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Steven Rhodes Chicago, United States of America
A Warrior's Farewell

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Mar 02 2007
I am sorry. I will not be able to resize this render any time soon. I have to build a more powerful system first. After that I will try to re-render all of my work but anything above 1024x768 at this point; with all of the shaders, lights and shadows apllied will ether crash my system or take a very long time (three to seven days) to render. This was a very simple render from Bryce but I kept running out of memory working on this (I have 1 Gb of single channel - I am trying to upgrade to 4 dual channel). I will keep you posted. - May 03 2007
Behold! The Blessing of Life

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Feb 20 2007
That is what I thought. Until I recieved that comment I did not care. I will still continue to use the CCPL from here on out just to clear confusion so that question will not arise again. - Feb 22 2007
To find out more about the Creative Commons License just click on the link. - Feb 20 2007
After some study, I have decided to go with the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License. I will use that license from here on. Thank you for the question you raised. - Feb 20 2007
I do see your point and will change the Licence to GFDL. Thanks for the heads up. - Feb 20 2007
All I want to do is show that I created it and when. It's like software GPL progams where you find out "about" the program under the "help" menu. - Feb 20 2007
Lady Fire

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Feb 20 2007
For more information about the Creative Commons License, click on the link. - Feb 20 2007