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I added many specific folders, some from /etc/, some from /home/, and many photo-containing ones from /run/media/

I hit Start Backup, it's the first one, so it's full. Once finished, in the progress bar, kbackup-0.8 shows:
Medium: 1, [ 61% ] Size: 593GiB
Problem is that "Backup successfully finished"!
So what about the other 39%?

I hit Start Backup again, it's an incremental one. Upon completion, the progress bar shows:
Medium: 1, [ 0% ] Size: 221.6GiB
"Backup successfully finished",
...finished slice /backup/backup_2014.05.01-09.33.44_1_inc.tar
-- Filtered Files: 65561
-- Backup successfully finished --

I took a look at the first full tar file, I couldn't find what was missing just by eye-balling it. Clicked on some random photo albums, they all seemed to be there.

What files were filtered, for what reason? Why doesn't it complete the backup 100%?
Is kbackup only capable of handling 2^16 files?
And if the backup is indeed complete, why did it show 61% and almost 600GiB?

I manually selected the folders, as far as I know there are no "junk" folders with cache/symlink/hardlink stuff, just bunch of config files and a whole lot of very important photos. - May 01 2014