Prophet LinuxLex OS II.

Wallpaper Other by linuxlex 14 comments

Beautiful piece of art ! - Jan 08 2011
Thanks for the nice update :) - Dec 30 2010

Full Icon Themes by Naf71 7 comments

What an awesome desktop on the second screenshot ! Would you mind sharing the GTK theme ?

Icons are awesome as well. - Dec 28 2010

GTK2 Themes by SkiesOfAzel 337 comments

Thanks for fixing the deluge issue. - Dec 18 2010

GTK2 Themes by SkiesOfAzel 337 comments

Thanks ! - Dec 13 2010

GTK2 Themes by SkiesOfAzel 337 comments

Thanks for putting up a PPA. That makes the life a little more easier. :)

In deluge, at the left most pane, there is a thick edge like thing which covers some portion of the text in the pane. I actually find this happening with quite a few other themes as well. If you are able to provide a fix, that would be great. Just a request. - Dec 10 2010
Drakfire Black

GTK2 Themes by drakfire 68 comments

You are one of my favorite artists in gnome-look. And this is gonna rock as usual :) - Nov 14 2010

GTK2 Themes by hctrgv 7 comments

This is a combo of two of my most fav themes :) . Voted good ! - Oct 13 2010
Ambiance dark

GTK2 Themes by leodelacruz 12 comments

This will remain my desktop theme for quite few days to come. Really wonderfully done. And the really good thing is there are not much issues like some fonts not visible etc is not there. Two thumbs up !! - Sep 21 2010

Various Gnome Stuff by vinoddahiya 39 comments

Hi, this is a fantastic feature that i always wanted in Rhythmbox. First of all, thanks a lot for sharing this nice work.

I have an issue. I am not sure anybody else faced this issue. I double clicked an album art and it displayed all the songs in that album. But when i click on the top tool bar icon which is for rhythmarty, it doesnt go back to that album art mode, instead it displays the normal mode.

I use ubuntu 32 bit. - Sep 19 2010
Drakfire Equinox

GTK2 Themes by drakfire 17 comments

Thanks a lot :) - Sep 12 2010
Drakfire Equinox

GTK2 Themes by drakfire 17 comments

I like it. I would like to know the color code that you have used for your ACYL icons. :) - Sep 10 2010
Equinox Evolution Dark

GTK2 Themes by felix26591 16 comments

Hope this is the one. - Sep 08 2010

GTK2 Themes by Kiler40 1 comment

Voted good. Looking forward to any updates if possible. - Sep 06 2010
Very nice icons. One of the underrated icons in IMO. - Aug 28 2010
A New Start

GTK3/4 Themes by alecive 90 comments

A lovely theme. And is very original. Way to go buddy. Glad that you have released it. Was waiting for it from the day i saw your screenshot in DA - Aug 08 2010

Wallpaper Other by ewfzapp 3 comments

I second this comment. Would be great if you could provide one without the reflection. - Aug 07 2010
Cadmium Suite

GTK2 Themes by sprongler 18 comments

Absolutely fabulous GTK. Is it possible to do a matching metacity for those who do not use emerald ?

Thanks in advance !!! - Jul 26 2010

GTK2 Themes by lassekongo83 37 comments

Excellent. Easy on the eyes and very clean. - Jul 20 2010
Victory Gtk Theme

GTK2 Themes by newhoa 245 comments

Simply superb.... Keep up the good work... - Jun 22 2010

Full Icon Themes by alecive 523 comments

Same comment from me. I got to say this is one of the finest works. Please keep it up but it would be great if you could fix this issue. Thanks! - Jun 16 2010

GTK2 Themes by SickCORE 26 comments

Voted up. Looking forward for the updates. - Mar 04 2010
A nice icon theme. Could you please give the link to the wallpaper you have used in the screenshot ?
Thanks in advance! - Feb 28 2010
I would like to use your awn theme. But when i try to install it using awn manager, it says file format invalid.
- Feb 27 2010

GTK2 Themes by schollidesign 5 comments

I think this theme is really nice. Could you please share the wallpaper ? - Feb 17 2010
Meliae SVG (dark and light panels)

Full Icon Themes by sora 45 comments

Truly outstanding collection of icons. many thanks. - Jan 21 2010

GTK2 Themes by nale12 39 comments

Looks too close to vista, but retains its originality :) . Superb! - Jan 17 2010
Ubuntu Air

Wallpapers Ubuntu by samigina 7 comments

In my desktop now. - Jan 14 2010
Sonar Dust

GTK2 Themes by Vortex0965 15 comments

This one is absolutely stunning. Everything looks so very modern and very very beautiful. I love the lighting kind of effect in the metacity in particular :)
Thanks for making such a nice easy theme. - Jan 01 2010

Full Icon Themes by igancuhz 7 comments

I am a big fan of your crashbit icons. Complete your set quickly. Cant wait for it :) - Dec 12 2009
My elementary desktop

Elementary Screenshots by shankru85 2 comments

Glad that you liked my desktop. Not sure about the toolbar thing bro. I didnt do any modification to the elementary gtk theme to look like it. It was by default that way. You could also refer the elementary theme page here. They look the same as mine.

You could ask Dan rabbit, the owner of the theme with a screenshot in case u think its a bug. Cheers! - Nov 08 2009
Is there a matching metacity theme ? Thanks about this theme. Its totally cool. - Oct 11 2009

GTK2 Themes by moomooranch 2 comments

A very nice theme.

Whats the emerald theme that you are using ? - Aug 31 2009
Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert

Nautilus Scripts by marc41 383 comments

Thanks. - Aug 25 2009

GTK2 Themes by nale12 25 comments

Voted up!

One small doubt. My navigation icons (up, back, home etc )in both browser as well as nautilus has become small compared to other themes. Is there any way to make them to become normal size again ? - Aug 24 2009
Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert

Nautilus Scripts by marc41 383 comments

Hi thanks a lot for this script. I often use it for converting images.

But one off topic question. What is the theme you have used in the screenshot ? - Aug 24 2009
Icon Theme Updater

Full Icon Themes by tksmashiw 5 comments

Voted good. - Aug 20 2009
Dark-elementary for gnome&xfce

GTK2 Themes by golan 10 comments

Elementary icons are my favourite icons. So i was keen to try out this theme and was very pleased. Good nice smooth looking theme. keep it up.

Would you mind sharing the wallpapers as well ? - Aug 09 2009
QDark Studio

GTK2 Themes by LuxieRayku 51 comments

Thanks. That helped. - Aug 02 2009
QDark Studio

GTK2 Themes by LuxieRayku 51 comments

Thanks Buddy. Will try it out and let you know. - Aug 02 2009
QDark Studio

GTK2 Themes by LuxieRayku 51 comments

Have to agree this is one of the best dark themes that i have tried out..

But one thing as always keeps me out of the dark themes. Would be great if someone helps me out of that.

With these dark themes i always have this problem of text boxes in the browsers going dark and also the text on some of the buttons go dark and i am not able to see them. Any ideas to fix it ? - Aug 02 2009
excellent concept... Thumbs up. - Jul 25 2009
Ubuntu NextG

GTK2 Themes by paullinux 41 comments

Nice theme. But as some of the others say, the contrast of the fonts seems to be very poor. Btw, what is the iconset that is used in the screenshot ? - Jul 24 2009

GTK2 Themes by infrareddude 16 comments

This is an awesome pack and something that I had been looking for.. Thanks. This is the one that comes really closest to macos look. Keep up the good work. - Jul 17 2009
symbol Icon Project Preview

Icon Sub-Sets by reihe12 27 comments

Tell you what... With this small preview itself, i can sense a great icon set coming.. Please keep it going... Eagerly waiting for Gnome 3.0 :) - Jun 28 2009

GTK2 Themes by xlcheese 27 comments

Once again awesome theme from u....loving it..... - Jul 26 2007
Ubuntu OS X

Gnome Screenshots by maukapa 4 comments

awesome!!!!!!!! wish i had such a desktop! - Jul 24 2007

GTK2 Themes by ILLuSioN22 6 comments

Excellent theme... can u post some matching metacity theme? - Jul 12 2007
Murrina Relax

GTK2 Themes by uel 68 comments

certainly the best murrina theme i have used.... - Jul 07 2007
nuoveXT 2

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 70 comments

Great icon theme once again......but somehow the home folder doesnt look great....last one was cool....anyway great work man....keep rocking - Jul 07 2007