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Aaron Bray
[MooN] 1337 Use the GIMP instead

Wallpaper Other by haribo 9 comments

I voted good too :) I like the statement, but i would kill myself if it was my actual wallpaper. Thanks for the laugh. - Dec 16 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

These icons are fantastic! Best Icon set yet :) Can we request here? because I'd like to see
- folder_movies
- folder_images
- kmail (actions)

I'd also like to see a usb flash drive device icon, or something like that. KDE doesn't have it in crystal yet, but it should. I know this is still alpha, but maybe I can persuade you to work on those one's next :) Keep up the great work man, and good luck. - Dec 15 2003
KWin drop shadow patches

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Deciare 58 comments

any chance of a new patch reflecting all the changes in kwin in kde-cvs. Right now i'm using 3.2 beta 1 from cvs, and the 0.6.3a patch isn't working. - Oct 29 2003
Stoner Tux

Wallpaper Other by foo 13 comments

Don't really like hendrix on there, but you did get the tux's eyes pretty good :) - Oct 28 2003
Almost Industrial

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by hakker21 26 comments

Is this a real theme? You should upload it if it is. I'm sure that many people here would like to use this theme. - Oct 24 2003
DarkPlastik (code now available)

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by Brad 46 comments

This is Great, except that I can't see the scrollbar on the side if I have a blakc background. Maybe you could put a glowing effect on the outside of it or something, because If its daylight outside, i have to look really really close to even find it. But other than that, this style is very promising for darker color schemes. Keep up the good work. - Oct 17 2003
Crystal SVG

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 132 comments

Is there like a kde artist of the millenium award we could give you. Your icon set gets better every kde release, and adds to the origionality and stunning look of kde. Thanks everaldo, once again, keep up the good work. - Oct 10 2003

Wallpaper Other by pirke 2 comments

This is great. Very clean, fun to look at. Thanks and keep up the good work. - Sep 23 2003
Korilla Splash for KDE

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by systemx 2 comments

Awesome, i'm using your Korilla Icons too, so this makes almost a complete desktop theme :) You just need a color-scheme to match, but i'm using a blue one right now that works pretty good. Thanks, I was waiting for this. - Aug 22 2003
KWin drop shadow patches

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Deciare 58 comments

damn, I'm away from my computer for a week. I can't wait to get back home to try this new version out. I see you took my requests too from last time :) Hope they didn't give you too much trouble. Thanks again for the hard work and i'll let you know how it works, just in time too for kde 3.1.3 :) - Aug 04 2003
Tux bootsplash "BlackTux"

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by saltwater 29 comments

This is the coolest splash screen i've seen. Your design made me get the scrolbar working on gentoo. Thanks a lot :) You now need to come up with a black tux kde theme to match this awesome bootsplash. Thanks again. - Jul 24 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by systemx 90 comments

I really like how you put more icons in this set. Thank you very much, but you really shouldn't have changed the kmail icon, it doesn't look like mail now. It really did last time with the monkey by the letter, now kmail just looks like an evolution document, if you understand what i'm trying to say. You should include the old one as an option like kmail2.png or something, b/c i like that one better and i'm sure other people did too. Anyways, thanks for all the hard work and keep it up. Peace. - Jul 17 2003
KWin drop shadow patches

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Deciare 58 comments

I guess i didn't think about karamba not having a tile bar. But maybe something along the lines of a hotkey or something to turn of window shadows when you click the window. It might be kinda hard to do somethimg like that though. Maybe talk with the karamba developers and find out what would be the simplest way to go at it from your perspective. Thanks again and keep u pthe good work. - Jul 08 2003
KWin drop shadow patches

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Deciare 58 comments

This is fantastic. I just patched kde 3.1.2 using your version 0.6.2 and it seems to work pretty good. I like how you fixed the rounded shadow corners on the bottoms of windows. A few other patches (maybe yours or someone elses) i've seen on kde-look had a wierd notch in the corners of the window shadows, looks excellent now. Keep up the good work. I can only suggest one thing, you should have an option for each window (ala right->click like to shade a window or place it always on top) that can disable or enable shadows. The reason i say this is because there are some karamba themes i'd like shadows for, and some not. Just a suggestion, keep up the excellent work. You are bringing more eye kandy to our favorite desktop :) - Jul 07 2003
CloudyCrystal K-Menu-Sidepic

Various Stuff by sewan 11 comments

This is great, i really appreciate how you left no one out too in the distro wars. Thanks again and keep up the good work. - Jun 18 2003
Kentoo (Preview)

Icon Sub-Sets by BMKid 11 comments

Good luck with that. I tried a few months ago to do that exact same thing, but i found that when the icons get scaled below 32x32 its too hard to see what they are. I might suggest you have crystal be the default icons for resolutions lower than 32x32, as these gentoo icons are great, but they really only look good on the desktop. I hope all goes well though, and i;ll try and find the ones that i did too, there were only about 20 of them, but it'd save you some time. - Jun 16 2003
KMix Mac Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by stefano 2 comments

nice job - Jun 13 2003

Ice-WM Themes by offspringfreak 8 comments

What color scheme and style is that as well? - Jun 11 2003

Gimp Splashes by rgfree 27 comments

This is really cool, but the link isnt working now. Great work, can't wait to try it out. - May 21 2003
Smooth Akua OS K

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by ntesa 54 comments

heh, i just noticed i could do that flat effect by just unchecking "draw toolbar button frames" in the mosfet liquid kde control module. Thanks anyways for the quick posts though, and keep up the good work. - May 20 2003
Smooth Akua OS K

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by ntesa 54 comments

would you mind posting the places you commented out in the liquid sources. I really want to get my liquid to look like that too. Thanks. - May 20 2003
Smooth Akua OS K

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by ntesa 54 comments

Looks good, except the window border on the top isn't the same lenght as the window itself. And what style are you using? - May 19 2003
The Reinhardt Style (formely Slicker)

KDE 3.5 Themes by leinir 97 comments

This is a great style. - May 01 2003
Mac Media Bar

Karamba & Superkaramba by snakattak3 6 comments

I think the wallpaper is in the default wallpapers for kde 3.1.1
At least it is for me. Jus look in /usr/share/wallpapers or /usr/kdedirectory/share/wallpapers - Apr 30 2003
my first wallpaper :)

Wallpaper Other by matisq 5 comments

Its a nice picture, but really small - Apr 28 2003
usual eyecandy

KDE Plasma Screenshots by snakattak3 3 comments
Take a look there. Its SuSE's window decoration. But modified to be withought the lizzard head in it. - Apr 26 2003
usual eyecandy

KDE Plasma Screenshots by snakattak3 3 comments
Take a look there. Its SuSE's window decoration. But modified to be withought the lizzard head in it. - Apr 26 2003
Karamba Replica

Karamba & Superkaramba by BOSSoNe 22 comments

cool, both patches work with superkaramba 17h. Thanks for the update. Now, we just need a program that will automatcically download the cd cover/image for us. With over 10 gigs of music, its taking me a while to get all my cover.jpg files in the right spot. Thanks for the update. - Apr 24 2003
Mac Media Bar

Karamba & Superkaramba by snakattak3 6 comments

thanks, i'm glad someone enjoys it. - Apr 23 2003
Karamba Replica

Karamba & Superkaramba by BOSSoNe 22 comments

This is really cool. Except that the scrollbar patch doesn't compile with the new superkaramba - v17f. At least with me. I'd like to see that working too. - Apr 23 2003
SuperKaramba TuxBar with SMOOTH zoom

Karamba & Superkaramba by ageitgey 74 comments

This new version works MUCH better. On my PIII 733, the icon zooming is much more responsive and uses WAY less cpu cycles. Great job on the speed improvement and keep it up. Except i'll still complain that when reloading the tuxbar using your superkaramba, karamba crashes. Once again, thanks for your contributions. - Apr 22 2003
My screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Klafk 7 comments

man, finally gnome is starting to look good. jk, but that is the best looking gnome shot i've seen ever, makes me wanna try it. BUT i won't. nice shot though. - Apr 09 2003

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by starman71taylor 3 comments

This is really good looking, except i think that the icons don't really go along with the flag theme.
You should change them to all crystal, and make them smaller, or make the icons at the bottom flags too. But its a really cool start. - Apr 08 2003
SlideShow (GL)

Screensavers by wjarosz 58 comments

This is so great. I'm glad you updated this. I remember trying to install your last version, but it wouldn't compile with the new qt. but now it works beautifully. This is what kde needed. This needs to go into the next version of kde. I hope i'm not pumping this up too much, but it really is awesome. Thanks for posting again, and keep up the good work. - Apr 04 2003
kde-beauty nr. 1

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by microware 29 comments

Everyone should just stop bitching about wheather this is a pornographic picture or not. Obviously, its not. And if you don't like the picture, just vote it down, thats what the rating system here is for. I'm tired of seeing the flames everytime a pretty girl is put in a picture and uploaded here. Every other art site has girl wallpapers too, Deskmod, deviant-art, razor-art, whatever. The reason that there are so many girl wallpapers is becasue most of us are guys that think girls are pretty, and like to look at pretty girls on our desktops. I like this picture, and thats that. Everyone else should just quit crying and not download the picture if you don't like it, or just vote it down. I mean, you really can't see that much with the thumbnails, so obviously you are clicking to see the entire size. Just stop doing that and you don't have to cry anymore. Great Work!!! - Mar 21 2003

Wallpaper Other by mitya 11 comments

Whats wrong with gentoo? If your trying to flame gentoo, then make it fair by making a gaySUSe, GayHat, Gaydrake, GayWare, and Gaybian wallpapers too. That way you don't single out gentoo. - Mar 13 2003

Wallpaper Other by lastfuture 1 comment

You should upload all the files at once, and just use screenshots for the other sizes of the wallpaper. That way, the whole first page of kde-look isn't all just your wallpaper. - Mar 12 2003
World Map GDM Theme

Various Stuff by ybouan 15 comments

This is great. I preferr GDM to KDM anyday, just because of themes like this, (well, also, for me KDM is realllyyyyy slow).You cannot get such a nice looking logon screen in KDM. That beign said, i still use kde, and this theme is great. Please post more. - Mar 04 2003

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by rhorn 8 comments

this is great. .Net has been my favorite theme in kde, and this on is better. The only thing i don't like about .Net and .Net-R, is that the menues have the side color where the icons are, unless you use menu tranparency. But this theme is great. Keep up the good work. - Mar 01 2003
Aqua Icons Modified

Icon Sub-Sets by snakattak3 10 comments

Ok, to install, you need to download the Origional MacOSX icon set from noonespecial. A link is in the description. Install that icon set. Download my file from the link, and cp or mv it to /home/username/.kde/share/icons
Then tar -xzvf aqua_hybrid.tar.gz from there. Again, it will just override the default folder and gimp icons and add the other ones that were extra.
Hope that helps - Feb 24 2003
Aqua Icons Modified

Icon Sub-Sets by snakattak3 10 comments

thanks for the tip on gkrellm, never knew about that. As for the gimp icon, i guess i like it. Although now i see he does have kindof a devious smile. - Feb 24 2003
BluBOX Decoration

Ice-WM Themes by bxian 8 comments

this looks good. What font are you using too? I would like to know.
- Feb 14 2003

Kicker Panel by prairiedog2k 17 comments

its quite nice, and works alright, but you should leave out those icons in the bottom of it. Then you could just let the user chose in a setup box what their default browser is, because i know i'd never use it, and i'm sure many people don't switch all the time. But keep up the good work, cause i used to use this sort of thing all the time in windows - Jan 29 2003
elmo II

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by elmo 35 comments

I don't know where these people saying that this "looks a lot like xp" are comming from. Haven't you even seen it??? There are no over-bubbly tri and copy mac osX look here. This is a good flat theme, where the artist has spent much time in designing it. And about the menus looking like xp, to all who say this, don't upgrade to kde 3.1, because thats EXACTLY what they look like in kde 3.1, including drop-shadows. So quit bashing this design and saying its not original. Its the most original thing i've seen on kde-look in a few weeks now. Kudo's to elmo for showing us what a good flat theme can look like, keep up the good work. - Dec 16 2002

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by ariya 15 comments

this looks really good for a native window decoration. Keep up the good work. - Dec 12 2002
my screen

Wallpaper Other by doublefailure 1 comment

screenshots are great, but put them in the correct description when you submit. I HATE looking at screenshots when i want to download something. - Dec 12 2002
Neon Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by SeanParsons 28 comments

this set just keeps getting better, and i like the new gaim icon too :), and the new kmail one. Its more of a mail icon almost. Keep em comming. - Sep 26 2002