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Björn JaníŸen
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Dec 02 2005
nt - Mar 23 2008
Shere Khan Black Hand

Cursors 4 comments

by Six
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Jul 12 2007
You are welcome ;) - Jul 14 2007
Entis Cursors

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Jun 25 2007
Nice theme, but the cursors are a little fuzzy around the edges. I'm running a resolution of 1280x1024x24 and the borders are not sharp and crispy but washed out and, well, fuzzy.

The tilt of the cursors is on purpose, I assume. - Jun 25 2007

Wallpapers Gnome 1 comment

by Calef
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Jun 08 2007
Um, whatever you uploaded there, it is not transparent. - Jun 24 2007
Neutral Plus

Cursors 14 comments

by Six
Score 70.0%
Jun 23 2007
Thank you! The original Neutral theme was designed by Alexey Nikitine. I just changed the pointer watch to make it more consistent in look & feel. I use Neutral Plus since I first made it, too. It is the best you can get for bright themes. But obviously I'm biased ;)

For darker themes I sometimes use Industrial or the new Shere Khan cursor set. Both are very nice, too. - Jun 24 2007
Thank you for your report. Somewhere in between I must have fixed this but did not upload. I'm still a happy Neutral Plus user ;) - Jun 23 2007
Yes, i see it. I am all over it right now. - Nov 25 2006
Actually it is very dark grey ;-) Thanks for pointing it out, i'll write it on the to do list. Keep your "bug reports" coming! - Nov 21 2006
You're right. That's because i'm a lazy ass and just tilted the image by 180 degrees. I guess i will deal with it at the end of the week, before that i have little time :-( - Nov 19 2006

GDM Themes 14 comments

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Aug 05 2007
It seems that the download is broken. Curious error message regarding MySQL and googlemail... - Apr 07 2007
Watercolor 1.1

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

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Dec 31 2006
It would be immensly cool and useful if theme designers could post which engine isor which engines are required for their themes. And no, i can't tell from the screenshot.

It is really annoying to download a theme and then dig into the gtkrc just to find it needs this or that engine. - Dec 30 2006

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Jul 22 2007
Go to System > System Settings > Login Window. Authenticate yourself and you will be greeted by the gdmconfig frontend. Click "install" and search for the Tarball you downloaded here. Select it, press OK. The theme will be installed and appear in the available greeters list. Select its radio button. Close gdmconfig and either log out or open a new session/nested X-Server by selecting the appropriate option from Applications > System Utilities.

HTH - Nov 25 2006

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

by Six
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Sep 06 2005
Good to know, thank you. I'm still on plain old Debian with Gnome 2.10 / Epiphany 1.61. and GTK 2.6. So the situation can only improve ;-) - Sep 06 2005

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Oct 31 2004
This is really a very well done theme but the advertisement is ridiculous. Anyway, it shows off what the Industrial engine can do. Even though pixmaps are used this theme is really fast. My favorite for slow computers, even before Mist. - Aug 28 2005

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

by Six
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May 24 2005
Thank you very much!

There are still some issues especially with Firefox and Thunderbird, but i guess i only have to find the right option to tweak. Stay tuned, this can only get better. - May 31 2005
Thank you and i agree mostly. Unfortunatly i am currently lacking time to do an awful lot on my themes. So it stays a little rough for now, sorry :-( - Apr 23 2005
Thank you very much! I appreciate it.

I will look into color issue. I'm not quite happy with Sugarshack also and intended to do something about it. I will also try to improve Jet. Unfortunatly i only have time in bursts, mainly at the weekend, and this will be the time i take into it.

Thank you again.
Regards - Apr 12 2005

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May 12 2005
You might want to take a look at one of my themes using the Clearlooks engine, e. g. Robotorch, i documented them as good as i could, especially which setting influences what color in which location.

Other than that: oh yeah, another bright theme, yay. - May 25 2005

GTK2 Themes 18 comments

by Six
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May 23 2005
Thank you! The superactiontheme had the sunken menubar up to version 2.2 but it is really not working out so fine with OOo. OTOH, OOo is a bitch anyway and it is completely beyond me how i can influence the color of the selected text in OOo with Clearlooks settings.

This and the combobox appearance are the two things i'm currently trying to figure out. Too bad that Clearlooks is so badly documented. - Apr 15 2005
Well, i like to keep my themes clean, simple and, even if it sounds funny considering the superactiontheme, easy on the eyes. And to be completely frank, i really never understood what the vertical icon background thingy should do and found it boring and distracting at the same time. I therefore fear that you will not see it in my superactiontheme Robotorch.

Besides, i don't know how to code the vertical bar in Clearlooks and i'm too lazy to scrutinize the source to find out.

Regards - Apr 15 2005
Call me George Foreman! I can't help myself, i love this theme. So much, in fact, that i'm posting to myself :-) - Apr 14 2005
Very perceptive ;-) Thank you anyway and look out for my new Sugarshack theme, coming soon. It will be brown. Have fun. - Apr 10 2005
No, thank you! - Apr 09 2005
LOL, where's da wabbit? - Apr 09 2005
For a moment you had me worried. All is well, all is good. - Apr 08 2005
Obviously this is not for the faint of heart. You need super-cow-powers to employ it and some old-school-hardware you like to tinker with ;-) - Apr 08 2005

Metacity Themes 7 comments

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Jul 17 2004
One gripe, no, two gripes remain.

1) I don't like the theme to change the color of the active window grip.

2) It bolsters the window by maybe 5 pixels on all sides. I think thinner is better.

Anyway, great theme, maybe i will use it as foundation for my own. ;-) - Apr 12 2005
This Metacity-theme is still one of the best on this site. Great! - Apr 12 2005
GNOME was here by

Wallpapers Gnome 5 comments

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Mar 28 2005
I agree, one foot is enough. - Mar 28 2005

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

by Six
Score 50.0%
Mar 28 2005
Thank you for your support.

You are right, the fonts are a very dark gray (#1a1a1a) not black. Originaly they were black but i found it more pleasing to make them dark gray. Just replace all occurances of #1a1a1a in the gtkrc file to change them to black. I bet, you will find the dark gray more pleasant too ;-) - Mar 19 2005
It's in the tarball. Just extract and you will see one folder named "Jet", and one named "Red Jet". - Mar 08 2005
Well, i've inlcuded a modification called "Red Jet". I don't like the combination very much but the brown is rather promising. Maybe i can use it somewhere else. - Mar 08 2005

GTK2 Themes 12 comments

by Six
Score 50.0%
Mar 08 2005
SystemG is a good choice with Mellow. I'm glad you are happy with it and i intend to update it soon to remedy the scrollbar issue.

In the meanwhile take a look at my new theme "Jet". ;-) - Mar 08 2005
Thank you! - Feb 09 2005
Thank you very much. I appreciate it! Can you give me feedback about the "scrollbar issue"? Here's description: on vertical scrollbars the handle stays 2 pixel away from the top stepper, while it only stays 1 pixel away from the bottom stepper - which is the intended behaviour. This is also true with horizontal scrollbars, where the left stepper behaves oddly. Can you confirm this behaviour?

And at your request, i removed the backup file, so now the download is even smaller ;-) - Feb 08 2005
You can find them here:

Apparently there are more color schemes available now, including green and red. - Jan 13 2005
Thanks for the nice words. At your request I provide three more color schemes and consider a second blue one.

Obviously the Lila-Blue iconset is not the perfect fit for these new color schemes. All work nicely with the stock Gnome icons though. - Jan 12 2005
Gnome Snow Icon set

Icon Sub-Sets 8 comments

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Feb 13 2005
I like the folder icon with the sheets of paper very much. And the document is also looking fine.

I'm still worried about the low contrast, though. - Feb 09 2005
There never can be too much themes. I have some suggestions though;

1) put something into the folder, maybe some sheets of paper. Currently they seem to be some kind of twisted paper.

2) White as the base color is a bad idea, i'd say. Most file manager backgrounds are white or at least very bright. You loose contrast by using white as base color. Maybe you want to try a light grey or beige.

3) IMHO there is an icon theme named Snow Apple. You might want to consider a clearer distinction.

I am looking forward to the next version. Thank you. - Feb 07 2005