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Matthew Werny
XPLuna Metallic

GTK2 Themes by Gnominator 11 comments

It would appear that you inadvertently only uploaded a screenshot, and not the theme itself. - Jul 05 2008
Cosmic Dance Of Shiva

Wallpaper Other by madhu 3 comments

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.... - Feb 15 2003
Tux Bliss

Wallpaper Other by ShadwWulf 6 comments

It's Debian Woody with the themes ported and compiled. I ment the shot to be KDE, but I was in the process of compiling KDE 3.1 at the time and had 3.0 uninstalled. Hence the Gnome. - Jan 30 2003

People by juanfon 34 comments

Hey! Say no to crack!

But seriously, how does this relate to KDE? Of late the uploads to the site are drifting away from KDE and is becoming a girlie site.

-0 And no, Putting a kde logo on her body with gimp magic doesn't count either. There are plenty of sites on the internet to download this dime-a-dozen material and by making this one of them it detracts from the people that make great looking KDE artwork.

Just my $0.02 - Dec 10 2002