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Robert Grí¸nning Omastrand, Norway

Dolphin Service Menus by timb 65 comments

Thanks for this neat script, it would be nice to have the shortcut(s) placed within the "Bookmark" menu also.

Here's a translation for Norwegian Bokmal and Nynorsk, the two translated strings is identical to eachother, but it's correctly translated, Use it if you like.

[Desktop Action bookmark]
Name=Bookmark This Page
Name[nb]=Legg til bokmerke
Name[nn]=Legg til bokmerke

[Desktop Action display]
Name=Display My Bookmarks
Name[nb]=Vis bokmerker
Name[nn]=Vis bokmerker

[Desktop Action displaysubscriptions]
Name=Display My Subscriptions
Name[nb]=Vis mine abonnement
Name[nn]=Vis mine abonnement

[Desktop Action displaynetwork]
Name=Display My Network
Name[nb]=Vis mine nettverk
Name[nn]=Vis mine nettverk

[Desktop Action displaypopular]
Name=Display Popular Bookmarks
Name[nb]=Vis populære bokmerke
Name[nn]=Vis populære bokmerke - Feb 18 2007
Get YouTube Video (improved)

Konqueror by panzi 110 comments

I've translated you app into Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk: - Jan 07 2007