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by shaji
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Jun 05 2010
Try the new version. Might work :)
Your xine-lib seems old. Might I suggest an upgrade? And, running as root seems risky, especially something written by a programmer like myself :) wimp probably can't cause much damage, perhaps crash X :/ although xine FAQ suggests that xine-lib is unable to crash X all by itself, and poor Gtk+ is simple enough to be quite harmless. - Jun 05 2010
I compiled and ran the above source on Fedora 13 without any problems. If you would give me some detail into the sort the issue that you ran into while running wimp I could be more helpful :)

Because wimp uses xine-lib to do all media related stuff, if you can run xine-ui properly, you should really be able to run wimp. It is pretty simple ( and stable :) in it's design. - Jun 04 2010
Fixed, with some new features :) - May 30 2010
Hello. Back with a brand new GUI API. It should work now :) - May 23 2010
Thank you for your interest and time :)

The problem has apparently been that I used the traditional getenv ("HOME") to get the user's home directory, which might not be available on new distros. It should work now, ( I always say that for a new version, don't I ? :)

Thanks to Polesz for the fix.
- May 19 2010
I'm probably the worst programmer in history :(

Well, let's take a stab at it one last time. I've removed the code results in a segfault. If it still doesn't work, maybe the problem can't really be solved that easily.

Thanks for your interest and support :) - May 12 2010
Well :)
I am so sorry you had to download it like 5 times :)

I think it's something to do with library versions; I use Fedora Core 4, released waaay back in 2004 ...

All right then, now it might probably work :) The issue I think was

* on startup, the program looks for old pid files lying around in its directory ~/.wimp

* on the first ( and other incomplete ) runs, there was no ~/.wimp directory, and so fopen ( "~/.wimp", "w" ) failed.

Now, it will create it's directory before it does anything else. It should work now. Different libc(s) might behave differently in these situations. - May 10 2010
Thank you so much for your feedback :)

All right, so I did fix up a few things that could have possibly gone wrong. Additionally I added yet more debug info in the aforesaid function just in case it still doesn't work.

It should, however, probably work now :) - May 10 2010
:) This is my very first upload, and you're my very first commentator :) Thanks !

The binary is IA32 Intel.

Open up "definitions.c" and uncomment the line #define DEBUG. It should give you some extended console output - easier to solve the problem.

I'll look into it, though ... - May 09 2010
The "Start Menu"

Utilities 5 comments

by shaji
Score 50.0%
May 12 2010
See, my CMOS battery is dead, so my clock keeps a changin' of it's own free will ... :) - May 15 2010
Did you just call my program "ugly" ? Did you not look at the screenshot ? Please take a look at the screenshot.

Although it "resembles" some other operating system's corresponding feature ( to a GREAT extent ) I wouldn't really call it copying because such projects have already been undertaken before I cam along; See KBFX and SUSE's start menu. This is more or less a reference implementation of how such code could be easily developed.

It's a "start-menu", but it's not really a "menu" at all; it's a couple of GtkTreeView(s) and some effort at creative programming. The idea is not so much as "copying" as much as "we can do it too".

And, to think about it objectively, it is kind of useful as well; we have frequently used shortcuts and a "run" box with auto completion built in; I would think that useful.

Please see the screenshot; I disagree about it's ugliness. Maybe it might not be useful, but it's definitely not ugly.

PS: It's not really a "great" program. A little clever, perhaps, but definitely NOT great.It's pretty simple, actually; I actually wonder how come nobody ever built one before me. - May 13 2010