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Sam Madhani

GTK2 Themes by SkiesOfAzel 337 comments

This is a really cool theme. Something to show kde folks the power of gtk. :D

Would it be possible to have window manager themes as well, for xfwm and preferably openbox as well.

Also there is some problem with QT apps. The tabs show dark background, and so does the tab text. So its a little difficult to read the tab names. Screenshots attached are that of Lyx and Fatrat which are both QT apps and showing this inconsistency.

Other than that, this theme sure did bring back some beautiful memories of kde, may be more beautiful than oxygen theme at the least, and of course without any other nonsense that kde ships along. ;) Cheers! - Nov 08 2010
Drakfire Equinox

GTK2 Themes by drakfire 17 comments

Is there an openbox theme as well? - Sep 27 2010

Full Icon Themes by alecive 523 comments

You have included a dark theme index file in the archive, but the dark icon folder is missing. Have you removed it completely from the theme, or is it available as another theme?

Anyway, I must say that it is one of the most amazing and complete GTK icon theme I have ever used. Keep up the great work. - Aug 17 2010