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John Doe
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Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

Usplash Themes 48 comments

Score 58.0%
Nov 20 2008
Love Usplash-Smooth! Adds plenty to the overall look and, hell I say it, smoothness of the bootup process. :-)
Could you provide a 640x480 resolution theme so it can be used on netbooks? - Jan 10 2009
Transfer to Media Device (formerly iPod)

Amarok 1.x Scripts 25 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 25 2005
Hi, great script so far. It would be great if it would number the files according to the playlist i.e. 01_song.mp3 02_song.mp3 etc. since most usb-players use the filename to determine the play-order. :) Hope that wasn't too unclear. regards, skypa - Nov 10 2005
Debian splashy theme "Beauty of Darkness"

Bootsplash Various 4 comments

by skypa
Score 50.0%
Oct 20 2005
Sorry, I did not know that. :) I corrected my post. - Nov 02 2005