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Kevin Glenn Provo, United States of America

Wallpaper Other by SkittleLinux18 4 comments

... so I won't be working on this any more. Sorry guys. - Apr 10 2009

Wallpaper Other by SkittleLinux18 4 comments

So that the blue lines are forming an "X" across the background? - Mar 25 2009
Kubuntu the Night Big

Wallpapers Kubuntu by starwolf 1 comment

I like the idea and I like how you made it look. Good job! - Mar 20 2009
Glass effect

Wallpaper Other by Lemonade 6 comments

Yes! This is definitely very nice! Maybe an idea for an alternative/upgrade is to make it look less cartoon-ish?

Just a thought... it is really nice, though! - Mar 20 2009
Linux Design Suite

Icon Sub-Sets by jmming 2 comments

Mormons?? - Oct 30 2008
Dressed in Black

Kbfx Startmenu by painkiller101 15 comments

I love this theme. I have been using it for a while now. It's so good I can't use any other kbfx theme. I just switched to Kubuntu because "the other" distro I was using was crap. Kubuntu has blue in it's color scheme. So I was wondering, since Kubuntu is so popular anyway, if you wouldn't mind editing the colors of this theme to match the color scheme of Kubuntu? Especially where blue tends to be a popular color, I'm sure many others would enjoy it as well.

Just a humble request. =D - Oct 23 2008
PCLinuxOS MiniMe

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by timeth 4 comments

That's what was missing!! Nice work, dude. I like it... a lot! - Sep 21 2008
PCLinuxOS MiniMe

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by timeth 6 comments

Let me be the first to say that I like this a lot! I really do. I think it looks really good. I do feel like something is missing. Like when I look at it, I think, "This looks really good. It has a lot of potential, but something is missing. What is it??"

Maybe others can comment, or you can think of it. Heck, I'll keep it in mind, too. Keep up the good work! - Sep 15 2008
PCLinux Behind Curtain Blue

Wallpaper Other by sakasa 2 comments

I like this more than the yellow and and I have that on my Desktop as we speak. However, I don't want to put this one on yet because I think you missed something in your work. I can see the black frame around the PCLOS logo on this one, but it's not there on the yellow one. So I think it's something you just missed on this one?? I don't mean to critique your work. It's an awesome wallpaper. Just point it out in case you missed it. - Sep 15 2008

Fonts by l1718s 40 comments

Where's the PCLinuxOS logo?? - May 09 2008
Oxygen Icons

Full Icon Themes by dnspht 37 comments

need more screenshots - Jan 24 2008

Wallpapers Ubuntu by SkittleLinux18 3 comments

Thanks man! I really appreciate that, especially coming from you because your wallpaper was amazing! I have done stuff like this before. I am not a firm believer in changing another's work; for the very reason you mentioned about butchering. I prefer to combine with just little things. Less is more! - Jan 24 2008