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KDE Lineart Logo for 16:10 displays

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by csigaa 1 comment

is it 1280 x 800 ? i can't seem to tell the difference :-/ - Oct 15 2008

Network by thejol 4 comments

please give the instructions to install - May 15 2008
Upload To Server

Dolphin Service Menus by nevalain 7 comments

it would be great if you could integrate this with ksnapshot, so that we could upload screenshots to imageshack or sometother image hosting like tinypic and the url returned would be copied to the clipboard. - May 13 2008
Amarok to Twitter Script

Amarok 1.x Scripts by gamaral 4 comments

If you could describe what exactly does it do.. ? - May 10 2008

Browser by peppelorum 10 comments

i understand this a python written piece, but a readme or INSTALL file would be nice.

and also mention that one needs QT4 bindings for python. newbies will be disappointed if an error occurs on running the script.

I tried it out :) it's cute, though no support for picture and video post formats.

thanks for the app! - May 10 2008