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Simon Wenger

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by dangvd 703 comments

I love ksmoothdock! Thanks!
Is there a way to add 'Quick Browser', 'Recent Documents' or 'Bookmarks' as on the default kicker?
Could help to save space. I have way too many buttons for my small screen... :-)
Simon - Feb 23 2006
KXDocker GAnimations Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by stefano 9 comments

really a nice bit of work! Bravo!
1.Is there a way to disable the sounds of the appearing and hiding bar? other than deleting the soundfiles...
2.Do you know of any plugin-rpm's? Installing all the Qt/KDE headers is rather annoying...
Thanks! Simon - Jun 14 2005
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano 91 comments

maybe I'm in the wrong place here. I can't compile any plugins (trying GaClock,Gamarok).
It says moc: unknown option --o
moc seems to be some sort of media player on my system...
System: Mandriva (Mandrake) LE 2005 - Jun 04 2005