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Max Nemeth

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May 07 2008
This hasn't run for a while so I tried recompiling it and it isn't using my CFLAGS for some reason, but I don't see anything in the makefile that would cause it to change my settings.

Its using

-march=i686 -mtune=core2 (among others) Definitely don't have a core2 - Nov 08 2008
Perl Audio Converter

Audio Extractors/Converters 79 comments

by viron
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Jan 13 2014
This program has a PKGBUILD in AUR. - Sep 10 2007
If I add 320 to this line, will pacpl properly encode at 320?

case 'BITRATE' {
$bitrate = `$kdialog --default $bitrate --combobox \"$lang{kde_bitrate}\" 56 112 128 160 192 256`; - Sep 10 2007
Is there any way to automatically update the config file if I install/uninstall a codec? I ran checkinstall, and it recognized the changes I made, but it didn't make any changes to my pacpl.conf - Sep 07 2007