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mart visser , Netherlands
Ubuntu Professional (Basic Version)

Wallpapers Ubuntu by paullinux 1 comment

It really looks great only the 6.06 is to old. Do you have the source files so i can change it into 8.04 or something else? - Jun 01 2008
mary ann's elegant file icons

Icon Sub-Sets by servechilled 17 comments

Your first elegant style icons are great and these are even better, keep on the good work! - May 29 2008
Home - Orange

Icon Sub-Sets by OverlordManny 2 comments

Your orange icons really look great!

It maybe is better if you put them in a icon pack or something, now you have very much "topics". But i really like the icons themselves! - May 29 2008
Conky [Only Now Playing]

Conky by Masayuki 6 comments

lol, ty for the compliment ;). I will try that for exaile. But i think i gonna use quod libet but i allready got the codes for that but thanks anyway! - May 04 2008
Conky [Only Now Playing]

Conky by Masayuki 6 comments

Conky isnt heavy for slow pc's at all. Amarok is indeed but conky uses almost no resources of you computer.

It is a really nice script, i use exaile now and i cant get exaile to work with conky. So im thinking about using amarok because my pc is fast enough for it.

Ps. is it possible to run 2 different conky's? - May 04 2008
Elegant Mine

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 30 comments

I really like this theme :). I use it for about a week now i don't need another theme! In the description you mention to make the elegant mine in other colors, i would really like to see that happen. I like the elegant brit theme but prefer the black colors. If you are going to make a elegant mine version with another color i would prefer the red/orange color used in brit. This theme is very populair by the way. There are icons available, wallpapers, GDM themes and splash screens (hope i didnt forgot something).

I did make a elegant mine icon pack based on the icons from servechilled. You can find it here if you like: - Apr 16 2008
dock icons for elegant brit

Icon Sub-Sets by servechilled 17 comments

I really love your icons :). They fit very nice in the elegant themes. I use the elegant mine theme so the blue ones are the ones that fit the best for me. The only problem was i wish there were more so i made about 20 other icons. They are all in blue because they are for elegant mine (you can use them on brit to). You can find them here: - Apr 16 2008
Ubuntu Splash Screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by shappie 3 comments

No thanks. Can you tell me what theme you use? - Aug 10 2007