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Maia Kozheva

Wallpapers Ubuntu by sguvendir 2 comments

Because *everyone knows* women are magically attracted to pink, duh. :\

Oh wait, is it purple? - Jun 03 2011
Variations on Lucid Lynx

Wallpaper Other by MadeInKobaia 22 comments

.rar? Seriously? You have made wallpapers for an open source OS, and you are requiring users to install a proprietary application to unpack the archives?

Why .rar? Why? JPEG files are already compressed. There is nothing to gain by using one archive format over another. Why not .zip? - Jul 26 2010
I have found two bugs in the Qt4 version when using the Arora web browser.

1. Icon themes are not implemented. Try launching arora -style qtcurve, then arora -style plastique. The first command doesn't pick icons from KDE/GNOME, the second does.

2. For SSL sites, like, the address bar background is black with QtCurve, while it should be yellow (and it is yellow with standard themes such as Plastique, Cleanlooks and Windows). - May 20 2008