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ventura barbeiro sao jose do rio preto, Brazil
Sex Toy Linux

Wallpaper Other by AngelusNoctis 13 comments

This is weird, this is funny,
this will be a nice flame fuel,

Sorry, I don't understand a lot about
sex toys, but is this kind of hardware
used to be more natural, don't they have
a human look like design.?? - May 01 2007
Now, this is my K3B theme. - Mar 25 2007
Baltic Sea in Schleswig-Holstein

Wallpaper Other by marquardt1 2 comments

Is it possible to swim and have fun at this beach? Is it a beach, do not?? - Mar 25 2007

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by caligula 1 comment

This is food for evil dreams and desires...!! - Mar 25 2007
Cezanne Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by cjtown 60 comments

The floppy icons "mount" and "umount" looks almost the same. Maybe something that shows a diference may be interesting for new users.

Overall, this is amazing pretty, wonderfull. Congratulations. - Mar 19 2007
End of Lech Kaczynski presidency Counter

Karamba & Superkaramba by pi3kielny 18 comments

Hugo looks like a good guy with extreme opinions to fight against the transcorporations power. It's just an outsider point of view. - Mar 19 2007
Orvalho da manham

Wallpaper Other by linoxman 1 comment

This is a very usual shrub at brazilian gardens, also used at the caribean islands and South Florida. The Ixora have flowers along all the year (under tropical conditions without winter).

Pretty picture.

Orvalho = dew
Manha = morning - Mar 19 2007
Wilber Botom "SVG"

Various Artwork by Kurumin 1 comment

Is this botom an alone art or is part of a collection.? I mean: are you planning to do a complete set of icons and bottons with this same idea or this is an stand alone botom.? - Mar 19 2007