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Silvia Sillis
Lonely Tree

Nature by sillis 4 comments

It isn't manipulated at all, that's why it's not so easy to "move" the tree. But thanks for your suggestion, next time I'll pay more attention to that! - May 02 2007
Lonely Tree

Nature by sillis 4 comments

You have to explicitly add it. When you upload your file, one of the last (optional) fields is about screenshots. There you can upload a file of no more than 300K. I just reduced the size of my pic and uploaded it as a screenshot. - Apr 30 2007

Wallpaper Other by sillis 3 comments

I took it at the Como lake, north of Italy, in an autumn day. It was a windy and sunny day, but there was some fog just over lake's surface. That's what gives that peace sensation. - Dec 18 2006