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Mar 22 2005
Unfortunately, I can't find a link to that picture, and I don't feel comfortable hosting it since I didn't draw and I may need permission. Try searching deviantart for it, you might get lucky. Or better yet, if you want, I can email it to you.

Sorry. - Mar 22 2005
I use a custom version of the Suede icon theme.

Wallpaper - Mar 22 2005

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Jun 30 2005
I like the theme engine. I'd like to request a minor usability feature, focus rings. The reason I use smooth today is because it implements focus rings around all widgets.

As as themer and user, I'd love to see clearlooks implement this. Good job, your engine looks great. - Feb 16 2005

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Feb 12 2005
Can you launch EOG from a terminal and see if it gives you any error messages? I have EOG 2.9.0 installed and it doesn't have this problem. - Feb 16 2005
The next release of the theme will address that issue. I'm still working on it. Dark themes are a pain to get right. Bear with me.

Either way, I think you will need to create a text and entry widget class and then manipulate the GtkCursor::Colors or something similar.

Some website will not display well with this theme. This isn't a fault of the theme, but a bug in Gecko, Epiphany's, Galeon's, Mozilla's and Firefox' rendering engine. This is based on what the Epiphany developers told me.

I've observed that Mozilla displays most websites perfectly, not the same with Epiphany or Galeon though.

I assume you are having this problem with in Mozilla's and Firefox' address location bar? - Feb 11 2005

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Dec 14 2004
Yes - Dec 14 2004

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Nov 16 2004
The fonts used in the screenshot is Arial. The link below will point you to tips on having good looking fonts. - Nov 29 2004
It is Rhythmbox. - Nov 15 2004
I have improved the progress bar code. I will be uploading it this evening along with some other changes. Stay tuned. - Nov 13 2004
Yes, I'd like a screenshot. - Nov 12 2004
FLCL- eyebrows

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Nov 11 2004
It would be cool if he wore shades. Good work! - Nov 13 2004

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Nov 06 2004
No, I didn't make the wallpaper. My next update will include the wallpaper and the icon set you see in the screen shots. Stay tuned. - Nov 04 2004
Thank you. - Nov 02 2004

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Nov 11 2004
Good job man. Your themes are always inspirational. However, the background widget on your first screenshot is quite different from the one in the theme. I don't know if that is intentional or accidental.

I like the the focus ring touch on check buttons too. Really cool! Definitely and inspiration for my next theme. :-)

Cheers - Nov 01 2004
I particularly like the focus ring around the text entry widgets. Is that a characteristic of the smooth engine? - Oct 18 2004

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Oct 31 2004
I just uploaded a possible fix. Kindly let me know if the problem still persists.

Thanks - Oct 31 2004
I just uploaded a possible fix. Let me know if the problem still persists.

Thanks - Oct 31 2004
Hello again,

Color consistency has been a great issue I have tried to pay a lot of attention to with this theme. The theme basically makes use of three colors:

White: Which is the base color for all widgets and highlighted text

very light grey: Which is the color used when buttons are depressed, it is also the color of the trough which the scroll bar sits one, and also the color behind unused tabs, etc

Cadet Blue: Which is the color you will see when your mouse is over an item in a menu, a lighter version of the color is what you see behind text e.g location bar. It is also the color you see on progress bars and the status bar.

I have left out a lot of widgets, but the whole theme resonates around these three colors.

Now some people have been experiencing problems with menus and menu items. They've reported that the menu highlight is white as opposed to Cadet Blue and when the mouse is over a menu item, the text becomes invisible. Of course, this may lead many to believe the theme is inconsistent, and rightly so.

So if you are experiencing this problem, I will be uploading a fix for the problem soon, after I get feedback from the users testing the theme.

If however, you are not experiencing this problem, but you feel the theme colors are inconsistent for other reasons, I would love to hear your suggestions. The challenge with an all white theme is that one has to have a contrast color. Perhaps you don't like my contrast color, which is Cadet Blue or some variation of it. That is totally understandable. But your input is valid.

I might even make a theme using the default industrial colors. Although, frankly, I don't like the color combinations of it. In any case, I welcome more of your critics. If it doesn't help me make this theme better, it will certainly be at the back of my mind when I create my next theme. Good theme engines are hard to find these days. :-)

Cheers - Oct 30 2004

Thanks for the screenshot and feedback. Your criticisms are welcome as long as they are presented in a constructive and mature manner.

I made a conscious effort to share the theme with the community because I liked it, and because I was convinced it can be improved upon based on the feedback of the community. I do not care for fame, grand ratings or popularity. All I care for is making a theme that is usable and unobstrusive.

It is a consensus among HCI experts that black on white and white on black themes are the most usable themes. Governments by law require that most operating systems have a high contrast theme for visually impaired users and also for accessibility reasons. Even GNOME has a several high contrast themes for accessibily reasons. And a few of them are black on white themes. Therefore, I respectfully disagree with you that my theme is unusable because of the theme color.

However, via your screenshots, I can see the reason you have problems with my theme. I mistakengly uploaded a test theme for a few minutes a few days ago. It seems, unfortunately, that you downloaded this test theme as it is clearly evident from your screenshot. It is my fault, and I should be spanked for that.

I decided to provide screenshots of Galeon and Nautilus using the current version of this theme.

I don't use Galeon, so I had to install it to take the screenshot. I also don't use Nautilus in browser mode so I had to change its configuration to fit that. But these screenshots are at their default setting and looks, nothing tweaked or changed.

As you can see my screenshots is vastly different from the screenshot you provided in too many areas to mention. So, I encourage you download the latest version of this theme and test it out. Your suggestions, criticisms and advice are very welcome.

Also, it is not my intention to copy any KDE theme or OS X theme or even Windows theme. This is a theme I designed for GNOME to be used by GNOME users and for maximum screen space, maximum usability and minimum obstrusiveness.

Regards - Oct 29 2004
- The widgets are too white.

The widgets aren't too white, they are white. That's the whole purpose of the theme.

- While the focus ring is neat, it is too wide and clutters the program

The focus ring has nothing to do with the program, can you provide screenshots to explain this phenomenum. It's just a ring around most text widgets.

- There are size inconsistencies when widgets are side by side. In Galeon, try putting the zoom spinbox beside the address bar.

Screenshots are appreciated, otherwise I consider it to be an industrial engine bug.

- The button icons are huge compared to the widgets.

Again screenshots are welcome, it's hard to try to picture the problem when you don't have screenshots. And you seem to be only person having this problem.

- Overall, the programs become very clutterred.

That's interesting because compared to the default industrial theme, this theme is a lot more compact. In anyway, the next release will make buttons a lot more compact and smaller.

- The focus ring is mostly useful with mouse focus. Moving the mouse on top of widgets show highlight them (e.g. buttons, line edit, spinbox, drop down list widgets). In Gnome, you have to click on these widgets to make them come in focus. By this time, it doesn't add any benefits to the user.

None of the GNOME theme engines have that capability. I don't know anyother operating system that has that capability either. This is not a problem with the theme.

- Keep the Industrial colours. Since XD2, I have yet to see a theme that is as usable as Industrial.

With all due respect, the Industrial theme is boring and drab. I don't like its icons set, and the theme in general makes me sleepy and so do other greyish brownish theme. I made this theme to keep users alert and happy.

- Try to read the Gnome HIG and build your theme upon that. This is why I (and many other people) use Gnome and not KDE, because it provides a cleaner, more consistent UI than KDE.

Which part of the HIG is my theme violating? - Oct 26 2004
For consistency reasons, all hightlighted text in all widgets are white in this theme. - Oct 25 2004

Do you have the industrial engine installed? If not, you may want to install your distribution's Ximian artwork package. Or you can download the engine from the link provided below and install it.

I hope that helps. - Oct 25 2004
Well, the screenshot has been updated. The Metacity theme on the screenshot is Industrial. - Oct 23 2004

Thank you very much. The Metacity theme is Bluecurve.

- Oct 23 2004
I have noted that. I'll most likely update in a few hours stay tuned. Thanks

Cheers - Oct 22 2004
Thank you for your feedback. The next version will have all that fixed. Stay tuned.

Cheers! - Oct 22 2004

That is very strange. If you have GNOME installed, then Gentoo should automatically installed the SVG rendering library for you.

In any case, do the following:

  1. Add svg to your USE flags.

  2. Install librsvg

  3. Reinstall GTK+

I hope that helps.

Good luck!

- Oct 22 2004
Thank you for the feedback. I am using Arial from the "corefonts" package. - Oct 22 2004
Thank you very much for your feedback. :-)

With regards to the color issues, I was experiencing mysterious color problems myself while testing and making the theme. Can you post a screenshot of your desktop using the theme?

The color is handled by the gtkrc file. In particular, by the following field:


You might want to play around adjusting that field, and see if the bug still persists. You may try:




I have a strong feeling it is either a gtk+, industrial engine, or driver bug.

But I'll resume testing and post and update immediately I figure out what's wrong. This theme works great for me, but certain color combinations can screw things up. I'll look further into it.

Also, can you post your hardware specification, including your graphic's card spec, your distro?

Cheers - Oct 18 2004

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Sep 03 2004
Thanks! :-) - Sep 04 2004

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Aug 29 2004
I will try to see if I can make this theme with light blue backdrop. Using a white backdrop can make the theme unusable.

Thank you for the feedback. - Aug 31 2004