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Nautilus Scripts
Ogv to Flv Converter

Nautilus Scripts 23 comments

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Oct 19 2010
Another link has been added a little while ago. Should be working now. - Jan 23 2010
I'm not sure why that is. Can you give any further details? - Oct 30 2009
I'm sorry about that. It was hosted on my personal server that's been down for a while. Honestly I didn't even think about it.

I'll try to get it hosted somewhere soon.

JC - Oct 30 2009
I added a test version that should do what you're asking for. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks and hope this helps. - Apr 21 2009
Sorry about the delay in responding.

KDE: The script would have to be redone in order to work on Kubuntu. I had thought about doing so a while back, but have not go around to it.

OPTIONS: I had also started work on a newer version that would give a default convert (what the current script does) and then options such as bitrate, resolution, aspect ratio, etc. I was also working on more input support, such as asf and mp4 as well as the regular ogg, ogv and flv formats. If there's enough interest, I'll try to begin work on it again.

In the mean time you can try adding ":aspect=16/9" (without quotes) to the encode_flv section in the current script.
- Apr 20 2009
Sorry, the icon pack is NOT Gion in the video. It's the Eclectic-Buuf one mentioned above :-). - Nov 16 2008
It's called Elegant Tabe:

The icon pack is called Gion, which I believe came with Mint; don't quote me on that though :-).

The Eclectic-Buuf icon pack that is downloadable from the same Elegant Tabe link above is what I originally used.

It's a great theme pack and have kept it now for some time. - Nov 16 2008
Sure, but the point of this is to help convert videos to .flv for web uploads. If more sites would use open formats, this wouldn't be necessary at all. - Oct 30 2008

GTK2 Themes 12 comments

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Dec 11 2008
I especially like the menus! This is quite different and very nicely done. Thanks for the theme. Perhaps a bee hive icon set or background? - Dec 16 2008