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Asereje Jadeje
Aurora Leopard BSM

GTK2 Themes by brunomarquesbr 44 comments

Hi there. I love your theme, great work! But is too bright for me. I made some changes to fit my own liking but I run into a problem:

How to change the color of that text? I made a lot of test-error but couldn't find anything in the gtkrc file. - Jan 27 2009
Aurora Leopard BSM Dark

GTK2 Themes by brunomarquesbr 2 comments

I need it !!

A bit darker menus would be great I think but... How can I get it? - Jan 27 2009

DockbarX Themes by aleksey 134 comments

Hey, great applet, i love it. I know it's not very nice to ask for features without offering any help but... It would be great that it integrates with compiz-fusion. More precisely I mean magic-lamp and window-preview. - Jan 25 2009
Vienna 3

Cursors by sour 39 comments

I love and use it but i'm not using Ubuntu... How can i change it for the Arch logo or at least for the sand-clock animation? - Nov 06 2008

DockbarX Themes
by aleksey

Jan 27 2009