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Fonts by daller 4 comments

I've sent you a message, I hope it arrives. - Oct 25 2007

Fonts by daller 4 comments

welcome to the font design world. Some notes about this font:

* please don't use the GPL for fonts, it's not a licence which is suitable for them (it doesn't allow for embedding in pdf for example, if you don't add extra clauses to the GPL). A much better licence is the OFL (Open Font Licence) (see In FontForge there's a button to automatically add that licence in the font info dialog.

* also, include the licence in the font, right now it just has a copyright notice from you, not telling which licence it's being released under.

* Latin1 encoding is so old now, please re-encode to Unicode for a proper encoding.

* if you relicense under the open font licence, consider posting it to the Open Font Library

Greetings - Oct 18 2007
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KDE 3 Color Schemes by xulscheme 6 comments

found them over here

btw, the colour scheme is a little bit over the edge for me, I usually keep the window background grayish. I did have bright colours once for the other parts: bright green for selections, bright red for the title bar and orange (or yellow, can't remember) for title bars of the windows not in focus. You could try that out once perhaps for the somewhat more neutral people? :-) - Jul 27 2007
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KDE 3 Color Schemes by xulscheme 6 comments

Those avatars are so cute, where did you find them? - Jul 27 2007
86 fonts for design 4/4

Fonts by xulscheme 3 comments

These fonts are free, but not Free. Adding those glyphs is quite easy, but editing those fonts can't be done or you'd have to track down the author of every font you want to change. Maybe someone could track a few authors and ask them to relicense the fonts under the Open Font Licence... - Jul 23 2007

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

KDE packages from FC are patched so they don't have mp3 support. Try playing ogg files and it should work.
If you want unpatched KDE RPM's take a look at - Aug 01 2005