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Semitone36  Minneapolis, United States of America
Black Tux Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by semitone36 2 comments

Thank you very much! - Oct 13 2009
Arch Kmenu Oxygen Round

Icon Sub-Sets by Gen2ly 4 comments

Sorry if the answer is obvious but i dont know what do do with your icon after i click download... there isnt a "save image" option when i right-click - Sep 29 2009
morpho icons

Full Icon Themes by conteXx 29 comments

These icons are perfect for my current black/blue desktop theme! - Sep 04 2009
Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

Usplash Themes by volanin 48 comments

Very cool dude. You should make a few that have a different color scheme. I would love to have this in a black and red theme. - Nov 23 2008
KillBang Wow!

GTK2 Themes by darkmusic 24 comments

This theme is so close to being the most perfect match for what I wanted but there was just one little thing that made me hesitate...

Is there any way that you could un-inverse the windows in Open Office? It is really hard to see what Im typing when Im typing light gray letters onto dark grey paper lol. If there was any way you could keep the white paper with black font letters this would be my permanent theme!

I appreciate the awesome work! - Nov 13 2008