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adsf dsf , Croatia
Tuxis Magazine

Various Stuff by jmming 5 comments

No entiendo por qué traducirlo al ruso.. La revista es hispana! - Apr 19 2008
Kubista: Kubuntu Perfected

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by falco101 17 comments


Awwsommee!! First Nouve and now Kubista!
Just one little thing... I use KDE on Gentoo and sometimes FreeBSD, so could you make a KBFX button and wallaper with the KDE generic logo?? I mean.. For those who does not use Kubuntu...


sirope - Nov 11 2007
Linux Power

Wallpaper Other by falco101 2 comments

Looks awsomee!!!
Could you upload a version without "linux"
Im a FreeBSD user!!

byeeee! - Oct 30 2007
Whiteline for KWin

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by industrie13 10 comments

Thankx!! Nice work!

.... It would be interesting to have a port of Kore for Emerald in Kwin... If is it possible of course.

bye! - Sep 27 2007

KDE Plasma Screenshots by hammergom 5 comments

Nice desktop! And really excelent dock, I thought it was AWN..
Soo. What's the name of that font? - Aug 29 2007