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Minsk Шабунин Minsk, Belarus
Faina Conky

Conky by Shinji01 2 comments

Thanks that you use mine conky =)

Has corrected files, replace with them the.
Should help you with the first 2 questions.
If isn't present, at all I do not know than to you to help =)

3. Swop it is possible to clean.
In file LoadAll.lua to remove this element of a file {- bar 4 name = "Swapperc" (not a line namely an element)

4. Hasn't absolutely understood a question but if you want to add
New deduced data you need to edit a file.conkyrc,
As it to make, you can find through google, it is a lot of material =)

I apologize that didn't answer so long.
I here not often happen =)
- Mar 08 2012
good conky

Conky by Shinji01 4 comments

???? Ctrl+H =)
??????? ????? ??????, ????? ???????? ?? ??????????.
???? ?? ??????? ?????) - Jan 06 2012
Conky Comet

Conky by Shinji01 3 comments

Yes, it AWN. =)
And this theme standard, is called "ClearLooks Dark 1.0".
I have simply changed an arrangement of elements and have edited colour scale in options. Namely:
The first colour of a gradient - #35322F, opacity 177
The first colour of allocation - #000000, opacity 31
Colour of external border - #828282, opacity 169
(Colours are duplicated) - Oct 05 2011