Thank you to qbast for the patch !

*** I've reuploaded basket-0.5.0-alpha1.tar.gz ***
*** So you can (re-)download it without trouble *** - May 05 2004
- Adjust the size of each items ?
Why ?
In a future version I will allow to make items squares that can be freely moved and resized.
Perhapse you will be satisfed by it.

- Yes... edit texts directly in the main window would be good also.
Later I will add image editors, sound editor...
This could be quite difficult to integrate all this. And items would must change size to allow cumfortable editing.
But I will perhapse allow what you ask.
It simply isn't a priority.
In the next version (certainly as soon as the next alpha version will be out) item editors will be 'Close button only' if user want. So a Escape key press will close the window and save item. A good begin I think.

From your previous post :

- Default font size will be changeable.
OK. I will take this notice in account in designing the new text style propertie (in two versions).

- Hum... I don't think (one more time : IMHO (I can be wrong)) have just the filename is good.
Because in the next version (will be available in the next alpha version) I will add file item type : it could be confusing.
Instead, I already changed the auto-title feature to transform "file:/home/username/" into "~/" : it's more concise and do not confuse with future included files.
Is it well ?

For now I've rewriten some parties of the software.
The forsawed 0.4.1 is renamed to 0.5.0 because theire are a lot of internal structure changes.
I will release an 0.5.0alpha1 version in one week or more.
And I will summarise the suggestions given here and include some ones...

++ - Apr 25 2004
Yes. A scrollbar will be cool.
Don't know when I will add it... I certainly must recode some things... But I've searched only a little about how to code it.
Perhapse in the next version, so.

paste up/down action ?
You perhapse mean a sort of stack feature ?
It is quite already possible : you can drop objects to the system tray icon.
And then re-drag them from the systray.
An option in the basket must be activated to allow to delete items that was dragged from the systray.
There is no shortcut to paste an item into the current app because I don't know how to do it. But KHotKey have this sort of features, so I could look at...

Is it that feature ? - Apr 17 2004
I've thinked about it...
But it's quite complicated : Klipper have a powerful actions system.
BasKet is basically an advanced note pad, reminder, etc...
In few releases, baskets could mirror various things : deleted items, a live folder, and the clipboard...
But I can't add all Klipper features in BasKet : not the main goal.
Of course, some peoples do not use actions of Klipper : for them (including me) it could be an advanced Klipper (that show images...).
But not a replacment at all ! - Apr 15 2004
Now theire is a TRUE deutch translation :-) [v0.4.0c] !
Even if they are some duplicate accelerated shortcuts...
Will be resolved later. - Apr 14 2004
Hey : the 3° request for include it in Universal sidebar !
I will be obligated to include it in 1.0 and not 2.0 :-D

OK. I will look at that. - Apr 14 2004
> It would be nice if the window can dock with autohiding feature

I don't understand what you mean.
Auto-hide when ?
When mouse leave the main window ?

> A 'live' filter would be great
> (like you can filter mails in mozilla thunderbird whilst you are typing)
> Together with searchable meta-data this would be a killer feature

I've thinked about a search engine.
But never thinked about a *live" search.
Good idea ! But it willn't for soon...
I will also add you idea : search in content, but *also* in meta-data...

> I'm thinking here about the very useful tool Powermarks (commercial,windows)

As I can see, it's a bookmark manager.
It's not the goal of BasKet.
I don't want to add all sort of meta-data...

If you think some features could be cool to BasKet, please enumerate them...

It's not intended to be an advanced bookmark manager and replace kbookmark :)
My first usage is take notes of various formats and eventually with some related links, images...
But I've evolved and it can be used for more than that...
So I'm open to suggestions. - Apr 08 2004
I'm sorry.

I've confused Dutch (nl) and German (de) :-/
A quick look at can confirm this.

I've reuploaded BasKet 0.4.0b with the renamed de.po file to nl.po.

It's a Dutch translation and not a German one.

Please appologize for my mistake. - Apr 07 2004
> Basket is fantastic. [...] BasKet replaces all of it!

Cool ! I'm happy you're happy of it ;-)

> I think a kio slave would do that, right?

Yes !! I've also thinked about that.
But not for now...
In the next version, we would be able to store files in baskets ; and deal with files as well as items... And other related improvments (such as open items as files in normal applications : save will affect the item). So it's for after 0.4.1, and for that I foresaw other things :) In 0.5.0, I think... unless KIO slaves are easy and quick to code.

And the new KDE wide shortcuts add a very powerfull way : select a text and Ctrl+Shift+S will add the selection as a new item ! I love this.

> or at least be able to append to existing text clips via drag and drop

Yes : I've also thinked about that. I've so many ideas... :-D
Thank you to say me what's you need : I will take this in an upper priority when considering what's to implement !

> use BasKet in the Universal Sidebar panel

Who who ! More slowly ;-P
I will think about that. OK.
But have main window or tabs in other places modify the "gameplay" (yes it isn't the term) of the app : some globl shorcut do not apply here... It need some brainstorming.
OK : Universal Sidebar could be not so difficult.
Wait and see :)

> I highly reccomend this application, and I anxiously await future developments.

Thank you a lot (and again !).
I hope I willn't disapoint you.
And I "basket" your comments ;) - Mar 29 2004
It works for me ! - Mar 19 2004
OK : Thank you a lot !

I've updated BasKet homepage with a link to your Debian package. - Mar 19 2004
Yes, it is. - Mar 18 2004
Useful in addition of KMenu ?
I don't see what's you means...
But I'm very interested on new ideas !

Repeating tasks ?
It a "simple" notes taker (as KNotes but in only one window, and with other than text items...).
I don't think it could be a "program to do all things". Do you mean a new graphical "emacs" ? ;-) - Mar 18 2004
OK : screenshots have been uploaded. - Mar 17 2004
So, first I must explain me :

My heberger,, has been hacked and will still be out for months.
I was wanting for a final 0.4.0 to make big changes on my site (new CSS design and site hierarchy)... On the hacking my site was in a inconsistent state to upload it. And I'm crazy, so it has took time :-)

So, now 0.4.0 is temporary released in my old site (but the heberger is slow to respond).

I haven't succed to change screenshot in :-/ The new one is a lot better and nicer to look :-D

Have fun, and if you have trouble, want new feature, find bug... I'm here :-)
Thank you to have patiented this long time. - Mar 17 2004

IDEs 80 comments

Score 80.0%
Jan 26 2011
Me too I would want to thanks the developers of KDevelop !
It's great to say to developers we like theire apps :-)

It just have some bugs and we should learn autotools to solve some problems, but I love it and use it everydays (when I program, of course ;-) ). - Jun 14 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 28 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 28 2004

But what do you thing to reverse your hope ?

Instead of trying to imitate KPaer, why not put your work INTO KPager.
Then it will be available for everyone (as an option or with an automatical 3Desktop deamon detector) - Jun 08 2004
Why it willn't be a problem ? - Jun 08 2004

Developers Apps 57 comments

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Nov 02 2009
Yes, I imagine use a QT designer and KDEifie it is a lot of work.
Moreover when QT designer continue to be involved !

I've heard the QT4 version be more integratable (to KDevelop...).
Will it be more easy then ?
I suppose not for the icons, KDE dialogs...
Domage !
Have you talked with QT if you could find a solution ?
Perhapse conditionnal compilation/includes or defines classes like :
class QMessageBox : public KMessageBox
No. Order of parameters are not the same :-(

Erf ! - May 28 2004
Crystal SVG icons for the widgets in the editor would be a great eyes enhancment (I don't like the QT icons style) :-)

But Kommender is already very great !
I love KDE powerful. And I also like immense scripting capabilities of UNIX.
With Kommander, both are unioned and I love it.
I even never consider to go back to Windows ! - May 27 2004

Database 40 comments

by knorr
Score 50.0%
Oct 29 2006
This program is duplicate with Kexi ?!!

Have you foresaw to fusion the two ?

They are complementary : one have some great ideas that the other hasn't, and vice versa.

And they are both in alpha state : would be benefit to free software if there was one effort in the same sense.

My 1 cent :) - May 09 2004
KWin Delay Focus

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

Score 50.0%
May 29 2004
Great !
Now "focus on hover" in usable !!!

Do you will intergate it to KDE 3.3 ?
I hope... - May 09 2004

System Software 84 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 21 2006

This program is very good !

But it's quite a paint to create and edit bootsplash.
It's would be good to have a quck editor to place items on the splashscreen : basically text, messages and the bar.
We could have the image displayed and just click and drag to place a box, eventually with QLineEdits to have per pixels/characters settings.
And then compress it to a file.

Mandrake, in 9.1, was having this sort of tool.
But it isn't provided and it was just by adjusting per pixels/characters, so not very user-friendly.

What about this idea ? - May 09 2004
The Way that KDM should look

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 112 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 21 2004
At university we use both RedHat with GDM and Windows with... euh... windowLogonService :)

And on Windows I enter my login name and then type ENTER to go to the pw feild :-/
I'm congratulated be a wait of few secunds and a criticism warning as my password is bad !!

I love to have all in one window / screen so feel as KDM/Windows is better for me than GDM way but it would be good to to not make the mistake :

>> If enter is pressed in the login name, look if the user can log without pw and do it if yes. If no, go to the password field if it is empty, and try connect if it contain data.
I think it's the better algo.
I don't can try it on the current KDM (I do not use pw and don't want to down my "KDE uptime" :-) ).

And its good also because newbees to not know the Tab key !
For them Enter is the more logicial way (I think... after the mouse, of course).

Indeed your idea is good ! - May 06 2004

Text Editors 43 comments

Score 72.2%
Jul 20 2006

Just a message to congratulate you !

I love the Kate editor !
In only few versions it has became a very powerful editor, now used in pretty all applications that need editor (in addition with KDevelop and its KMDI that is also became a standard on KDE, and the also powerful tabbing mode now used in some applications).

KDE is very good !
Good for health to eat it ;-)

Thank you. - May 06 2004

Utilities 227 comments

by trueg
Score 83.3%
Jun 30 2010
Just to congratulate you for this very great project !

Very well : it's so easy to burn CDs.
I've begined to use Linux one year and a half ago and was disapointed to do not be able to burn CDs *easily* (when it was doable).

Now, we have program to burn CDs (and DVDs).
But it is also easy and fast : no 50 dialogs, the program have just essential features in a coherent interface
It change from Windows burning programs (hum... in fact lot of KDE programs are better than Windows equivalents !)

All these programs remain me everydays why I use KDE, and then Linux !
And it's only a begin ;-)

To go back to the subject : K3B, when do you plan a 1.0 release ?
Not that I am pressed but for me K3b could be 1.0 since lot of months !
Perhapse the responses is on the website...

++ - May 06 2004
Quanta Plus

Developers Apps 72 comments

Score 63.3%
Jan 26 2007
Could we have larger screenshots ?
Those ones are so tiny...
And the Quanta site do not provite screenshots of this release and not with the WYSIWYG pan.

Indeed you really do a very good job !
I love Quanta.

Especially the ability to assign shortcuts for custom codes / tags !
It's even faster to do HTML pages with Quanta than with all other WYSIWYG programs (on all OS) : Ctrl+Alt+S and the selected text is now inside a tags : very powerful.
Even if it still some bugs (not tested yet the current release) !!

Great continuations. - May 06 2004
Desktop Icon Grouping

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 17 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 24 2004
I've also thinked of a sort of icon grouping.

I've thinked to group icons... By subfolders.
e.g. :
- All launchers in ~/Desktop/apps in a group (shaded... with grayed background ala Konsole, etc...)
- All items in ~/Desktop/CurrentProject in another "visual group"...

Then, add files in those subfolders will update correctly the desktop with auto-grouping !!

But by now, my desktop is full of icons, so this willn't help me.
Just an idea... - Apr 25 2004
This Computer

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 16 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 20 2004
Great !

"This computer" is as well ! - Apr 21 2004
Why is it as bad rated ?

It's a good work because users also want to access theire devices.
And perhapse they don't want to see a lot of icons on theire desktop !

It's a good work to group all devices in a simple icon / window.

BUT, I have one problem :
Why "*My* Computer" ??
It's a windows terme.
KDE do not append "My " in all it's paths...
Not "My home" but "Home.
Not "My documents" but "Documents".
Not "My images" but "Images"...
It's even worth for a computer : in a multi-user environment the computer is for all users : not only "Me". Think in a society or a university : the computers are not mines :-)

So GNOME is well : "Computer" : as easily. And it allow to browse folders with keyboard : if all files / folders begin with "My" it's a nighmare !

So, please rename to "Computer". - Apr 20 2004
GRUB NextBoot

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 44 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 23 2005
I've posted a comment to Bug 25304 :

IMHO this "patch" must be integrated into KDE and KDM, on side of LILO part.
It would also be more consistent to add it to KDM, regardless if the user use LILO or GRUB !

Very good job ! - Apr 20 2004
Kim (Kde Image Menu)

Graphic Apps 196 comments

Score 80.6%
Feb 23 2009

The resize image tool is too constrainant !
Should be good is, in more of the predefined resolutions, to add "Other resolution..." entry that show a dialog tht ask for arbitrar resolutions...

Would be very good to not have to open Gimp for my webpage (I don't use this for wallpapers). - Apr 16 2004
improving session management

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 15 2004
I totaly agree :
- It's useful and must be made available (perhapse not activated by default, but it's another discution).
- Desktop must be grayed/alpha-ed... So it will be CLEAR that the capture/windows is/are not usable yet.

I've recently downloaded a KSplash that use the redmond engine.
All the desktop is hidden by a beatiful splash image.
And startup seem faster AND less uggly (more fluide).
We don't see all the applications flashing, etc... We just see a final desktop when it's done.

IMHO, this sort of loadind must be a KSplash engine !!
IE : Users can easily choose between the actual splash screen or see the old desktop.
Because after all, it's a splash screen (or it can easily considered as a splash screen).
If anyone try to code this engine, it could start from the redmond engine, and include the progressbar of the OSX engine.
What must be added is just the save screenshot at KDE exit, with grayed. This save must be done only if the "Show final desktop capture" engine is selected as a splash screen.

But what harm me is the uggly "darking" of KDE when we log out (animated black pixels).
GNOME (animated luminosity decrease) or XP (animated alpha increase) are very cool. But KDE one is a old-aged look, IMHO.
Users should be able to configure what sort of graying/blacking they want :
- Color to... [Black, Blue...]
- Transform to alpha x%
- Play with luminosity to x%
- Play with contrast to x%
- Blurifie
- Invert colors
- Use the actual uggly 3 pixeled frames
- Use the old 1 frame graying (Windows 95 style) [for slow computers]
It's already doable for icons (but not so detailed). So, why not for logout screeen ?

And then, take the screenshot AFTER the graying.
And perhapse after the load, invert the process : cool and consistent.
To resume :
- Log out : gray to 50% black
- Log out confirmed, reboot, and relog in
- Log in : see the grayed version (with progress bar/dialog)
- Load done : ungray from 50% to normal and close the screenshot/splash : we see the *real* desktop as we leaved it. The user do not see the computer was having to relaunch apps and reload session : it's transparent. And that is right. - Apr 16 2004

Network 78 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 31 2005
Ho !
Sorry for my bad explanation.
The "_" was to have one word :)

So I use Konqueror :
- Split the view in two
- With one for file:// view and the other for the "KIO powered" ftp:// which is very powerful : it the same as the file:// view (with images preview and larger preview in tooltips : lol it's not expected but it's a good demonstration for Windows users (who need to pay for another software ;-) The previews are disablable for network protocols). And because it's Konqueror we can type a letter to go to the first file which its name begin with the letter, have cool KDE icons, powerful Alt+Up (or Break key)... It's why I don't use gftp anymore now.
- Save thr profile (the splited view, the icon sizes / view, the URLs...) in a konquy profile (openable with a desktop shortcut)...

Sorry : I willn't use a dedicated software for ftp transferts anymore.
But Kasablanca seem very good if I haven't discovered the Konqueror power. - Apr 16 2004
Ho !!

A gftp like with the power of KDE !!!

Very cool.

But I've discovered Konqueror split_view/ftp_power+kwallet/save_profile and it's what I use now.

Because KBear really suck, IMHO.
With its lot of pannels and windows becauses pannels do not dock at all in the main window, and the lot of tabs...

Yours app seem a good software. - Apr 15 2004
Edit as Root

Dolphin Service Menus 44 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 04 2004

Personnaly I've just done it with another way :

In Konqueror file associations, I've added an app that can open all files (or just texts, if you want) :

Name : "KWrite (administrator)"
Command : "kdesu kwrite"
Icon : "kedit" (the same as KWrite, but red :-) )

And for folders, I've added a Open with command :

Name : "Konqueror (administrator)"
Command : "kdesu konqueror"
Icon : "kfm" (not found : perhapse folder_red much more expressive)

I prefere this way because "Edit as..." is quite the same as "Open with..."
And we can opens files / folders in a lot of apps :-) [kfm, konqueror, for folders ; kwrite, emacs for text files...]

It's much more praticall than open a konsole ! Cool.

My two cents... - Apr 13 2004
KDE Apple-like Expose

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 30 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 13 2004
Hey ! This is just a screenshot ?

The download link point to the screenshot :-( - Apr 13 2004

Utilities 40 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 15 2010
Very well part ! - Apr 07 2004
"Run As Root" for Service Menus

Dolphin Service Menus 50 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 13 2004
What about a new action menu "Run with options" that show a dialog that contain same options as the CLI (Alt+F2) "Options >>" pannel ?

i.e., "Run in terminal", "Execute as another user (and which)", "Execute with another priority", "Real time"...

Would be cool. - Apr 07 2004
Score 50.0%
Dec 15 2004
Oh yes !

It also exists for Konqueror !
Very cool.

Please add it to KDE/Konqueror.

IMHO, Konqueror MUST have a GUI in it's Configuration dialog to active/unactive plugins (like Mozilla or, soon, IE).

In this way, we could inclue lot of plugins and activate only the minimal vital.
Would add powerful : I haven't time to browse the WEB to find all plugins... If I want a feature, I look at the app.
If the app do not provide the feature, it's like they do not exists.

My two cents... - Apr 04 2004
Symlink Properties Plugin

System Software 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 27 2004
Ho cool !
I love it.

I've often wondered this feature.

Please include it to KDE !

And perhapse provide the same for hardlinks ?
If renamed, remove the hardlink and create a new with the new path...
And perhapse an option to change from symlink to hardlink and vice versa when possible ?

Would be cool. - Apr 04 2004
Crystal SVG

Full Icon Themes 131 comments

Score 72.2%
Jun 15 2007
I love your icons...
I use only CrystalSVG ones everywhere !

But I would want to be able to modify it.
Or simply generate them in other sizes...
I would want to create new ones (especialy folders with icons, such as folder_music).
I would want to study how they are made to learn how to create my own icons style...

Please : you're on free software platform : sources are needed.

Thank you a lot ! - Mar 30 2004
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff 91 comments

Score 46.0%
Apr 15 2006
I agree with your two requests.
For me it's the more important / urgent.

On Windows I use ObjectDock. :
It's a very powerful tool because :
- I would want to unclutter my desktop and free my kicker of all app launchers
- So I want to have a list of numerous apps, in an unobtrusive way : autohide critically wanted for me to adopt such a program. Even more that the screen space in wasted.
- By tries, place the bar on bottom is obtrusive when I want to access kicker/taskbar. On top, the bar reappears each time I move my cursor in other place than my workspace : the top.
So I would want to also place bar on left (as I do in Windows), or on right, if you want.

Now, edit a xml file is a lot of pain.
AI often add/remove applications, or new versions (such as gimp-1.3 with gimp in the same time : I create a gimp-1.3 icon in my kicker/bar and will remove it sooner). So drag and drop entries from the KMenu/.desktop file would be good. As well as creating new items.
I suggest you to use the .desktop format to be compliant with KMenu/kicker (and more easily programable). - Mar 30 2004
konqueror speedbar

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

by mart
Score 50.0%
Aug 06 2004
I love it !!

Please add it to KDE main distribution !!
(KDE 3.3 ?)

It's a more convenient and coherent way !
This also can force users to use it and then speed up theire open file tasks... - Mar 26 2004
crystal xcursors

Cursors 125 comments

by mart
Score 76.7%
Sep 15 2005
IMHO, it must be the default KDE Cursor theme !!! - Feb 17 2004
Plastik Win Decoration Mod

KDE Plasma Screenshots 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 10 2003
Heu... Just a secund reply :
Personaly, I don't need the line between menubar and toolbar : I like your clear and clean style as it is now !

And, of course, the xp like close button could be optionnal : but I will des-activate it !

Thanks. - Jan 14 2004