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Olivier Charavel Ivry sur Seine, France
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Gnome 3.0 Suite

Various Gnome Stuff 10 comments

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Jul 15 2006
Thank you ^^.

Well I'll try to share my work with them :). - Jul 15 2006
Why not :). I'll make that tomorrow :). - Jul 14 2006
Actually I didn't want it to look like Gimmie but now you say that you're right :). When it'll be more stable and if we can theme it maybe... ;).

Thank you :). - Jul 14 2006

Gnome Screenshots 5 comments

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Jul 10 2006
Gosh I wanted to download SLED10 but now you got to answer to some questions about your enterprise... and since I don't have one r_r. - Jul 11 2006

GTK2 Themes 33 comments

by ertz
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Jun 27 2006
Really excellent theme !

But I got some requests ;) :

The panel buttons are not spaced so they are like "stick to each other" and they take all the height of the panel. I think you should make them a little smaller and "split them up":).

There is a bug in the tabs, I think you will find it (just open the theme selector). And the gradient is too much. Maybe you should reduce its opacity.

And the last one... : A squared metacity :D.

Really great theme and I'm looking forward for your next Inkscape gtk theme ;). I've been thinking a lot of making one with Inkscape but since I'm lazy these days... ;). - Jun 27 2006

Metacity Themes 11 comments

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May 16 2006
Ok I'll see what I can do, thx :). - Jun 26 2006
Thank you :). Okay I'm gonna try this :).

If you want to remove the menu-button, simply open gconf2 and go to :

apps -> metacity -> general and search the line button_layout which contains "menu:minimize,maximize,close". Remove only menu (you get ":minimize,maximize,close" then) and no more menu-button ;). - May 25 2006
Thank you :). - May 17 2006
Thank you :). - May 16 2006
KuLaunch Kbfx Menu Vista Style

Kbfx Startmenu 7 comments

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Jun 20 2006
Hey, really a godd work ! Maybe you can add a Kicker Vista-ed background to fit perfectly with you kfbx theme :). - Jun 20 2006
KuLaunch Kbfx Menu

Kbfx Startmenu 8 comments

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Jun 18 2006
Hum... I think I'm gonna compile from the CVS because the theme just doesn't work for me... kbfx just doesn't see it... Weird.
Anyway, great theme it's a really great theme. Gonna use it for a while :). - Jun 19 2006
Hm... kbfx theme...

Kbfx Startmenu 2 comments

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Jun 18 2006
May I ask the people here why they voted bad without saying why ?

I voted good because the theme is really clean and is well made.

Please, say why you voted bad. That'll at least shows some respect to his work but he will be able to make it better. I'll just say that you have to keep it up and love your desktop ;). - Jun 19 2006
Rezlooks GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes 134 comments

by rezza
Score 63.3%
Jun 21 2006
Hum... Will wait for the RPM :).

Great work ! As always !! - Jun 15 2006
Okay thx :). - May 16 2006
Hello, I finally made the metacity, am I allowed to release the metacity theme ? :) - May 16 2006
Hihi okay, I'll be working on it :D. - May 15 2006
Perfect Gnome Suite

GTK2 Themes 56 comments

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Jun 12 2006
Thank you.

Well I don't plan to name it differently since it's 100% silly and insane and provocation. I'll assume that name forever :D.

The icon's menu bar is from me and is called Infinit (a part of the Fedora Core logo). You can find it here : - Jun 12 2006
Ahah yes you're right. This name is insane but I'll explain why I called this "Perfect Gnome" and not "Grey Gnome" or something classic and boring. ;) )

It's not yet Perfect I know but I'm the kind of guy who likes provocation and dares to use it even if it goes too far (but there are some limits that I don't cross of course).

"Gnome" stands for the desktop it's obvious and "Perfect" (this is what we're talking about) is about things the theme includes like the metacity theme. I don't know if you have already seen a metacity theme that goes directly with the menubar for exemple. Ahah I don't say that I've invent this but I don't remember where I could see that in any other themes. However I know it's not Perfect when there's no menu bar in the windows and it's "cut" but that's because of pixmaps limit.

I know that I should have uploaded wallpapers and some icons that fits the theme to brings directly the "Perfection" but I just wanted to walk and take my time until I reach it and makes it as Perfect as I think it's ;).

That's all for now and I appreciate it ;). - Jun 12 2006

Thank you :).

Icons are Foxtrot (, but some are from me (like the trash can) so you won't find them in the package. - Jun 11 2006
Sure ! I thought about it while I was sleeping :). - May 25 2006
Just used Gimp ;).

Everything (theme / metacity) was made by The Gimp ;). - May 23 2006
Hum... nerver had slowdowns problems... But I think what could do that and I'm going to work on it :).

Thank you :). - May 23 2006

The grey icons are just the old Tango icons ;). You can find them by typing T ango on the search button (on gnome-look) and you'll find some old officials Tango release (0.6.3 i think)


Oh, the Foxtrot are NOT FROM ME. I just don't remember where I found them and who is the author... - May 22 2006
Don't worry for that ;). I'll be working on different mertacities so that everyone will be happy :D !

Systemx : Ahah of course the name is silly ;). I love the provocation and didn't found a pretty good titl though. And I'll make this project just perfect.
Wow I love your desktop ! Wait for the Ashura metacity port for xfce. I'm gonna upload it with the new metacity theme in some minutes. t's the old one but definitely great for xfce at the moment :).

Bronzecat : Yeah I'm gonna work a lot on that project :). If I have the time, I'll also work on some gaim icons but I don't promise that ;).

Thanks everyone ! - May 22 2006
I'll be working on that ;). - May 21 2006
Thank you :).

Well, if I get rid of the side borders it won't look that good and it will be difficult to find oneself in a case where a lot of windows are opened and put side by side...

And since I don't use maximized windows too... (and I think a lot of people don't too ^^). - May 21 2006
Agree with you for the active task. Gonna change it. I've just changed the close metacity button. It's much more original now. Gonna upload it soon.

For the round corner metacity. I just don't like it and that's not that good with pixmaps, squared corners are better ;). - May 21 2006
Wow thx.

No problem if you post the port on the website ;). Or if you want me to include it... :). - May 21 2006
Hum... I can try putting more :).

Thx for the feedback ;). - May 21 2006
Thx :). - May 21 2006
You can find the wallpaper in that awesome package :

By the way, the theme is released ;). - May 20 2006
Tango et Graphite (1er screen) :). - May 20 2006
Merchi :D

LOL ! - May 20 2006
Thank you ! :)

I'm uploading the FINAL Preview. You can notice some changes ;). - May 20 2006
There is just the title that goes a bit lighter. I think it looks better :).

But I can try your suggestion and see if it looks better :). Thx for the feedbacks :). - May 20 2006
Thank you :).

I've changed some little things like metacities buttons :). It looks better now ;). Expect a release tomorrow :). - May 20 2006
Gaim Tangoish Suite

Various Gnome Stuff 17 comments

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Apr 22 2006
You have to download the guifications plugin.

Just drag and drop the themes in the guifications options (don't forget to activate it). :) - Jun 10 2006
Yep, I've seen I put the wrong source. I'll upload that soon :). - Jun 03 2006
Hum... That's a skin limitation... I'll try to make a new one with some changes then :). - Jun 03 2006
2000 Look

Metacity Themes 7 comments

by Cyr4x
Score 50.0%
Jun 04 2006
It's really nice indeed.

Even if it's "Windows", it looks very nice with Tango :). - Jun 05 2006

Metacity Themes 8 comments

by soc
Score 50.0%
Jun 04 2006
Looks indead good. Maybe I'll put some changes for my personnal :). If it looks good, I'll send you what I've done :). - Jun 04 2006
Tango Gaim Theme

Icon Sub-Sets 11 comments

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May 30 2006
Jimmac made these icons :). - May 30 2006
Nookie Spinx Guinotification - Gaim

Various Gnome Stuff 5 comments

Score 50.0%
May 30 2006
Wow, what a theme ! It gives me the envy to make some more gaim guifications theme !! :). - May 30 2006

GTK2 Themes 25 comments

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Jun 05 2006
Awesome, as always ! :) - May 28 2006
Vista Royale (black) (Request)

Metacity Themes 16 comments

by swim
Score 50.0%
May 28 2006
Raaaah, that "Pro Linux & Anti- Windows" is making me feel sick xD.
That's JUST a THEME.
Who cares if it's a Windows theme and port to Linux ? What ? It reminds you Vista or Windows ? So every icons of Vista thingy or close to Windows must not hurt our dear Linux Desktop because that's trully a shame !! Ah ah...

That's why Linux is poor in good looking GTK themes, someone will always shout that it's a Windows-ed thing and has not its place in Linux world. - May 28 2006
I'm currently porting it. I've already made a part of the metacity, only some buttons are missing. For the GTK, I've got a problem. Do you guys know how to put the panel & menu text in white instead of black ? I've search but didn't found it... thx :). - May 28 2006
What a coincidence !! I dreamt about that theme and told myself to port it o.O.

Ah ah, thanks for the artwork :). - May 28 2006
Tango Inspirat

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

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May 13 2006
Pretty weird... I don't use Debian so I can't help you... Maybe you can wait for some updates and you'll be able to run the theme :). - May 18 2006

Thanks :).

You can find the wallpaper here : - May 16 2006

What is your distro and Gnome version ? - May 16 2006