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Rolston R New York, United States of America
WhiteGlow2 - Emerald

Compiz Themes by randoman 2 comments

Maybe a blue glow? Dark blue?? Please? - May 13 2008

GTK2 Themes by linville79 2 comments

This is awesommmmmme. Looks incredible, like the buttons, the panel bars with that glowing effect. This is a theme that I was looking for with this color and button effects. Awesome! - May 13 2008
Blue Joy

GTK2 Themes by natedawg 60 comments

Hey, I'm a total noob of Linux. So I need help installing this theme. How? Step by step please? - May 06 2008
Four Elements Film

Skydomes by MetalByte 5 comments

I'm getting a white image with this....? - May 06 2008