Wallpaper Other by Bobby 3 comments

needs a screenshot - May 27 2002
Modified Passions Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by secretmethod70 3 comments

Sorry - I will upload that when I get the time later today - May 23 2002
Conectiva Crystal Theme Collection

Icon Sub-Sets by pablof77 16 comments

and I wish I could understand it :( - May 22 2002
A Warm Welcome Wuzz

System Sounds by deepweep 23 comments

I didn't think my comment was that long - sorry everyone. Next time I think I'll just e-mail instead of post :-P - May 22 2002
A Warm Welcome Wuzz

System Sounds by deepweep 23 comments

Every time they get better and better! I love the new maximize/minimize sounds, and everything is fitting together very nicely! Select sounds wonderful now that you've changed it a bit too!

Comments for 5/21/02:
(keep in mind these are just *SUGGESTIONS* that I think would make it even better than it already is, but I DO think that the sounds are GREAT!)

- xkill: what exactly is this for? I was looking in the possible system sounds and asw delete window, in which case the sound plays for xkill - and for xkill it's great since it's not used often. But, when the sound is attached to "delete window" it is also played every time you close a window, making the sound too long since that is an action which occurs frequently. I LOVE the sound, but maybe rethink exactly what it would be used for. This is just me, but I tend to like short sounds for frequent events and longer sounds for events (i.e. close window) which do not happen as often (i.e. KDE start)

- Maybe change the file names to the exact event you mean to have in mind for the sound. For example, I don't know what exactly you mean select to be used for. Another example, when you say rollup, I know you mean shade, but some of the others are not so clear, so if you name the files just that (shade.mp3, kde_start.mp3, etc) it would be clearer what you have in mind for your wonderful creation :)

- Lastly, the only comment I actually have about a sound itself. :) Rollup is a great sound, but rather than being used for shade, it sounds like it would be better for unshade and if you reversed the tones (like you did with maximize and minimize) you could have the reversed sound be used for shade. Also, it still sounds just a *bit* cut off at the end. You fixed this wonderfully with select, so maybe if you did the same for rollup, or at laest made it fade in the end instead of abruptly stopping.

Please don't feel like I'm being overly critical, these are just my suggestions as a person who really likes to have a pleasant desktop environment, as I think we all do. Ultimately it's YOUR work, so do what you want with it - if you like my ideas, great, and if not, I'll still use your sounds anyways beacuse they're some of the best out there! Great work and keep it up!

Brian - May 22 2002
Modified Conectiva Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by secretmethod70 7 comments

Honestly, I can't tell you - except for splash_top.png all the other pictures have been unaltered, so I can only guess the original does that as well - May 21 2002
A Warm Welcome Wuzz

System Sounds by deepweep 23 comments

sorry, I meant to say sound THEME not sound them :-[ - May 21 2002
A Warm Welcome Wuzz

System Sounds by deepweep 23 comments

Wow...thanks for the recognition - not that I think reminding you deserves any :)

Anyways, the new sounds are great! Just one comment really - I realize the Selection sound must be short but it seems cut off, as if there's something missing and it's not complete. Maybe you'll want to look into that. I just realized the Minimize-or-Drop sound has this feeling too but not nearly as noticeable as Selection.

Ok, 2 things :-P - I LOVE notification but what is it supposed to be used for? It may be too long, it may be just right - either way it SOUNDS great!

The sounds seem much more cohesive now that you've removed the jungle-like ones. They really have a very nice, serene effect to them, keep up the good work! Once this is done this should DEFINITELY be included with KDE as a sound them - it is going to be one of the best :) - May 21 2002
Blue Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by TomServo 10 comments

Yowza!!! These are GREAT! The AIM icon is a little rigid in some spots, but these are really incredible icons! Someone's GOT to continue working on these or at least working of the concept to turn this into a complete icon set! (They could use a *bit* more depth to them though) I'd work on it myself, but I don't know how :-[

Once again - WOW!! - May 18 2002
Free Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by tmielnik75 24 comments

You should make sure you get credit in those other icon sets then ;-) - May 17 2002
Free Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by tmielnik75 24 comments

You did not change the kcontrol icon from iKons. While I like the iKons icon, I suggest making ALL fresh icons and also, if you choose not to, at least please give credit for the borrowed ones. Thanks! Keep up the good work! - May 17 2002
Free Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by tmielnik75 24 comments

Looks like you've got an AWESOME start here! Crystal is a great iconset, but KDE definitely needs a variety of great sets to choose from and it looks like you're heading in that direction. A couple suggestions:

- Any way to smooth the edges on some of the icons a little more? An example is 3floppy_mount but there are many others as well that have somewhat unsmooth edges - tops especially.

- is desktop.png yours? If not please give credit where due - a lighter version of it is my current desktop icon with the crystal set.

Besides for those things, GREAT work! Maybe after you're done with these you can make a theme to go along with them too ;-)

- May 17 2002
KSplash/ML (Release 0.95.3)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by detsaot 57 comments

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make: *** [all-recursive-am] Error 2 - May 15 2002

Wallpaper Other by caldroun 9 comments

Did you make this entire wallpaper yourself?! That's amazing! - May 15 2002
Hydroback UPDATE!

Wallpaper Other by bas 4 comments

Any chance of releasing a modified version without the weed on her face? - May 11 2002
A Warm Welcome Wuzz

System Sounds by deepweep 23 comments

Would LOVE to hear a full set of system sounds in this style! Please resume work on these - based on what you said earlier, your semester exams have long passed ;) Thanks! They sound great! - May 11 2002
Anime Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by TomServo 12 comments

This is a great start! Just a couple suggestions:
1) maybe use a different picture - something more sexy perhaps :)
2) use differnt icons - I dunno if crystal would fit but the ones you have right now certainly don't

Once again though, great start! (I could never do it :)) - May 08 2002
Liquid without toolbutton backgrounds

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by neuralfraud 29 comments

Hi, I've installed the Liquid theme v0.94 but I'd like to get rid of the toolbutton backgrounds. I installed on Mandrake 8.2 and I don't get the configuration menu that I've heard about where I can change this. - May 05 2002

KDE 3.5 Themes by aronnax 148 comments

I'm running KDE3 and Mandrake 8.2 I tried running ./style-install.sh but I get the error kinstalltheme: command not found - May 04 2002
Aqua Slpash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by niedral 17 comments

GREAT splash. Any chance you can make a KDE 3 version though? I'd LOVE to start using it but I'm running 3.0 :-\ Keep up the AWESOME work! - May 03 2002
Open Office Crystal Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by ilinux 15 comments

GREAT WORK! A suggestion though: the seagulls do clutter the icons, and maybe if you made icons such as the one for writer clearer by having a typewriter in it instead of black lines. just my $.02 - May 03 2002