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Kopete Styles 85 comments

Score 67.1%
Sep 06 2008
I tried your kopete theme and I really like it, but there's one thing I don't like.
You replace links that are posted with the clickable text "linklink".
Will this change? I'd prefer to see the link that is posted.

If you want to stay with this behaviour, you should at least change it to display the text "link" instead of "linklink" as it is now ;)

Best Regards
SegFault - Jul 18 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 58 comments

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May 29 2006
I guess consistency is more important.
That's what styleguides are for.
In fact I think inconsistency is the biggest problem in UIs nowadays.
If you have an UI that is rather complicated and silly designed, but is consistent in every dialog it will be easier to use than a clean and mean interface where every dialog looks different to each other. - Feb 22 2006
AFAIK you can mix SVG icons and pixmap icons in a single category.
Most KDE icons themes use pixmap icons, so they won't scale, too.
I don't think it is a good idea to distinguish icons by where they come from.
And my previous argument is still valid: most users won't even know that they come from KDE as they don't even know what KDE is.
So what advantage is there in splitting icons in "KDE" and "non-KDE" ones when there are many who don't even know and many won't bother? (No offence, I'd like to understand your view) - Feb 22 2006
I really really like your suggestion.
  • It solves the problem with the Browse-button

  • it looks as nice as the first mockup the discussion is about

  • it adds, as you said, the advantage of being able to see all categories at once

Thumbs up! I support your solution! - Feb 22 2006
I'd like to add to my previous comment, that another reason why not to put the "Browse"-button in the lower left corner is that this place is usually used for the "Help"-button in KDE dialogs.
Using a place that is already used by a standard button for custom functionality isn't a good idea. - Feb 21 2006
As I said before, I think the word "uncategorized" is ok (but not the best), so I'd say there's no need to further discuss this.

I have an idea how to (imho) better place the "Browse" button.
You could move the "Browse"-button somewhere below or above the icon selection field and add a descriptive label to it.

See for reference.
The mockup isn't as "nice" as yours as it was quickly build together with Qt Designer and therefore hasn't any nice icons or anything fancy. It only shows in which way I'd place the button... - Feb 21 2006
I really like your proposal, but I think the "Browse"-button should be more exposed, it's kinda hard to find it within your proposal.

I think the user shouldn't know about wether the icons are from kde or from any other source as it doesn't make any difference in selecting them and most users wouldn't even know what you'd mean with something like "non-kde icons".
"uncategorized" is quite good, although there may be some better term as the word "uncategorized" leaves a bitter taste for me...
Maybe something simple as "other"?

Just my 0.02 EUR - Feb 21 2006 Quickstarter 2

Utilities 13 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 11 2006
It would have been nice if you'd reported this problem to me...

Anyways, the typo is now fixed and everything should work just fine... - Feb 16 2006
Generic Feedback-Wizard

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 26 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 11 2005
Should be flexible enough.
When your app links against it, you can embed arbitary widgets in it. - Jun 19 2005
Nuvola-Pastels with Comix :-) - Jun 11 2005
What should happen when the user clicks on the icon?
You have to call the tool with certain parameters and catch its output to stdout, so I don't see a reason putting this in K-Menu, but if you have a nice idea - feel free to tell me ;-)

If you want to help with the texts:
Please contact me:
segfault_ii AT web DOT de - Feb 13 2005
I think you got the idea of this tool wrong.
It's no Talkback-Agent like the one in Mozilla that appears when the application crashes.
It is a small tool to enable developers to get feedback from their users what they actually think about an application.
I don't think anything should be stored, as each application should call this wizard only once, and I don't want to have information I entered when answering questions about Konqueror again when the wizard is started by KMail (or some other application).

In addition: please take the "Generic" in "Generic Feedback Wizard" in account.
This tool isn't meant for KDE-apps only.
You can use it for any application you like, even VI or Emacs ;-) - Feb 13 2005
I think I'll add some information to the SysInfo-Page that'll show whats submitted.

My first idea was to let it to the application that uses the feedback wizard to show the user what will be submitted.
The wizard creates an XML-file that can be used by other applications for whatever they like.

I think about integrating a further option to let the user see the output. - Feb 13 2005
Please read the TODO-file in the package.
You'll see, translations will come in a future release.

The problem with collecting infos about the users actual usage has to be solved in the applications.

Let's take Konqueror as an example.
How should I get information about this from an external application?

Perhaps this is possible, but then I'd prefer to leave it to a more advanced developer than me.

I could file a whislist-bug report about this.
Maybe it could be integrated in KDE 4? - Feb 13 2005
It's only a deco-pic.
It shows a screenshot of KInitiator, the app I made this wizard for. - Feb 03 2005
Simply with time

Kopete Styles 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Apr 11 2005
What about adding a screenshot? - Apr 12 2005
Sakahagi kopete theme

Kopete Styles 15 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 30 2005
At first, as I already told you, I like your mod of my ShadedBubble theme.

Two questions come to mind:
1) Why didn't you include a link to my style? Would have been nice
2) Why don't you use the installer I wrote for the style? I think it would make installation a lot easier.
Didn't it work for you?

Anyway - have a nice day. - Apr 04 2005
Shaded Bubble

Kopete Styles 10 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 12 2005
You can do so, if you like.
As stated above, I permit anybody to do with it what he/she wants.

Very nice and slick mod, by the way... - Apr 03 2005
Please show your mod. - Apr 03 2005
Fixed - Apr 03 2005

System Software 40 comments

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Sep 21 2004
Which prefix did you use when installing fstabedit?
Did you install this in your $KDEHOME (probably $HOME/.kde)?
Or have you installed this globally to $(kde-config --prefix)?
I guess you have installed it to a directory root doesn't search in. - Jan 04 2005
Please try to run
kcmshell fstabedit
from a shell.
Maybe you'll get some debug-output. - Jan 03 2005
Sorry, but this project doesn't have a homepage.
You can download the sources from a project I once created for other KDE-Tools, but FSTabEditor doesn't have a homepage on its on.
As there currently is no active development, you won't find any current source tree on the web.
I once planned some features I wanted to implement.
I should have been paid for this job so far, but until now no money has been transfered to me, so I stopped this project in anger until I get my payment.
Sorry, maybe this is a non-idealistic view, but I prefer to continue on other projects for now.
Please feel free to contact me if you are in need for further features that should be added to this tool.
Maybe I'll start working on it again.

Yours faithfully
SegFault - Nov 09 2004
The name has changed already.
The development-version shows up as "Devicemanager" in kcontrol.
That brings me to a thought:
Maybe I should rename it to "Volumemanager"?
A device isn't necessarly a block-device...

Oppinions, suggestions, critics - all to me. - Aug 31 2004
Yes, the second screenshot is my current development version.
The first screenshot shows the version that you can download currently.
It is version 0.3.
The second screenshot shows what will become 0.4.
I'm not quite sure about the grouping you'd like to see.
It would be hard to do this with the new interface.
If you have suggestions for a better interface - feel free to send it to me.
The texts on the buttons aren't fixed you know. It takes a double-click in Qt Designer to change them ;-)
And remember: It's called development version right now ;-) - Aug 30 2004
I didn't thought that so many people are interested in a graphical interface to fstab for KDE, so I didn't put that much design-work in the current version.
I'm going to chance that.
This time I'll make a featurelist beforehand and try to implement most of it.
Please report ANY requests, suggestions and ideas to my eMail-address segfault_ii AT web DOT de
I will take a look at them when writing the featurelist. - Aug 20 2004
Yes, I know.
But for my first tests /proc was much easier :-)
I need to get further information about sysfs to make any real use of it.
The problem with the 2.4 kernel is there seems to be no function or proc-file that reports me _any_ available block device.
So I think I'd have to parse the kernel logs.
But I can't assume that it is stored at all.
Or, if stored, what the filename of the log-file is. - Aug 20 2004
Yes - but what about devices you want to _add_ to your fstab because they aren't there already?
I don't think it will make anything easier for the user if he has to mount a device manually before he is able to configure it with fstab, isn't it? - Aug 20 2004
Supermount you say?
I think it's obsolete already, isn't it?
SubFS is its successor AFAIK.
My system doesn't support Supermount, but SubFS.
But maybe you want to use autofs for something?
No, I don't think it would be a good idea to offer those options.
It's too complicated with all those different approaches for the same thing.
I'm currently working on a wizard to assist you by adding new devices.
I think this is much more important. - Aug 20 2004
I appreciate any help I can get.
Simply send your ui-file to
segfault_ii AT web DOT de - Aug 20 2004
Does anyone know how to query the system for existing block devices?
I need help with this.
My current approach to get a list of installed block devices uses the proc-filesystem and requires kernel 2.6.
But I'd like to support kernel 2.4 as well.
Anyone who has an idea how to achieve this, PLEASE, contact me! - Aug 20 2004
Nice to see that there is such a great interest in this little piece of software.
I'm already working on an improved version.
It will get a wizard to easily add new devices.
Any suggestions for an improved "expert"-interface? - Aug 19 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 36 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 03 2005
I already thought about adding themes to this.
I abjected the idea.
Why you ask?
This kcontrol module was meant as a workaround one can use until the KDE-people implemented this thingy in KDE.
I don't think it's worth the effort.
How many themes would one actually create?
There aren't that many possibilities that really make sense. - Jan 04 2005
Erm sorry...
What should be added?
What angle are you speaking about?
I'm a bit confused :-) - Jan 04 2005
For just this reason (it doesn't work yet) I removed this button in the current release :-)
Please update ;-) - Jan 04 2005
I don't like this, too.
I added some spacers to the layout, so the widgets will be resized in a nice way when the window is enlarged.
These spacers cause the large border.
I need to tune them a bit to make it smaller.

Please note this control center module is meant as a kind of workaround, which should be replaced by a proper dialog by the KDE-people.
I only made this because of so many complaints about the standard shadows. - Jan 04 2005
Did you try to set the offsets to 0? - Jan 03 2005
Have you configured it with the correct prefix?
Try to do this:
cd textshadowedit-0.1
make uninstall
./configure --prefix=$(kde-config --prefix)
make install

Please tell me if it worked for you.
You should find it in Look'n'Feel - Jan 02 2005
Then make a copy of po/textshadowedit.pot to po/de.po
This should do the trick ;-) - Jan 02 2005
Try it with
make -f Makefile.cvs
make install

Tell me, if you had success with this. - Jan 02 2005
Yes, it would belong to kdebase.
I did this as a seperate module because there won't be that many people who are willing to patch and recompile their kdebase.
I wouldn't.
For developers it should be easy to integrate this in the "normal" codebase. - Jan 02 2005
Most certainly you live in a different timezone than me :-)
Just wait a few hours and this "bug" should go away :-) - Jan 02 2005
Better Desktop Dropshadows

Various Stuff 21 comments

by abby
Score 50.0%
Dec 27 2004
I've created a simple KControl-module you can use to change these settings in a more userfriendly way.
Please take a look at - Jan 04 2005
Discover KDE 3.3

Various Stuff 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 22 2004
This pic is a nice copy of the style GNOME is using on their page.
Don't get me wrong - it is a nice pic and I think KDE should get something like this, too.
I'm no artist, but shouldn't it be possible to come up with something that looks different and perhaps even better?
We don't want to copy GNOME, don't we?
We want to make those GNOMEs jealous of our work and not to make them blame us to copy their ideas ;-)

Just my 0.02 EUR - Oct 23 2004
Addressbook light

Groupware 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 16 2004
I haven't tested your app, but it looks like KickPIM to me.
Isn't it the sample application? - Sep 16 2004

Audio Apps 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Oct 19 2004
I've seen the app has been downloaded a few times already.
It would be nice if you would give some feedback to share your experience with the app.
We're working on improving SysExxer and some opinions or even bug reports would be useful. - Jun 21 2004

Various Games 10 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 02 2004
I think you should add both.
It isn't hard to do using the XMLGUI-stuff of KDE and so the user will have the choice what he likes best.

But I'm interested in this app in general.
I once thought about something similar as well.
How do you want to "embed" the windows of the different emulators into your mainwindow?
Are you using this XEMBED-protocol or something similar?
Will this work for every emulator?
How are you going to manage the parameter-stuff?
Will you create dynamic dialogs which input-fields are read from the XML-file you mentioned? - Jan 31 2004

Network 40 comments

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Feb 22 2005
It would be nice if you could implement this as a kcm.
I think such things belong to the control center.
With kcmshell it would be still possible to use it on it's own.

Just my 0,02 EUR

SegFault - Jan 17 2004

Utilities 81 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 29 2005
I haven't tested your app, yet, although it looks interesting.

Because I haven't tested it yet, I don't know for sure, but I guess the line of buttons on top of the window are something similar to a toolbar.

Why don't you use the toolbar-widget KDE offers?

You wouldn't have to mind about creating the buttons, and placing them on the window.

And as a further advantage it would be configurable by the user (could move it to a different position, remove buttons from it, and so on).

Just my 0,02 EUR

SegFault - Jan 17 2004
blue cola!

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 01 2002
What exists?
The KDE-glass?
The blue cola?

*scratching my head* - Dec 01 2002