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Andre Gerritsen
This Spring

KDM3 Themes by jmiahman 14 comments

It's not from Longhorn, it comes from deviantArt.. look here
there is also one with a tree in the middle.
So, for your license I think you should look it up and go from there. - Apr 28 2005
System Tray (DynBar Style)

Karamba & Superkaramba by thomasin 15 comments

this system tray keeps crashing

I have implemented this system tray as a part of a larger topbar.. and it has become my main menu/taskbar etc etc

Everytime I log in it starts up automaticaly, but since I added the sysbar it crashes.. starting it again manualy it works wonderful

I have disabled all other system trays
using superkaramba 0.35
on suse 9.2 (2.6.8 kernel)

anyone any ideas??

other then that... toprate!!! - Mar 13 2005