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Jan 21 2020
OK, took a while to get around to it, but they're posted. :-) - Sep 23 2019
Update: regarding the 3rd item in my comments (date/time in righ panel)...

I found setting this works well enough that I can reverse the change of panel-right.png:

/*calendar applet font color fix*/
#panelRight .applet-label {
color: #444444;
font-weight: bold;
text-shadow: #000000;
} - Aug 23 2019
9 excellent: a lot of work clearly went into this, and for former Windows users its a welcoming sight / experience! - Aug 22 2019
Edit: in my 2nd item below, I typed in an XML tag, but it showed up as
edit ""
let me try again here:
<frame_geometry name="nobuttons" hide_buttons="true" parent="dialog">
</frame_geometry> - Aug 22 2019
Thank You for the incredible set of themes here. The Luna theme was not only a big factor in making me feel comfortable in Mint after switching from Windows 7 to Mint around the New Year, but it was instrumental in helping to win my Dad's interest as he began considering the switch as well. (He switched a couple months ago.)

Some visual issues I've researched...

-This first issue I initially thought was something in the themes, but later determined that it occured independently of the selected theme (yours or otherwise) and is almost certainly metacity. I only mention it here in the hope that you have run across it. Some time in between upgrading from Mint 19.1 to 19.2 I lost the application icon that appears in the upper-left corner of the windows where the window-menu is activated. (System Settings|Windows|Titlebar tab|Buttons group|'Left side title bar buttons'|first-drop-down="Menu") After doing some testing in two virtual machines running (linux Mint Cinnamon) 19.1 and 19.2 respectively, I was able to determine that this issue is with a change in Linux Mint (Cinnamon) 19.2, because all 3 versions display the application icon in 19.1 and do not display it in 19.2. (Mint themes display an arrow in 19.1 and no arrow in 19.2). As I said, not an issue *with the themes*, but any insight appreciated...

-Some dialogs would benefit from retaining the Close button. (In Linux Mint Cinnamon) set 'Windows XP Royale' theme; open Nemo, select 'Edit | Preferences', close dialog (client area has no Close button, so you go looking for Close button on dialog frame, but must resort to right-click titlebar and choose close). Find /home/username/.themes/Windows XP Royale/metacity-1/metacity-3.xml, and edit "" and change to hide_buttons="false. I like that this also brings back access to the upper-left window-menu (even though no icon or arrow appears).

- In 'Windows XP Royale', everything is beautiful except the Calendar applet in the system-tray: the light font on the light background is unreadable. I've spent some time looking for tags that affect the font and the only clue I've got that it can be changed is in the Mint and Mint X themes with their dark calendar font -- other than that I have not been able to find anthing that changes it. For now I resorted to making the background image darker: /home/username/.themes/Windows XP Royale/cinnamon/panel-right.png. Windows XP Metallic also suffers from this issue, and Homestead is so-so. I know darkening the right panel departs from the original theme, but unless the text can be darkened, this is a practical work-around. IF you know where that is controlled, please let me know.

- The text in the pop-up date menu is as hard-to-read as the Calendar applet (foreground / background both light), but it can be fixed by darkening some color hex values for certain 'calendar' tags in the ' Date applet' secton of /home/username/.themes/Windows XP Royale/cinnamon/cinnamon.css. Frankly, Royale Dark and Zune could also use the same tweak. Metalic, Luna and Homestead actualy look pretty good there. - Aug 22 2019
Score 79.4%
Aug 22 2019
Score 79.4%
9   Aug 22 2019
9 excellent: a lot of work clearly went into this, and for former Windows users its a welcoming sight / experience!