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Gnome Screenshots 3 comments

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Feb 26 2011
If you have the compiz-config-settings-manager (ccsm) installed, you can assign some rules to your windows. There is a plugin called "Window rules" (or similar) - just make AWN to be always on top or your gnome-panel to be alway behind all other windows! - Jul 14 2011
Minimal LittleGlass

Beryl/Emerald Themes 21 comments

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Apr 03 2011
The image files are typically located in ~/.emerald/themes/MinimalLittleGlass/

Editing these images should be quite straight-forward: On each buttons' image are 6 versions of the particular button: normal | hovered | pressed | inactive normal | inactive hovered | inactive pressed. You may edit these as you want (preferable with a copy outside this theme) and load the edited file with the emerald theme manager afterwards.

Another hint: You may try to use the theme LittleGlass instead, which I modified:
This has some visible buttons! - Apr 09 2011
These can be activated in the emerald theme manager:
- select the theme and click on edit design
- select the tab called title bar
- on the right there is an edit box called "layout of objects in title bar" and a little help text beneath
- maybe A::NXC would suit your problem
- maybe you should choose other button graphics for the buttons you're activating to make them appear as the others do

Hope this helps! - Apr 09 2011
Has been uploaded :D - Mar 29 2011
ok ;)

Just wanted to ask for your exact problem... and added the links above, just in case... - Mar 29 2011
Yes, it is. I've got numerous gestures... for example for minimizing, maximizing, closing and moving windows, for switching to an arbitrary viewport, media playback controls (play, pause, next track, volume...), tabbing through windows...

And many others :D - Mar 17 2011
Well, of course it decreases usability. But it's a matter of style. I don't use window buttons at all. I have mouse gestures for every relevant action (move, maximize and so on...)

I simply wanted to get rid of those (for me useless) buttons :D - Mar 14 2011
I added a link to the whole compilation ;) - Mar 14 2011
Basically it's a white, semi-transparent gnome-panel with the gnome2-globalmenu applet.
In front of this panel are three docks of the avant-window-navigator with the lucido style.

Hope this helps, if you need more explanation, feel free to ask :D - Mar 13 2011

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

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Mar 08 2011
Hey, great theme, but sadly you dropped Nautilus Elementary support!

But the project is not dead: - Mar 29 2011
Work-In-Progress Themes

GTK2 Themes 26 comments

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Aug 02 2011
Needs still some tweaking (especially window buttons) but looks quite cool already ;) - Mar 15 2011
Another thought: I'll create an emerald theme for the M.A.R.S. theme! - Mar 15 2011
Hey, Simon here, one of the developers of M.A.R.S.!

I really love this theme! If you finish work on this one, we'll definitely create a fan-art page on our homepage :D - Mar 15 2011

Full Icon Themes 523 comments

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Jul 28 2013
by the way - switzak has both icons in ACYL, in case you're looking for templates ;) - Aug 18 2010
First of all: AWESOME WORK!

But: Some icons are misplaced!

Code::Blocks has four blocks, not just three... I think you used the icon of CodeLite...

Rhythmbox has apparently no real icon but the image you've taken is the icon of audacity... in my opinion a simple note or speaker would be better...

But criticism apart... great work! - Aug 18 2010
Any Color You Like

Full Icon Themes 286 comments

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Aug 26 2011
In this file the five filters are defined. In order to use the on posted above simply find a filter in the file which you don't like and replace it with the code from my previous post.
Each filter begins like:

#Funktions for returning the wood filter.
# $1 is the return parameter.
function filter_wood {

and ends with:

eval "$1='$temp'"

So you just have to replace the stuff from "<filter" to "</filter>" with the new filter-code.
When this is done and the file is saved you can simply apply the new filter by selecting the over-written filter in the script. (Would be "Wood" in my case)

In order to get simple black lines you should change some values in the filter-code posted above:

flood-opacity="1.0" (instead of 0.5)
radius="2.0" (as switzak pointed out)

Hope this helps! (If not, say so! :) - Mar 30 2010
I played with filters:

values="0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 "
result="result3" />
flood-color="rgb(0,0,0)" />
in="result1" />
result="result2" />
in="result2" />
in="SourceGraphic" />

This one gives reasonable results with most of the icons... "flood-color" changes the color of the outline, flood-opacity the amount of alpha and "radius" the... well, radius :)

Maybe Switzak, you can have a look at this! - Mar 30 2010
Works fine for me...

Thanks for this great release :) - Mar 29 2010
I use these icons as well! They are awesome! Thanks a lot!

And I've got an idea how to improve them even more: What about outlines? Since this is a simple style-option for svg-files, it shouldn't be that difficult... With a selectable thickness and color for the outlines, they would be much easier to read!


And don't stop the development :) - Jan 13 2010
Lyrics screenlet

Conky 339 comments

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Mar 30 2011
Thanks again =)

For now everything seems to work as supposed to! Thanks a lot! Love it ;) - Mar 13 2010
Since this screenlet supports LastFM I use it everyday... and love it!
And I've got another request: Is there any way of aligning the text to the right or left instead of being always centered? Is it already there but I missed it? I would really appreciate this option... :) - Mar 04 2010
Yay! Incredible!

You made my day! Works like a charm! Exactly what I wanted. If feature requests were always treated like this...
Thanks a lot! - Jan 28 2010
Hi Marcel!

Thanks for this great piece of Software!
Is there any chance for the LastFM plugin of Rythmbox to be supported? Since the player itself knows the meta data of the tracks, it can't be that difficult...?

Greetings! - Jan 23 2010
Monochrome Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes 3 comments

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Feb 22 2010
Thanks for your comment :)

The panel background graphic is not changed by emerald or the selected gtk-theme. You have to apply an image manually in order to change it. I added a link to the panel graphic I used - just download it, right click on your panel and select this image for the background.
There remains one single problem with the panel behind the menu items. Since these are skinned by the gtk-theme, they won't look pretty! The only way to fix this wich I figured out is to delete the file yourhomefolder/.themes/TGT4-Chrome/gtk-2.0/Menu-Menubar/menubar.png There might be a better way to do this by editing the gtkrc file of the theme, but everything I tried, didn't affect the menubar...

Please let me know if you find one! - Feb 22 2010
Any Color You Like

Full Icon Themes
by switzak

Score 83.9%
Feb 03 2010

Full Icon Themes
by alecive

Score 79.9%
9   Jan 03 2012

Gnome Shell Themes
by satya164

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9   Nov 20 2011
Gnome-pie Minimalistic

Various Gnome Stuff
by ochoadavid

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9   Nov 14 2011
Gnome-pie themes

Various Gnome Stuff
by albercuba

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9   Nov 02 2011