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Karamba & Superkaramba
Zion Panel add-on

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Jan 22 2005
i like it very much
;) - Jan 23 2005
Zion like Control Panels RELOADED

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Jan 21 2005
eheh sono contento ke ti piaccia!!
infatti si sul portatile - Jan 22 2005
i tried this theme on a laptop and then on a desktop pc
I've made this on the desktop and i don't know why the apm command show me the battery at -1....

:D - Jan 22 2005
it's the nuvola theme u can find it here on the icon section ;) - Jan 21 2005
oh oh.....
sorry i think that i made a mistake....
i'll provide it in a bit - Jan 21 2005
Ma tu sei ITALIANOOO!!!!
(almeno spero di aver intuito bene ;) )

sono contento che ti piaccia

if u'r not italian :P
i'm pleasured that u like it!! - Jan 20 2005
Wallpaper included :P - Jan 20 2005
Matrix Zion Control Center

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Jul 08 2004
i'm happy that u like it ;)...

U have interested me with those icons u was saying and i think that i've already saw them at iconfactory... - Jul 08 2004
if you are referring at the icons on my desktop they are from the reinhardt icon set even here on kde-look

just search ;) - Jul 08 2004
i saw a piece on the film with big gears for door closing in "zaion" city....
on those gears there was solded the word "zaion"
should it be a mistake??? :D
if i can i'll post a link with the photo from the movie....

Strange.... very strange.... - Jul 08 2004
for your problem i think you should only add the variable min and max inside network block at all the "graph" lines

i'll post you the entire block with the mod... hope to work:


text x=122 y=430 value="Traffic in" color=0,0,0 fontsize=9 font="nimbus sans 1"
graph x=122 y=420 w=95 h=26 color=140,140,190 sensor=network format="%in" interval=1000 min=0 max=400
text x=122 y=450 value="Traffic out" color=0,0,0 fontsize=9 font="nimbus sans 1"
graph x=122 y=440 w=95 h=26 color=100,100,150 sensor=network format="%out" interval=1000 min=0 max=400
text x=122 y=400 value="Device: ppp0" color=0,0,0 fontsize=11 font="nimbus sans l"
text x=122 y=412 text value="IP:" color=0,0,0 fontsize=11 font="nimbus sans l"
text x=140 y=412 w=70 h=26 sensor=program program="/sbin/ifconfig ppp0 | grep 'inet addr' | sed -e 's/.*r://' | sed -e 's/ B.*//'" color=0,0,0 fontsize=11 font="nimbus sans l" interval=2000

copy and paste all the block in my zaion.theme file.
now with this mod the max is set to 400 for all two graps ;) - Jul 08 2004
batterymon & clock hacker style

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Feb 09 2004
i didn't know it..... mhhh i'll take it for see that gui.... i'm very surprised because i've tinked it was a cool invention... - Feb 29 2004
Hackers film like gui

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Feb 08 2004
sorry i've miss a little thing....
for the trash i have changed the url on kcontrol from Desktop to my home directory.... and i miss also that i have token the icons from reinhardt icons (i'm saying that for respectig the autor of that icon set) - Feb 08 2004