Go! Vale Go! 2

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by cron 2 comments

no these are illigal - Jun 17 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by slaction 2 comments

i see no acts of defacing here :-) just a brain storm, or now to be politically correct, a spider diagram....

wait.... - Jun 04 2004

Wallpaper Other by keyzz 2 comments

not a bad mod
guess who made that originally without the stary thing :-) - Apr 20 2004
Boton OpenOffice

Icon Sub-Sets by mozart36 5 comments

whats a Boton - Apr 07 2004

Wallpaper Other by nexx 10 comments

where can i get one? (and i like this new website design :-) ) - Mar 16 2004
mY second wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by browntim 18 comments

And then the heavens opened and god let the clouds rain holywater upon Luke,

wait thats not rain!

obviously if there was a giant monster that kills people Luke would have died, name one time in histroy where god got of his fat ass and did something for us.

(you know he doesn't exist right. and the worlds not flat, and the moon isn't a big star) - Feb 11 2004
Jesus Wept

Wallpaper Other by keithe 10 comments

#1 jesus was black, as was everyone in jerusalem at that time :-)

#2 this is a very well made wallpaper

#3 he's crying because beagle2 got stuck in his eye ;-) - Jan 30 2004
Little Gamers - Error

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by mrpengo 6 comments


these are great, what do you mean you can't see the difference, dont you read the lttle games comic? anyway he mad a batch and posted them, he just couldn't b bothered and shouldn't have to wait and post them one by one. - Jan 21 2004
Beautiful People MM

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by DooDy 3 comments

that can't be GPL i dont think, the image is a Marilyn Manson one, from the song Beautiful People, if you look at the eyes on the left you can see mansons discoloured left eye and the hyrogliphic teeth on the rop left slab

it's nice though - Jan 19 2004

Wallpaper Other by linuxchick 9 comments

cute ;-), i love u 2 - Dec 26 2003
Wallpaper of Linux 2.6.0

Wallpaper Other by elwebmaster 2 comments

if only 2.6.0 didn't crash nautilus to hell :'( - Dec 20 2003
[MooN] 1337 Use the GIMP instead

Wallpaper Other by haribo 9 comments

actually i've seen one very nice forest pictue done in paint by an artist and a giant touchscreen projector wall thing. :-) - Dec 16 2003

Wallpaper Other by daGnutt 4 comments

strange keyboard layout, which country? - Nov 30 2003
TUX vs SCO!!!

Wallpaper Other by pirke 7 comments

cute :-)

true too - Nov 26 2003
McBride TP

Wallpaper Other by gg3po 6 comments

sorry if i'm offending anyone but i am not a homosexual, i don't want to wipe a guys face on my arse ;-)

i prefer not having that ugly mug on my dekstop, i'll keep using the SCO logo one (yes i'm really using it) - Nov 12 2003
sco TP

Wallpaper Other by gg3po 12 comments

SCO is going to sue my freinds who work at Tesco (supermarket) because Tesco have a RedHat PC in the back
(see slshdot at time of me posting this message) - Nov 12 2003

Wallpaper Other by byeox 2 comments

i get:
The image “http://themes.kde.org/content/files/8825-CroX.png.gz” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

downloading it and trying to un-gzip it don't work either - Nov 08 2003
Emperor's New Desktop

Wallpaper Other by iamthewalrus 16 comments

then why don't it get fixed - Nov 08 2003
Nuclear Gentoo

Wallpaper Other by LikwuidIce 2 comments


just suiting because i have Gentoo Linux Running on an AMD AthlonXP 2600 with an Nvidia Graphics Card :-D - Nov 07 2003
Emperor's New Desktop

Wallpaper Other by iamthewalrus 16 comments

the download link is not working - Nov 07 2003
Emperor's New Desktop

Wallpaper Other by iamthewalrus 16 comments

i didn't vote bad i voted good, just the licence thing annoys me, it's a picture and frankly nobody cares about licences anyway (how many of us bought windows really?) - Nov 07 2003
clash of the linux gurus (.png)

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 2 comments

upload a bigger screenshot - Nov 04 2003
Emperor's New Desktop

Wallpaper Other by iamthewalrus 16 comments


erm, fuck off really i aint touching this with a barge pole incase u sue me for re-scaling it to my resoloution - Nov 03 2003

Wallpaper Other by LikwuidIce 2 comments

DOH, got it - Nov 03 2003

Wallpaper Other by LikwuidIce 2 comments

i made my own glider in SVG but i wouldn't mind a copy if this one, car to execute that GPL goodness :-) - Nov 03 2003
Islamic based wallpapers

Wallpaper Other by Doug 20 comments


lol, ok seriously never post religious wallpapers they are allways shit because it's religion for gods sake.

hi i'm jack (hmmm, IQ 120)

hi i'm jack and i'm religious (ahh IQ 50)

please if u beleve it you are obviously dumb.

and if i was american i'd whine about my right to free speech to post this, luckily i'm not so go ahead but it don't change my mind, ur still dumb for being religious.

kill all religious people and racist people (is there much difference) and then most of the worlds problems are solved. - Oct 25 2003

Wallpaper Other by xtefen 3 comments

weird - Oct 24 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by VectoR 4 comments

is the answer 42?


to you to

ENGLISH, invented in great britain, used laregly worldwide, so why dont you USE IT - Oct 19 2003
Slackware Rocks

Wallpaper Other by TheMadPenguin 7 comments

lol that is a funny wallpaper, nice too - Oct 19 2003

Wallpaper Other by MicroKill 7 comments

simple, nice, like it - Oct 18 2003
Blue Kernel

Wallpaper Other by cpufx 3 comments

ok it needs the blue at the very top and bottom fixing (the little dots)

it's still a little green i didn't think you would have done it like that but it looks good. - Oct 17 2003
Green Kernel

Wallpaper Other by cpufx 15 comments

lovely - Oct 16 2003
emerald city

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 4 comments

stop with the poor blender images please, the mountains are crap, look like wierd hair, the guys head is crap and the clouds are crap. i learned what crap was shortly after some of my postings and - Oct 16 2003
Got... Map?

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 6 comments

your getting better, this one looks like a penguin.

flaps need work, look like magnum lolly sticks. - Oct 16 2003
nightbalance (extra fine .png)

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 1 comment

ok strange image, good quality ish (waters a bit repetitive but i won't pick) and out of interest whats the ball above the guys head? - Oct 10 2003
the discussion (.png)

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 4 comments

now that is REALLY REALLY REALLY good, your becoming a good wallpaper maker - Oct 07 2003
Got Christ?

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 130 comments

actually i'm assuming your just some other religious dumb person, anyone with any smarts would realise god can't exist, even if he did he's dead now (imortality real, ha all living things die, and there is no imortaility)

anyway you go be mentally ill and talk to some guy who don't exist (calling nearest mental hostpital for you)

and stop posting religious crap on the boards. or i'll start posting pictures of jesus on the T shape wooden thing (no it was not a cross) getting raped by necrophiliacs. - Oct 07 2003
the discussion

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 7 comments

well the others were drasticly low quality (pixels for eyes ans such)

this one is cute, high quality rendering and a good wallpaper :-) - Oct 07 2003
the discussion

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 7 comments

better :-) - Oct 07 2003
Got Christ?

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 130 comments

and don't forget jesus's brothers and sisters (you actually beleve that after jesus joseph and mary didn't get down to more serious humping?)

stop with the religious stuff, make wallpapers about things that don't cause 80% of the worlds problems - Oct 07 2003
save the dolphins

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 6 comments

Step up a gear

Wallpaper Other by flamy 3 comments

can i vote it down coz it says KDE on it?

and what the hell does it matter if it's GPL, BSD's just the same probably, allows users to mod it how they please, same as GPL and shit.

anyway time to go annoy sgtfats for posting those discusting crappily 3D rendered things that are supposed to be penguins :-| - Oct 03 2003
My First Bubble

Wallpaper Other by servoj98 7 comments

i posted this over a year ago :-|
shame i lost the files or i'd make it a bit better in higher versions and remove my name (what was i thinking!)

and yes the BSD licence seems OK but at the time i had never read it (and i was pissed off ;-)) hee hee, i never did vote u down btw ;-) it was a good wallpaper - Oct 03 2003
ah, how I wish you were here

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 11 comments

now thats a decent image :-D - Oct 02 2003

Wallpaper Other by simmons75 1 comment

wallpaper? not really

very very nice advert? hell yeh!
i would't use it as a wallpaper (well i DO use gnome) but if i was advertising KDE then this is a nice poster - Sep 30 2003

Wallpaper Other by surfoc 7 comments

maybe a 1280x1024 version :-) sorry but this is becoming a really good edition to the gorilla theme - Sep 28 2003

Wallpaper Other by surfoc 7 comments

better :-D - Sep 28 2003

Wallpaper Other by surfoc 7 comments

gorrilla head is pixelated yech fix it and u got another nice gorilla wallpaper maybe no monkey head indent at all - Sep 28 2003

Wallpaper Other by pacopi 3 comments

blood is thicker than water, so gnome is thicker than KDE ;-)

ok jokes aside (for me gnome is better KDE is too weird for me, just don't feel right)

n e way nice pic but the crap KDE messes it up, maybe a bumpmapped KDE inside the water........... - Sep 27 2003
the great Linux migration

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 4 comments

Gnome for me :-) i'm here for the wallpaper. KDE is too weird for me - Sep 25 2003