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Ryan Paul Thousand Oaks, United States of America
Murrina SegPhault

GTK2 Themes by SegPhault 8 comments

Thanks. :-) - Jun 29 2007
Murrina SegPhault

GTK2 Themes by SegPhault 8 comments

Yeah, I'm an Ubuntu user. :-)

Sawfish is in the Ubuntu repositories so you can install it with APT or with Synaptic. Unfortunately, GNOME doesn't provide any mechanism to configure the default Window manager. What I do, is I start GNOME, then I type the following command:

gnome-session-remove metacity && sawfish &

And then I save the session using the "Save current session" button on the "Session Options" tab of the gnome-session-properties utility. After I do that, Sawfish will start instead of Metacity every time I log in. - Jun 29 2007
Murrina SegPhault

GTK2 Themes by SegPhault 8 comments

I'm actually using Sawfish. The frame style, which I made myself, is called BeClear. I made it by chopping up a screenshot of the Clearlooks Metacity theme. - Jun 24 2007
Murrine Improvements?

Various Gnome Stuff by cimi86 52 comments

Support for rounded edges is exactly what I have been hoping for. Keep up the excellent work, I'm looking forward to the next release. - Oct 26 2006
Universal Kopete

Chat & Messenging by epoch 18 comments

mmmm so spiffy... I wish more software was universal sidebar compatible.

Look at programs like 'kate' and 'quanta' that use *lots* of sidebars... ultimately, putting all that stuff in universal sidebars would eventually allow us to reclaim a lot of wasted screen space.

its nice to see kopete catering to desktop-space-conservationalists like me! =D - Apr 16 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by domseichter 7 comments

nice, but I think I like 'BasKet' better. I never was much of a drag n' drop kind of guy. - Mar 28 2004
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

Basket is fantastic. This compact application fulfills a wide variety of needs while remaining largely unobtrusive. I dont even bother with the desktop anymore, or bookmarks either. BasKet replaces all of it!

BasKet presents a clever paradigm for simple data management, and I would love to see this concept further integrated with KDE, and other KDE applications. It would be neat if other programs could save content into baskets via the standard kde save dialog. (I think a kio slave would do that, right?) Additionally, I would like to be able to 'stack' certain text clips, or at least be able to append to existing text clips via drag and drop. It would also be nice to be able to use BasKet in the Universal Sidebar panel.

I highly reccomend this application, and I anxiously await future developments. - Mar 25 2004
Crystal SVG

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 132 comments

I've always been a big fan of the Crystal icon set, and the latest release has exceeded my expectations. Everaldo's work belongs in a museum, and I feel incredibly privelaged to be able to have such elegant and artfully designed icons on my desktop.

With any icon set, there are never quite enough icons to fulfill every need. I have hacked together some of Everaldo's icons to meet some of my needs. I grayscaled, and resized the 'mail' mimetype icon from the previous version of crystal and pasted it on top of a folder icon from the new version to make a mail folder icon. I did similar things to make myself a few other icons I wanted. I dont know if I can distribute them without Everaldo's permission, and even if I could I certainly wouldnt feel right doing so... but I really wish Everaldo would interact a bit more with the community. I realize he is very busy, etc, but I think that his icon set could be more comprehensive if he allowed us to contribute.

If I could get individual components used in some of the icons, I could easily make a wider variety of folder type icons, and things like that. It would be especially nifty if Everaldo would assemble a set of concise visual guidelines so that individuals could make Crystal icons for programs they write. LinuxCult is currently hosting the downloads for Crystal icons, and I think it would be neat if they could set up a little php based system that would enable people to submit contributions automatically, and look through a digital archive (not unlike kde-look). Perhaps kde-look will consider expanding supported functionality for certain media types. Additionally, i'm disappointed that the icons are not really SVG, and i'm wondering why Everaldo has not yet addressed this.

Sorry i'm rambling! ;-) Once again, great work Everaldo! - Oct 26 2003