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Denis Shulyaka , Russian Federation
Yum Monitor

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Dec 23 2006
I'm sorry.
I should have read previous post more carefully.
I forgot to comment requiretty line.
Now it works!
Thanks for the great theme! - Jan 17 2007
I'v got sudo configured properly, but the Monitor doesn't work. It's strange.
The '~/.yumtemp' file is always empty. If I run "sudo yum list updates | grep -A 100 'Updated Packages' | awk '{print $1}' > ./.yumtemp.txt" manually it would work as expected. I'v wrote a test script to test python and it worked well:

import os
os.system("sudo yum list updates | grep -A 100 'Updated Packages' | awk '{print $1}' > ./.yumtemp.txt")

But why doesn't this code work in the Monitor?
I tried to change 'pollYumCmd = "sudo yum list updates ...' line to 'pollYumCmd = "echo $USER > ./superkaramba_user.txt"' in file and it returned my normal username to superkaramba_user.txt file, so Yum Monitor is run as normal user.
Please help, I'm confused. - Jan 17 2007