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Silmarys Silmarys , France

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 96 comments

That's a great icon set, you are doing a good job.

But why did you move toward CC ?

You are greeting Inkscape, Ubuntu, Linux, Open Clipart, etc. which you used and are all Free Software, and you set a non-Free license to your work.

Well it's your work, and as I said, it's a great one, and you are free to use any license you want, but since your work is now not Free, I won't agreed to use it anymore :-(

Regards - Oct 08 2005
Clean (Kopete Chat Style)

Kopete Styles by Roze 26 comments

Hi, thanks for your great kopete style, but it doesn't seem to work on a Mandrakelinux Cooker, since it shows nothing except a blank screen.

I've got KDE 3.3.2 and Kopete 0.9.2 so, do I need to update something in order to make your style work ? :-)

Regards. - Mar 30 2005
French Translation for Liquid Weather++

Karamba & Superkaramba by TheStick 2 comments

Thanks for your work, it seems that we did almost the same work at the same moment.

I uploaded my own French translation too because it was a bit different from yours, so people can have choice.

Just one more thing. I had a look at your excellent work, and I noticed a few "errors" or misinterpretation :
- you should rename your file "Français" instead of "French"
- Etats-Unis -> États-Unis
- Wind Chill is a sort of perception we have of a temperature mainly due to winds
- Dew point -> Point de rosée
- Snow Depth -> hauteur|chutes de neige
- Jetstreams -> Jetstreams (yeah in french too :p) or courants jets
- Relative Temp After Windchill -> Température perçue (since Windchill modify perception we have of it)
- Haze -> Brume instead of Brouillard
- Am snow showers are not a Tempête de neige, only a chutes de neige matinales :-)
- Pm showers are not "Pluies diluviennes", but something like Pluies en après midi
- Flurries -> Bourrasques, rafales (relatif au vent)

Except these few points, all seems to be ok, thanks for your great job !

Bonne journée ! :-) - Jan 18 2005
the foggy stars (big)

Wallpaper Other by quaxi 1 comment

That's a really good job ! :-) - Jan 10 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by meNGele 28 comments

Avec l'anglais, c'est tout de suite plus facile à comprendre pour tout le monde ! :-)

Joli travail sinon. - Dec 21 2004