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David Hostetler
Blue Reef K3

Wallpaper Other by HomerG 3 comments

Been there tried that. I have a roll of film from my last dive in Cozumel ready to go to the developers. Maybe I will work with those. I really like the idea though. - Apr 23 2002
KDE starburst

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by soytoy 1 comment

Unlike so much of the overstated blue stuff that seems to proliferate on these sites, this is nice, subtle, and tasteful. Well done! - Apr 22 2002

Wallpaper Other by gravis 7 comments

Very cute... - Apr 22 2002
Blue Reef K3

Wallpaper Other by HomerG 3 comments

Okay maybe it is just me being tired. But all I see is blurry and blue. I am going to pick nits here, I am a diver, and the view underwater is far clearer than that if you are in clean, relatively shallow waters. Nice effect too... if only it were sharper... Of course I may just be sick and tired of blue. - Apr 22 2002
KDE Lineart Logo

Various Stuff by Frank 1 comment

This is a great tool to help designers that want to work on KDE wallpapers without having to reinvent the KDE "wheel". Thank you so much for posting this! - Apr 22 2002