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Simon Lanzmich
SystemG Classic - centered title

Metacity Themes by silan 4 comments

I created these icons some months ago, but I did not have the time to complete the set.
If I get some time to create some more icons (especially stock icons), I will release them. - Dec 06 2005
Winterfox - Clean Firefox Forms

Various Gnome Stuff by ilishin 6 comments

You've done a very good job, but I think you should add ' html|input[type="reset"] ' in the Buttons section of the platform-forms.css. - Mar 16 2005
Jimmac cursor theme

Cursors by kejpi 30 comments

There seems to be one cursor missing. When moving a window, I see the default Bluecurve cursor (I use FC3) with a '+' right of the arrow.
Is this because of some config-error, or is this specific cursor simply missing? - Mar 16 2005