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Idesbald van den Bosch , Belgium
XGL + KDE in action: wobble fun

KDE Plasma Screenshots by sedibald 3 comments

Yes, I took the picture. It is a desert of huge dunes in China, 5 km from the city of Dunhuang, in the Gansu Province. The desert is located between the taklamakan desert to the west and the Gobi desert to the north (300 km). - Mar 23 2006
XGL + KDE in action: desktop cube switching

KDE Plasma Screenshots by sedibald 2 comments

Simply follow the steps described at the link:

You may also check:

You need to have gnome-window-decorator installed, for XGL does not work with kde-window-decorator...yet.

Beware: it is still experimental. It is fun to show it off to friends, but it is not yet possible to work efficiently with it. Have fun! - Mar 22 2006
Lion of Babylon

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Where did you take the picture?? In which country? - Mar 21 2006
desert dream 2

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Thank you. It was early in the morning, in the desert near Dunhuang (China). - Sep 02 2005
1 Matterhorn

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The only little thing is that the air is not cristal clear. Zuper though! - Sep 01 2005
reflected sand dune

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Thanks. I was lucky... - Aug 31 2005